Sword Pilgrim

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Orphin de Liofen.

A Knight searching for honour and glory.

Like most of the children in Carpe, she grew up listening to the prestigious tales of the Jervain family.

So, after she became a Knight, she naturally came and knocked on their door.

Since she was a promising Knight despite being born a woman, she did not face any obstacles, and soon was able to make an oath of allegiance and dedicate her sword to Jervain.

That she would gladly give her life to the North, and in the name of Jervain.

Thus, she swore and committed.

But the North was harsh.

Beasts flocking incessantly, and enemies looking for the slightest weakness.

Yet, that only made the task more honourable.

Her cause was to protect Jervain, and thus contribute to the protection of the Kingdom itself. A sense of pride burned in a corner of her heart.

Even though I was born as a woman, I decided to live as a Knight.

What cause could I fight for more honourable than this?

She was content with her choice.

Of course, until she met the scapegrace of Jervain –

Until she met Callius.


Chaeeng – chaeng!! Kugugugugu!


‘It’s heavy.’

Only one strike, yet the weight of that one strike was unusual. Her hand trembled and her sword shook. Her gauntlets were quickly soaked with blood from her torn palms.

Tuk, ttuk.

Red droplets fell and seeped into the frozen snow.

“Haa, haa…“

Cold air streamed into the lungs.

But in contrast, the whole body burned with heat and sweat.

“Huu –“

She’d heard rumours that he became a Pilgrim.

So she had some hopes for his success.

But Orphin was greatly disappointed as soon as she saw Callius.

The quality of his spiritual power as well as the visible momentum – were so lacking as to be called insignificant.

No matter even if he became a Pilgrim, Callius remained Callius. A scapegrace rarely seen. A pile of useless filth.

Him just being alive was almost sinful.

Even still, she sighed.

She still sympathized.

Because he was still useless.

So, she brought up the old story.

If you show any regrets –

If you say you’re sorry, if you apologize –

She decided to forgive him by saying it was alright, since he’d been young. Even if he’d tarnished her honour, wasn’t it just the folly of childhood?

I still carry that old memory, but if you apologize sincerely, I’ll forgive you.


He was indifferent about the past. He didn’t even care to listen, as if he didn’t even remember.

Although she’d decided to forgive him, it’s true that her heart still felt burdened and laden.

So, now she was reassured.

He still remained an incorrigible piece of garbage, and that’s how Orphin liked it.

So, she drew her sword.

“But why?!”

Kaang –!

How! How could he wield such a heavy sword, when his level of divine power is no better than ant!

Orphin couldn’t understand.

Her long-ago master was holding his sword in front of her with an expressionless face.

Callius von Jervain.

She doubted whether he was truly the person he knew.


There were differences compared to the one in her memory.

He no longer looked like an immature nobleman who couldn’t even hold the sword properly.

Sharp eyes.

An emotionless face.

A terribly indifferent expression.


So Orphin was outraged.

She felt as if she’d been completely ignored.

As if her opponent didn’t have any attention to spend on her. Even though, between the two of them, she had launched the bigger share of attacks.

However, her opponent’s sword steadily received her attacks, and used that power to counter with a stronger force.

Kaang –!

Obviously, she stabbed the sword straight towards him each time, but the sword’s tip always ended up deviating to either look up at the sky or look down at the ground.

The fight she’s assumed would be over in a few strikes now inched closer to dozens, or hundreds.

“Haa – haa – haa!!“

Her muscles were weary, her heart felt like it was about to burst, and beads of sweat streamed down her face.

Her rapid breaths steamed white in the air, but the idiot in front of her was just staring back at her with his still, gray eyes.


Anger filled her throat.

“Aaahhhhhh –!“

She squeezed out all of her power in reserve, and concentrated her divine power on her sword.

Sword energy rose off the blade like light and fluttered above the knee-deep snow.

If it’s this –

If it’s this, it will definitely be able to cross the gap between us and touch him.

Huuuung –!

But, then –

Hwiii – chaeaeng –!

The silver sword that appeared only for a moment filled her eyes with its dazzling light.

Hwiiiik, puk!

The sword left her hand and dropped to the ground.

Between the two, the torn and shredded sword energies fluttered like petals in the air.


The petals of sword energy danced in the air.

The broken silver petals were transcendently beautiful in the sunlight.

Orphin, realizing that she was kneeling on the snow, let out a laugh.

In front of her, those ruthless gray pupils of Callius appeared again.

A complete defeat. It was Orphin’s defeat, and an inexcusable one.

“Kill me.”

Orphin bowed her exposed neck, defenceless.


Callius’ sword pointed towards Orphin.

The premonition of death covered her like a shadow.

However –


She startled.

It wasn’t Orphin that Callius cut.

It was a giant white sand snake.

The head of the giant reptile, itself the length of a larger than average snake, rolled in the snow.

“They seem to be flocking here because of the smell of blood.”

Callius, who put Lucen back on his waist, calmly started to quickly walk away.

“You’re just leaving like this! Without ending it!! Are you going to tarnish my honour again!”

Orphin screamed, but the response made her dazed.

“It was just a practice duel. Do you have to take your opponent’s life after a practice duel?”

Saying that, Callius quietly disappeared into the White Forest somewhere.

Orphin, who was looking at his trail with a blank face, finally got up and grabbed her sword.

“… Just a practice duel, huh?”

Smiling bitterly, she soon went back to join the Knights who had come to find her.

“Did he leave?”


“What did you do? You don’t look very good, Captain.”

“It’s nothing.”


“A practice duel, a quick one.”

Various emotions appeared and disappeared on Orphin’s face.

However, that swordsmanship did not leave her mind.

‘That much skill… Did he hide it before?’

The confused Orphin soon led the Knights back to Jevarsch Castle.

A dark night.

After spending a day and a half hunting the beasts in the White Forest, Callius arrived at a small inn near the border.

He’d looked for Bernard, but couldn’t find him.

And met Orphin instead.

Zzzzzz –!

Snores vibrated even outside the house.

Bump –!

When he opened the door, Bruns could be seen sleeping on the bed, snoring.

Callius’ eyes grew cold.

The White Forest was a pretty dangerous place, so he told Bruns to rest here since bringing him along would be bothersome.

But seeing him rest so comfortably, he didn’t feel good at all.

The master came back from a bloody fight with the beasts in the White Forest under a raging blizzard, and the servant was sleeping so comfortably.

With a full stomach, no less.


Callius called in a heavy voice.

However, there was not even a twitch in response.

Rather, Bruns only snored louder, as if asserting even more excitedly that he was asleep.

Callius’ patience had by now reached its limit. He immediately launched a kick towards Bruns who was still lying on the bed.

Puk – bump!

“Ugh! Which bastard!”

Bruns woke up and screamed in surprise, but all he saw was Callius, with snow piled up on his head and shoulders.

“Oh my gosh, you’re back!”

Bruns immediately bowed his head.

Callius’ eyes were so cold that they seemed to tear into his skin.

Bruns arched his back even lower and stepped aside.

“Why is there only one bed?”

“Ah, oh, that. That’s, um. Because there is only one room here.”

“It’s a small place near the border, what do you mean there’s no room?”

How come there’s only one room left empty?

In response to the question, Bruns scratched the back of his head as if he also didn’t understand the reason.

“Ah, yes. I also asked because it was strange… They said it’s because tomorrow is a day for hunting.”


Teoss –

Callius sat on the bed and stroked his chin, deep in thought.

“I see. Now seems to be that time.”

“Do you know?”

“It’s not a big deal. Probably because the breeding season is approaching.”

The breeding season of the beasts inside the forest.

Giving birth requires a lot of nutrition, and for the beasts the main nutritional supplement happened to be – eating humans.

‘Hunting’ therefore referred to a large-scale hunt for beasts by leading a large army of soldiers into the White Forest, to ensure that no beasts come out and attack the civilians.

“I guess wandering Knights are coming from all over, so there are no rooms left.”

Wandering Knights who have ambiguous origins or single-mindedly pursue honour, usually set their sights on the North as their destination.

However, Jervain is not a family that just anyone can enter, because it stands so high even among the families known for their swordsmanship.

So, they hold a hunting contest.

For the Jervain family, in any case, there were more benefits than losses.

“Would you like to eat? Considering how much master eats…”

“I’ll eat at the restaurant. Are they ready?”

“Yeah, I’ve put a word in advance.”

“Then let’s go.”

“Yes! I’ll guide you.”

Is there a need to guide?

It was just a three-story inn.

It wasn’t that big place, you could just go down to the first floor and you’d find the restaurant.

“My master is here, like I told you before, bring the food!”

“Ah, I’ll prepare it for you.”

Since it was an inn in the North –

The owner didn’t give off a normal impression either.

Although he was bald, the scars on his face and the well-forged arm muscles looked quite impressive.

Callius sat down, glancing once at those who were already eating in the dining room.

‘It’s annoying.’

Most of the people here were Knights, come to participate in the hunting competition.

So, they fought with each other.

With his hood on, the others couldn’t see the colour of his hair and eyes, so they thought he was also a Knight to compete with.

He was getting tired for nothing because the Knights showed off their spirit inside the small restaurant.

‘They’re not Knights, they’re thugs.’

The aura seemed to be lingering.

I can see what you’re doing.

“Oh, there’s our meal.”

“… Not bad.”

Bruns knew Callius’ appetite well, as he’d seen him eat from up close.

The restaurant owner placed dozens of large plates on the table.

On the plate, a variety of generous amounts of meat were arranged by portion.

And then the main dish.

Quang –!

At the centre of the table, an unknown beast, roasted whole.

“Our famous northern dish, grilled earth dragon!”

“Oh, oh –!”


I was worried about the food as it was a fairly small inn, but I was mistaken.

An earth dragon.

Although it’s not a real dragon, but more like a lizard.

Callius’ lips curved.

Immediately, he picked up his fork and knife, and cut off the hind legs of the grilled earth dragon.

The juices splattered inside his mouth.

The legs had a lot of muscle so he thought the meat might be tough or stringy, but that was not the case at all.

Rather, it was chewy, and the seasonings and the sauce permeated deeply into the cut, so it tasted like pork feet.

“Not bad.”

Callius kept elegantly slicing the roasted earth dragon with a knife.

“But, brothers, can you eat all of this? I hate my food being left over.”

“What do you think of my lord! Someone who eats like he’s carrying a wagon in his stomach! We can even order more, so please relax, master!”


“Yes, lord! Would you like more?”

“Is it better to rip off your mouth or pluck out your tongue? It’s your choice.”

“I choose to keep my mouth shut…”

The innkeeper chuckled.

“I’m sorry, but please be patient. I just ran out of ingredients.”

“This is enough.”

“Then I’m glad! Haha!”

The owner smiled happily and headed back to the lobby.


“Master, one meal.”

It was a guest.

A man with a big sword on his back.

At a glance, he was a strong man, and looking at the traces on his armour, one could tell that he was quite a belligerent one.

“I’m sorry, but dinner is over.”

“Then what is that?”

“That was the last. Unfortunately, you’re one step late. I want to give you a meal, but I can’t make any more because I’m out of ingredients.”

The owner said it was a pity, but he didn’t look very sad.

The man’s eyes turned to Callius and the others, who were eating so sumptuously the table legs creaked under the weight of food.

Jeok, jeok. Kkikig.

Every time he took a step, the wooden floorboard groaned and squeaked.


“Hey, you. Can’t you see my master is eating!?”

“Servants should stay out of this.”


Puk –!

The Knight’s fist split the air.


Kudang –! Bruns collapsed, smashing against the table, and didn’t look like he could get up.

However, Callius, who was still eating the earth dragon, did not care.

He had gracefully eaten up the flesh of the hind legs with his knife and fork, and now remained the forelegs, as well as the special parts of the grilled earth dragon – the neck and the breast.

And last but not the least.

The cheek, the most special part of a roasted earth dragon.

It was the part he was most looking forward to.

“Since I’m so hungry. If possible, let’s eat together.”


The man immediately ripped off the earth dragon’s head with his hand and began to chew it whole.

Callius’ fork stopped.

“Oh, owner. The workmanship is quite good! How delicious is this!? Especially, yo, these cheeks are amazing!”

The eyes that looked at him were full of life.

The giant Knight seemed to have fallen in love with the taste of the roasted earth dragon, so he spread his hand out again after eating the head whole.

He was moving to tear off a foreleg.

Then Callius’ fork flew through the air.



The fork pierced the back of the Knight’s hand.

“Hey, you crazy bastard…!”

“If you want to die, pull it out. Your neck will fly off the moment you pull it out.”

The Knight’s throat bobbed high and low under the gaze of those eerily cool pupils.

He couldn’t pull out the fork or hold his sword, so for a moment he could only look at his hand on the table awkwardly.

But the pain made him soon forget the fear.

“You motherfucker!”

Ppok! He pulled out the fork, threw it away, and reached out to the sword behind his back.

But Callius was one step faster.

The knife he was holding in his hand moved.

Cheolkong –!

The Knight’s armour fell off.

The man was taken aback for a moment, and froze with his hand on the handle of the sword behind his back.

Callius had tried to cut the Knight’s head off with a knife, but he couldn’t.


He could only cut the seams of the armour, so the huge armour the Knight had been wearing fell to the floor.

The cause was that an old man pulling his arm from behind him.


The half-naked Knight now had cold sweat dripping down from the tip of his chin.

“Heh heh heh – that hair-trigger temper is still there, I see.

“Ooh, what a laugh! This old man’s throat was almost blown away!”

“If only it did get blown away.”

By this time, Callius had no choice but to stop eating. The unpleasantness during the meal suddenly became irrelevant.


The old man hauled himself into the seat facing Callius, gasping at the plethora of food.

“Yeah, you need this kind of a meal to keep your stomach in shape. Did you get money from somewhere? Don’t tell me you ripped off that de Bolivian woman again?”

However, immediately – Callius’ sword slashed across the table like an agile tiger.

Kaang –!

Kkig, kkikigigig!!

Sparks flashed like splendid fireworks.

“Hey, what a great sword!”

The old man was still sitting at the table, but his sword which received Callius’s attack was revealed.

A red blade, symbolizing a Spirit Sword.

Contrasting it, the blue lightning flowing through the blade flashed intermittently.

“Is it just this sword?”

The owner of the Thunderbolt Sword – Rakan, and the only Paladin in the North.


Bernard, the Blue Thunderbolt.

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