The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 35 - Travis Arzt

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- - -

When Travis entered the exam room, Talia was wearing the hospital gown.

While Jill was drawing Talia's blood for the lab work, and Cathy collected swabs from Talia's mouth and nose, Travis observed Talia's bruises.

Damon told him that Talia doesn't have a wolf, and that would definitely impact her healing, but it was a long time since Travis saw so many cuts and bruises on a person.

They would be nothing much for a werewolf and would heal within a day or two, but for a human (or a werewolf without a wolf), it can take a week or two until they completely fade.

Travis's sight was drawn to Talia's bandaged wrist. Considering that most of her injuries were exposed, he had to ask, "Who did this?"

"Alpha Damon.", Talia responded.

"That was very…", Travis paused while choosing his words.

Talia smiled a little while remembering Damon's intense expression while bandaging her.

"I know. That was very kind of him."

Travis cocked an eyebrow. "I wanted to say, unskilled, but we can go with your version."

Talia looked at the closed door nervously. "Will Alpha Damon punish you if he hears you badmouthing him?"

Travis waved his hand, indicating that it's not a big deal. "Since when is telling the truth, badmouthing? And besides, Alpha will not harm me. Didn't you hear when he said that I'm the best doctor in the area?" He made a cocky expression and Talia put her hand over her mouth while laughing.

The more Talia looked at Travis, the more he reminded her of Olivia with his easy-going personality and a smile that tells people how everything is going to be OK. She liked him already.

Travis saw that Talia relaxed and that was exactly what he was going for. He needed information and if she is stiff and silent, they wouldn't reach far.

Travis pulled a chair next to the bed where Talia was, and he held onto a notebook. "Let's start with your medical history…"

Outside Travis's office, Damon was pacing. There is a waiting area further down the hallway, but Damon couldn't sit.

He was imagining Travis touching Talia's back, just how Damon did in the hotel room on the previous day. What if Talia likes it?

The side door opened, and Jill and Cathy exited.

"Is the exam over?", Damon asked, catching Jill and Cathy by surprise.

The two nurses didn't expect to see their Alpha there.

He was too close and too handsome, and it took them a moment to recover.

"No. Alpha.", Jill responded.

"Then, why are you out?"

"We are taking these samples to the lab.", Cathy said while gesturing toward the cart with several containers and sealed cotton sticks.

"Does that mean that Travis is alone with Talia?", Damon asked with urgency. "Do both of you need to take this? One is enough."

How Damon saw this, at least one of the nurses should stay in that exam room so that Travis and Talia don't have privacy.

Jill and Cathy exchanged confused glances.

"I'm taking these to the lab, and Cathy will prepare room in radiology so that we can take x-rays once Dr. Arzt finishes discussing Miss Talia's medical history.", Jill responded. "Why don't you find a seat in the waiting area, Alpha? This area is reserved for medical workers and patients."

Damon frowned and stepped to the side, to let them pass. He had no intention of moving from that spot. What if Talia cries for help and he can't hear her from there? The lack of the mind-link with Talia was making him anxious.

Damon knew that the mate bond was making him unreasonable, but there was nothing he could do about it. The fact that Talia was not in the visible range was unsettling and the knowledge that another guy was with her, and it was just the two of them, was making it worse. Damon was unable to snap out of it.

The stories go that the mate pull is getting stronger by the day, and the werewolves can find peace only after they mark each other. The sealed mate bond allows them to exchange feelings no matter the distance, and because of that, mates can function when they are apart.

Damon tried to distract himself by checking emails, but it didn't work.

He halted his steps and pressed his ear on the door of Travis's office. Nothing.

How is it possible that he couldn't pick up any sound with his Alpha hearing? Are they doing something sneakily? What if Talia left?

Somehow, he feared that she might disappear.

Jill returned after a few minutes, and Damon was a bit at ease, knowing that Travis is not the only one inside with Talia.

Damon was alerted when the door opened, and Talia was pushed out in the wheelchair by Jill.

"What happened with your legs?", Damon asked Talia.


"Why are you in a wheelchair?"

Jill responded, "It's just the protocol, Alpha. I'm taking her to radiology so that we take x-rays. Miss Talia is wearing a hospital gown that is opened at the back and if she walks, there is a danger of her being exposed."

Damon approved. No one should see Talia exposed. Except for him.

Talia and Damon sat together with Travis to hear the results of her exam.

Her swollen wrist was not broken, so they gave her one of those thick wraps with Velcro to secure it without using bandages until it heals.

"The injuries are superficial, and I will prescribe you some ointments and painkillers. You can do any activity that your body allows you to. If you feel pain, stop.", Travis said to Talia. "The more concerning is that you are underweight, and your bloodwork shows several deficiencies."

Travis didn't ask much about her eating habits because just from the bloodwork, he could see that she was eating unhealthy and not regularly.

"Is it serious?", Damon asked.

"It doesn't need to be. Miss Talia will need to take vitamins and I want her to meet with a nutritionist to discuss a healthy meal plan. We don't have a nutritionist here, so she will need to go to a human city. I will give you a referral…"

Travis said that until they meet with the nutritionist, Talia should eat a variety of foods; healthy options, in at least three meals and two snacks.

Talia's eyes widened at the thought of three meals and two snacks. She doesn't remember if she ever ate so many times in a day.

She looked at Damon apprehensively. Will he allow her to eat that much? What if he thinks she is too much maintenance and sends her away? Can she wash enough bathrooms to earn five meals a day?

"Will it be OK if she eats more than that?", Damon asked, making Talia's thoughts stop in their tracks. She thought that he will ask if it's OK to feed her less, yet he insinuated that he will give her more food!

Travis shrugged. "She is underweight, and she should eat as much as she can. However, I don't recommend big meals, split it into more frequent smaller ones, and it won't be good if she starts living off junk food like chips and chocolates. Those will help her gain weight, but it's not healthy. Remember these three: meat, fruits, and vegetables, and you can't go wrong. The nutritionist will give you more details."

Travis said that he wants to see Talia back in one week, to ensure her wounds are healing well and that if anything gets worse or she has questions, to give him a call.

Talia was dazed with all this. She doesn't remember the last time she was in so much company of people who smiled and didn't ignore or bully her.


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