The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 3 - Marcy Redmayne

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~ Paris, France ~

Marcy Redmayne is the princess of the Red Moon pack, the second largest pack in North America.

Her father is Alpha Edward, and her mother is Luna Layla.

Since her younger brother is set to become the next Alpha of the Red Moon pack, Marcy got an opportunity to explore the world.

She spent the last ten years in Europe, starting with the United Kingdom, and after two years in Poland, this was Marcy's third year in France.

Other than immersing herself in different cultures, Marcy is learning languages and attending schools.

Marcy finished college three months ago, and since her parents didn't say anything at that time, Marcy assumed that she could stay in Europe, so she rented an apartment and that was a big deal because until then Marcy stayed in boarding schools. This small one-bedroom apartment gave her a sense of independence and she even started working part-time.

In the last ten years, Marcy didn't visit home. She video chats with her mother once per week and they exchange emails.

Marcy is about halfway through her course on making macaroons, and she plans to go to Spain in a few months as her next adventure. This would be relevant if her parents didn't call her unexpectedly to return home.

It was around midnight when Marcy drowsily picked up the call.

"I booked you a flight tomorrow morning.", Marcy's mother, Luna Layla said.

Marcy's drowsiness was dispelled by this news. "Did anything happen? Is everyone OK?"

"Everyone is fine, but we want you home as soon as possible. Is there a reason for you to delay? Your flight is at 6 AM. The e-ticket is in your inbox."

Marcy blinked while looking at the dates on the ticket, and then at the time. "Mother, you forgot the time difference. That's only six hours from now."

"Well, I guess you hurry packing."

Marcy was dejected while thinking about what to put in her suitcase.

She was planning to meet with her friends in the morning for breakfast, and instead of that, she needs to pack and leave.

Her mother didn't even say how long she needs to stay home. It's not permanent, right? What if it is, and she can't come back?

Some of her favorite clothes were in the laundry, and with the rush, she didn't have time to say goodbye to her friends. What about her part-time job in the café?

Her lease on the apartment was valid for another three months, so Marcy decided to pack only some necessities, confident that she will return in the next three months.

Her parents were always domineering, just like any other Alpha and Luna, but this was extreme. What's with the urgency?

What Marcy didn't know was that as she was approaching graduation, her parents started discussing with Elder Parker how they can use Marcy in order to increase their power. After all, with her college degree, Marcy is more educated than most of the werewolves who don't go beyond high school, and she is speaking multiple languages.

It was time for Marcy to contribute to the family and to her pack.

Alpha Edward was confident that his daughter will be obedient. She is raised for greatness, and there was nothing wrong with their plans; they are beneficial for Marcy as well.

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~ The Red Moon pack ~

Marcy returned home to a modest welcome from her family.

Alpha Edward, Luna Layla, and her younger brother James were sitting in the luxuriously decorated living room, waiting for Marcy's arrival.

There were pastries and a pitcher with lemonade on the table for refreshments.

'Do I need to do this?'

Marcy jolted when her brother's voice sounded in her head. After ten years away from the pack, she forgot about the mind link and quickly closed her mind so that others can't hear her thoughts.

Luna Layla turned stiffly toward her son. "At least greet your sister."

"Welcome home.", James said with a forced smile. "Sorry, but my next class starts in two minutes, and if I'm late, I get extra work. We will catch up later." James waved at Marcy and left the room in hurried steps.

James was only five years old when Marcy left, and they are practically strangers. James is now a fifteen years-old boy who is working hard in order to become the next Alpha of the Red Moon pack. Between lessons and training, James doesn't have much free time.

Alpha Edward gave Marcy a tight hug and he held her shoulders while observing her flawless face with an approving smile.

He touched her blonde silky hair while saying, "You are a beauty, Marcy. I'm proud to be your father."

Marcy felt her cheeks burning. It's not common for her to hear praises from Alpha Edward. "Thank you, father."

"Did you meet your mate?"

Marcy was surprised by this question. "Uhm… no."

"Good. Good." Alpha Edward's smile widened. "I have things to do, so I will leave you to your mother."

Luna Layla had the schedule ready. "Darling, you must be hungry. Are you jet lagging? We didn't want to overwhelm you today. There will be a bigger welcome party tomorrow evening. For today, I scheduled us a full spa treatment and in the afternoon a few of my friends will come for tea. They know you as a little girl with freckles. I'm sure they will be surprised to see you…"

Marcy raised her hand, to stop her mother's chatter. "I could eat. Can you send the food to my room?"

Luna Layla confirmed. "Shower, and the food will wait for you. You have one hour until we leave for the spa. No matter how tired you are from the trip, the massage will relax you and we can eat there as well."

Marcy responded with a tight smile and went to her old room.

Everything was how she left it in the room that was dominated by pastel pink and purple colors. A queen size poster bed with a side cabinet, on the right was a desk with a chair, and two doors lead to bathroom and walk-in closet respectively.

A wall shelf next to her bed still had plushies that she collected as a child. Teddy bears mostly.

It all brought back memories, but Marcy didn't have many warm and fuzzy feelings about them.

She was confused by the abrupt summon which came with urgency and now that her family welcomed her like this was planned for some time, Marcy felt uneasy.

Just as Luna Layla said, by the time Marcy got out of the bathroom, food was waiting for her on the bedside table. A sandwich, an apple, and a cup of tea.

Marcy plopped on the bed and chewed a sandwich absentmindedly while thinking about her current situation.

She left behind friends, an apartment with her private belongings, and a part-time job in a small café. She had a life there and she didn't plan to return to the Red Moon pack for more than a visit.

There is nothing wrong with the Red Moon pack. It's the second-largest pack in North America, and as the oldest child (and the only daughter) of Alpha and Luna, Marcy is the princess with access to all the luxuries she can imagine.

The packhouse is massive, and Marcy has her own suite on the third floor, everyone is sucking up to her, but this doesn't compare to the vibrance of Europe.

What Marcy has in Europe and not here is… freedom.

In Europe, she could go when and where she wanted, with whom she wanted, and here she needs to follow a protocol as the princess of the Red Moon pack. For Marcy, this opulent packhouse is no more than a golden cage.

Marcy took a deep breath and told herself not to freak out. It's a culture shock and she will get used to it. After all, considering all the money she has, Marcy can travel to Europe anytime, right?

Marcy consoled herself with one big positive. While on the territory of the Red Moon pack, she can shift into her wolf form anytime without worrying that someone will see her and call hunters or the zoo.

Marcy was spacing out with a half-eaten sandwich in her hand when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in…", Marcy called while wondering if her one hour passed already.

"Hello…", a polished brunette said when her head peeked into Marcy's room.

Marcy thought that she looks familiar, but she couldn't put a name and a face together.

The brunette smiled helplessly. "It seems you forgot about me. I'm Nora, my father is Beta Raymond. Luna Layla told me to see if you need anything. I will join you for the spa outing."

When Marcy heard that Nora is Beta's daughter, she remembered a small girl with pigtails and freckles on her nose.

Nora grew into a tall brunette with a slender figure and curves in all the right places.

Marcy understood that she was looking at her new best friend.

This was another thing Marcy left behind in Europe, the freedom to pick her friends.

Marcy decided to focus on the positives. At least Nora is her age and not her mother's tea companion.


Author's note: See Marcy's photo in the comments


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