Super Farming Tycoon

Chapter 248 - 248 Talent Scout

248 Talent Scout

That day, Xuo Duoduo and the rest packed their bags and left.

Among the guests, only Mo Ronghua and her husband were left.

Gu Qingming was a little speechless when she saw how many people were talking to Mo Ronghua.

“I heard that Xu Duoduo is a rich second-generation heir. His family’s assets are in the hundreds of millions. He can be considered a businessman. How can he not know the richest man in the country, Mo Ronghua?”


Although Mo Ronghua was low-key and mysterious, as long as one had the heart to investigate, one would definitely be able to find relevant information.

Xu Duoduo had been trying to persuade the Mo Ronghua couple.

“Uncle Rong, Auntie Xiao, your temperament is really good. Why don’t you consider joining the entertainment industry?”

Many said, “You can act as chairmans and presidents. You’ll definitely be very popular. Your temperaments are completely in line!”

Chairman Mo was speechless. As the chairman of a large company, was he going to act? He was really afraid that someone would laugh their heads off!

Gu Qingming was speechless. This child was probably not here to play but to take the opportunity to recruit talents for his company.

It was one thing to invite her into the entertainment industry. After all, she was not a famous person. However, even she had to admire his courage to invite the richest couple in a country into the entertainment industry.

If he knew the truth one day, would he be so excited that he cried?

Mrs. Mo liked this child.

She smiled and asked, “Ha, are you letting us enter the entertainment industry? We’re already so old, but yet you say we can still enter the entertainment industry. Who would want us?”

“Auntie Xiao, look at yourself. You’re youthful and beautiful. Any entertainment company would need talents like you. If you’re willing, my company welcomes you.”

Xu Duoduo said excitedly, “Uncle Rong, to be honest, you guys are really too imposing. You look like a serious chairman just by standing there and acting cool.”

Mo Ronghua, who was said to be acting cool, was speechless.

This child was simply asking for a beating. How could he speak like that? What did he mean by acting cool?

He was a chairman himself. There was no need to pretend.

Mrs. Mo covered her mouth and said with a smile, “Hehe, that’s right. He’s usually a serious person. When he looks scary, he can scare children to tears. However, Little Xu, at our age, we don’t have a wide acting path in the entertainment industry. If we can’t take on such a role, we would just be useless.”

“If there’s no acting, then there’s no money. If there’s no money, how are we going to retire in the future? I know those old and unknown actors like us won’t get much remuneration for acting in a drama.

“They still have to split the remuneration with the company. I heard that the lowest contract is pegged at 20% to 80%. The company takes 80%, and the artists only take 20%.” For some, it wasn’t even 20%.”

Yes, she had seen all of this on television.

Xu Duoduo was anxious, he said, “My entertainment company is a big company in the industry. How can there be no remuneration? Besides, I will definitely give you the best contract!”

As for which contract, it would definitely have to be discussed before it could be finalized.

Mo Ronghua’s face darkened as he rejected him sternly. “We’re only interested in sightseeing now and don’t like to enter the entertainment industry!”

At this point, he paused for a moment and stared at Xu Duoduo. Then, he said, “We don’t lack money. We don’t need to work so hard at our retirement age!”

He had basically handed over the company’s matters to his son. He was just waiting to retire and bring his wife out to play.

Xu Duoduo, who suffered another blow, was speechless.

Xu Duoduo gave them his business card and said, “Uncle Rong, Auntie Xiao, you should think about it. When you’ve thought about it, contact me directly.”

Just as Mo Ronghua was about to refuse, Madam Mo snatched the business card away and smiled. “Alright, Xiao Xu. We’ll consider it.”

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