Survive in the Wilderness! The Actor King Sits in My Arms and Weeps

Chapter 422 - 422 Shut Up

422 Shut Up

Xiao He and the rest stopped eating their snacks.

Even Qi Cheng, who was holding a row of drinks, pushed up his glasses and focused on the screen.

The next second, the studio burst into cheers!

“I knew it!”

Xiao He enlarged the screen and watched it repeatedly. He shouted excitedly, “Su Feifei is awesome!”

On the screen.

The cat column decreased by one!

“How is this possible?!”

At the scene, the staff members looked at each other.

Director Liu frowned and immediately picked up the walkie-talkie.

“Check and see who this person is!”

The head rustled and quickly reported the data.

“It’s Alice.”

Fortunately, he had never heard of this name before. She was probably just here to make up the numbers.

“Must’ve been an accident.” Director Liu gave his judgment.

He had attended Su Feifei’s show before and knew her habits.

When she makes a move, it would be impossible for her to only eliminate one person from the team.

If she had the advantage, then the first one to be eliminated today would definitely be the most arrogant person she currently knew, Darren!

Director Liu’s pounding heart finally calmed down.

Another ding sounded!

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

There was a two-second silence, followed by an angry roar.

[Remaining Cats: 248]

This number only stopped for a few seconds. Then, it started to jump crazily as if it had suddenly increased its speed by twofold!

[Remaining Cats: 246]

[Remaining Cats: 245]

[Remaining Cats: 244]

[Remaining Cats: 243]

It only stopped when it reached 134 cats.

Everyone held their breath and trembled slightly.

Countless pairs of eyes stared at the number that had just decreased, hoping that it was an illusion!

However, in the next second, a sudden scream from the birch forest completely messed up the scene!


A group of white figures suddenly ran out and snow flew everywhere!

For a moment, all the audience members gasped!

When the snow gradually disappeared, they finally saw the person who was running out.

It was Darren!

However, it seemed that Darren was not wearing any clothes.

His big belly was jiggling in broad daylight!

The winter clothes that he was so proud of had disappeared!

She didn’t even leave him a pair of underwear.

He ran barefooted and squeaked like a mouse!

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His actions were even indecent as he was holding his lower body and scuttering around!

[Holy f*ck! My eyes!]

[Does anyone know where I can go to erase my memories?]

[What’s happening?!]

[Su Feifei did say she liked his clothes…]

[Darren never thought that showing off his winter suit would cost him so much.]

“Hurry up! Give us clothes!” Darren roared.

After he got closer, everyone noticed that his white body was not very clean. It was filled with red dots! It was obvious that he had been hit by something.

Director Liu started to panic. He ordered the people around him, “Hurry, hurry, hurry, give them clothes!”

The staff had yet to step forward because an icicle suddenly shot down from the sky!

The staff member’s actions were directly interrupted.

Director Liu immediately turned around.

Then, the whistle sounded. Su Feifei was hanging on a tree not far away with a gun in her hand. Her eyes were cold. The outermost layer of her body revealed a silver winter suit! There were even two sets!

[It’s one thing for you to strip his clothes, but you’re even wearing two for fun?!]

[Bo Silin is a clean freak. He definitely won’t wear what these men wore.]

[Somehow, I feel that the winter clothes Su Feifei is wearing looks a little different?]

“The game isn’t over yet. Director Liu, are you trying to interfere with the progress?”

Su Feifei, who was hanging on the tree, smiled.

“What’s not over?” Director Liu was stunned. “Didn’t they already get eliminated…”

Before he could finish his sentence… He saw the red sphere swaying in front of Darren!

His pupils instantly trembled!

Su Feifei hasn’t eliminated Darren?

He wasn’t part of the number of cats that died?

He quickly understood her plan. She took Darren’s clothes away to force him to continue playing! What a cruel woman!

“Darren, you’re breaking the rules by wearing clothes.”

Su Feifei said slowly, a faint smile on her lips.

“Breaking the rules means forfeiting.”

“Do you still want to wear it now?”

Darren’s face turned purple.

For a moment, he couldn’t tell if it was because of the cold or because of the anger.

He wasn’t just representing one person!

There were so many pairs of eyes watching from all over the country. Su Feifei had already said so much, so how could he still dare to forfeit?

Z roared in his earpiece, “Hold on! You are not allowed to admit defeat! Don’t forget that you still have a mission!”

The few people around him were already crying.

“It hurts!” Everyone was covering their indescribable body parts with twisted expressions.

Darren gritted his teeth. He was also in pain! Today’s gun had also been modified. It was a water gun!

The special liquid would immediately freeze into ice when it came into contact with below zero-temperature air!

Who knew that as soon as they entered, Su Feifei would set up a big trap and attack them!

He would never forget that pain!

“Everyone!” Darren turned around and shouted.


[Darren, there’s no need to shout.]

[We all know it’s hard for you. You can give up.]

[Your dignity can’t go any lower than this…]

“Run!” Darren said in the next second.

Everyone was stunned.

Darren’s team instantly scattered!

Su Feifei waved her hand.

Ina was wearing a silver winter suit, and her arm muscles almost burst the clothes.

She aggressively attacked with water guns in each hand. Everyone fired at the stream of people running around.

Every icicle was a precise hit.

Z’s voice continued to ring out from the earpiece, “Don’t forget about the mission”

‘Mission, my *ss!’

Darren covered his key parts and ignored the instructions in the headphones.

It was already a great fortune to be able to survive this long!

Su Feifei hung on the tree, her eyes following the movements of these people.

“These people… Even their movements are the same.” Bo Silin said as he stood beside her.

Su Feifei nodded.

She had discovered it after stripping them of their clothes.

Other than Darren and the two team members beside him, all the other members of the cat team had the same figure and movements.

It was like a pre-programmed program.

She had also pulled up their profile information just now.

They were all NPCs that had no other adjectives.

This matter itself was very strange.

How could the participants be a bunch of NPCs for such an important matter?

Furthermore, why did these NPCs have extraordinary skills? It was surprising.

“Be careful!” Ina’s voice suddenly came from behind!

Su Feifei and Bo Silin reacted at the same time!

The two of them turned around and saw that Bo Silin’s right arm was grabbed by a hand!

It was a cat member who was wearing a mask!

His strength was surprisingly great, and he twisted hard!

Right then, his sleeve and arm dropped at the same time!

Bo Silin’s lips instantly turned white!


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