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Chapter 301 - Guess How Many Extraordinary Sprites I Have

Chapter 301: Guess How Many Extraordinary Sprites I Have

The leader of the Korean Nation was currently in a dilemma.

Should he send in the rest of his teammates?

If he had known that Whale Island University was so fierce, he wouldn’t have been so cocky just now.

But why hadn’t the Whale Island University sent in their ace earlier? They clearly had a young teenage Sprite Trainer who was fully capable of dominating over the rising star of the Korean Nation.

And yet they claimed to be talentless?

It had been their scheme all along!

After summoning the Flaming Spiritcrow back and handing it to the team for treatment, Golden Flame gritted his teeth and said, “I, I haven’t lost yet. I still have sprites to fight!”

He recalled the performance of that ghost-element sprite just now.

It could absorb flames.

Energy attacks probably wouldn’t do anything to it. He himself didn’t have a sprite stronger than the Flaming Spiritcrow.


He had sprites that were good at defense and physical damage output!

“Go, Lava Giant.”

Amidst the distortion of space, a huge stone man about five to six meters tall, made of huge rocks, with magma flowing between the gaps, covered in flames, appeared with a boom. It stepped on the ground and roared.


The battle continued, and the barrier opened again.

At this point, the field had already been cleared, and the raging golden flames had already been extinguished. There were only some dents and charred marks on the firm ground.

The two sprites faced each other from afar.

The first thing Golden Flame did was to stretch out his hands, press his index finger and thumb against his temples, and groan.

“Sprite Commandeering: Same frequency!”

Above his head, deng deng deng deng deng deng… A total of six degrees appeared.

Instantly, the high-level Sprite Commandeering method which belonged to the upgraded version of “vision sharing” helped to connect his mind with his sprite. They were able to share vision, hearing, smell, sensual perception, and so on, achieving coordination in thoughts, consciousness, behavior, and so on.

In high-end battles, “same frequency” was a skill that Sprite Trainers had to master.

“In the previous round, I was too careless. I didn’t have the time to use ‘same frequency’, and the instructions weren’t issued in time, but now…”

“Even if you can absorb the flames on the Lava Giant, it still has a top-notch defense. Given the power of the ghost claw, it will be able to hold out for a long time. During this period, as long as I can catch the weakness of that ghost-element sprite…”

Under the “same frequency”, his soul power was quickly consumed, but Golden Flame’s had already started to think about strategies at a rapid rate.

The analysis and judgment of humans, together with the high hardware of sprites… In an instant, his thoughts became much clearer.

He even taunted in a very calm manner!

“Are you worried that I might stall for time until your ‘Sprite Commandeering: Same Frequency’ ends?”

Su Hao saw through the other party’s worries in an instant.


“It’s just a mid-level Lava Giant, it’s not worth it for me to stall for time.”

Su Hao wanted a quick and decisive victory!


The Yama Ghost King floated forward and stopped dozens of meters away from the Lava Giant.

Golden Flame was still busy taunting Su Hao.

The Lava Giant also roared and threw out a few fireballs symbolically. When they flew in front of the Yama Ghost King, they suddenly disappeared.

“Shadow Energy Ball!”

Ah Yan placed its hands in front of its body. A small black dot appeared in its palms. At first, it was only the size of a rice grain. It expanded rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, it became the size of a basketball. It was still expanding in size…

Double, triple…

Ah Yan’s hands, which were placed in front of its body, raised. The dark energy ball above his head was already half a meter in diameter. The shadow energy dissipated into substantialized black smoke, which lingered around. Anyone who looked at it could feel the terrifying energy within!

Why didn’t it explode? Why was it still expanding!

This wasn’t energy science!

Many people started getting anxious.

The characteristics of the Yama Ghost King could increase the control of the Shadow Energy by a decent amount. Naturally, the others didn’t know about this. At the moment, there were no records relating to the characteristics of the “Shadow Lord” in the Union and Su Hao also hadn’t published or written anything about it…

Because of this, it was impossible for them to know anything about it.

But under the “same frequency” state, Golden Flame’s reaction was also very fast.

Almost in an instant, the Lava Giant rushed out abruptly, flames burst on its huge fist. When it rushed in front of Ah Yan and smashed its fist down…


The Shadow Energy Ball, which was already 70 to 80 centimeters in diameter, was thrown gently by Yama Ghost King like an ordinary balloon, spinning and flying into the sky.

As for Yama Ghost King, it disappeared into the shadows on the ground.

When it appeared again, it was already behind the Lava Giant. It floated up again and caught the huge Shadow Energy Ball in mid-air.

Black smoke lingered, spiritual force was injected, and the Shadow Energy Ball continued to expand.

The Yama Ghost King holding the huge black ball looked like a demonic god.

“Attacking Energy Ball!”

Golden Flame’s eyes widened as he wanted to roar out loud.

Without any instructions, the Lava Giant in the “same frequency” state tried to turn around, but halfway through, its body suddenly froze.

Under the sunlight, the shadow cast by the huge body had unknowingly become hostile. Like a demon waving its claws and teeth, the shadow grabbed onto the Lava Giant as it tried to turn around.

“Just now, when that ghost-element sprite used the shadow to teleport itself, its own shadow had merged with the shadow of the Lava Giant!”

Without the shadow trap of the Yama Ghost King, it couldn’t trap the Lava Giant for long.

In less than two seconds, the raging black shadow was torn apart.

The Lava Giant finally turned around.

At the same time, in mid-air, the Shadow Energy Ball raised by the Yama Ghost King was already three to four meters in diameter, larger than its entire body. Countless black mist lingered. Under the influence of the terrifying energy, even space was vaguely distorted, as if black lightning had appeared.

The fully formed “Ultimate Super Shadow Energy Ball” sure-kill technique was suddenly thrown down by Ah Yan.

It smashed towards the Lava Giant, which had just broken free from its restraints and was standing at a close distance with a cumbersome body and couldn’t dodge!


Energy Shock!

Countless dark shadow energy shrouded the whole arena like a black screen.

Black smoke rose, and the light screen of the barrier flickered, making sizzling sounds.

The field seemed to have turned into a huge black box, shaking continuously!

Countless people outside the arena held their breaths and widened their eyes.

After what seemed like a long time… or had it just been a few seconds?

The hazy shadow energy dissipated into the air bit by bit.

On the field, Yama Ghost King floated in mid-air and looked down coldly.

The others could only see that the hard ground, which was able to withstand an all-out attack from an extraordinary high-level, was actually caved in and had cracked. In the pit, a lava giant with broken rocks and black gas all over its body was lying on its back as its body was filled with dark shadow and black smoke, motionless, like a cooked dark meal.

Crafted By: Yama Ghost King.

Everyone fell silent.

On the Sprite Commandeering opposite, Golden Flame’s whole body trembled. Due to his “same frequency” state, he seemed as if he had also faced the impact head-on.

Even after the connection was severed, his whole body still shook. Feeling the countless gazes around him, Golden Flame’s entire face burned even more.

He closed his eyes, tilted his head, and fainted.

What does one do when one is faced with an unwanted situation? Apparently, Golden Flame’s answer to this question is to pretend to fall unconscious…

Those who could see through his act didn’t bother to expose him either.

However, Heavenly King Wei took full advantage of the opportunity as he revealed a refined smile and he looked over at the Korean team.

“Contestant Golden Flame seems to have lost… Then, shouldn’t one of you…”

In the spectator seats, the instructors and students felt refreshed, as if they had been hydrated by iced drinks on a hot day.

Everyone all looked towards the Korean team.

It was their fault to have acted so arrogantly?

One of the nameless Heavenly King of the Korean Nation was now faced with the same dilemma again.

At this moment, a female Sprite Trainer leaned forward and whispered into his ear.

The Heavenly King leader’s eyes lit up. “She’s our next contestant, but it’s not early. We will have to leave after another round.”

He didn’t dare to act too arrogant this time.

If they won, they would leave while they were still ahead.

If they lost, they wouldn’t have to continue to suffer from the humiliation.

But no matter what the results were, the Heavenly King had already made up his mind to return tomorrow, no, tonight.

Dragon Nation was too dangerous. He couldn’t stay any longer!

He looked at the strongest Sprite Trainer in the team apart from Golden Flame. “Kim Jongyeon, I’m counting on you.”

He made a gesture which seemed to have meant “if you’re going to lose, at least don’t embarrass us”.

Then, he looked at Heavenly King Wei. “You can also change your contestants.”

He desperately hoped for them to send someone weaker.

“Can you still fight?” Heavenly King Wei looked at Su Hao, who had returned to the audience seats. “Should I send a medical team over?”

The Korean Heavenly King’s face twitched. When he heard “no need”, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

The two Sprite Trainers went on stage again.

In the Korean Nation, a Sprite Trainer with a curvy figure and a short skirt with the surname Kim summoned her sprite.

An Ice Emperor Tooth.

It looked like a magnified white seal and was the size of a car. It had a pair of long, narrow, and sharp fangs.

As soon as it appeared, frost appeared, and the ice underneath spread—it was the cold air it exuded that affected its surroundings.

“But this Ice Emperor Tooth is probably only on par with the Lava Giant. What is she planning? Is it going to be a seduction technique? She’s underestimating me…”

At the very least, they had to form a team.

But the next moment, Kim Jongyeon used “Sprite Commandeering”, showing off to Su Hao.

“Sprite Commandeering: Synergy!”

After Kim Jongyeon;s closed palm completed seven graduations, a misty white halo appeared on Ice Emperor Tooth.

In an instant, the surrounding ice mist became thicker.

Ice Emperor Tooth’s aura was also rising steadily.

“Sprite Commandeering: Synergy”, can borrow part of its power from other sprites it contracted and integrate it into designated sprites, allowing its strength to increase sharply in a short period of time.

It was a high-level, rare, and difficult to learn Sprite Commandeering!

Moreover, in sparring matches, it was basically tacitly agreed that similar Sprite Commandeering methods would be banned.

When power that didn’t belong to itself was fused into its body, Ice Emperor Tooth couldn’t restrain its rising aura as its strength increased.

White frost pervaded the air, enveloping the arena dozens of meters around them. Formless air waves spread.

From the momentum of its rise, Su Hao judged, “On her team, apart from her, there are probably three more extraordinary-levels, and even more elite-levels.”

Young Sprite Trainers had insufficient heritage, and they also had fewer contracted sprites

Usually, only rich middle-aged men like Senior Wu could contract a bunch of sprites.

No wonder why the other party was so confident.

She probably felt that Su Hao didn’t have many extraordinary levels, so with “Sprite Commandeering: Synergy”, she could…

Apart from being handsome, Su Hao also looked especially young among the group of old aunties and uncles.

He closed his hands and muttered, “Sprite Commandeering: Synergy.”

Deng deng deng… The seven graduations were completed in two seconds.

With extremely fast hand motion, Su Hao used Sprite Commandeering. In the depths of his soul, at the core of the contract, figures seemed to appear one after another.

Butterfly, Dazed Crow, Dumb Unicorn, Big Fat Bear…

Even Ehfu, who wasn’t very useful, showed up.

They all contributed their strength.

White light dots flowed through the contract and fused with the Yama Ghost King.

Instantly, circles of white light appeared on the black-robed Ah Yan’s body.

Its robes suddenly puffed up, raising waves of cold wind. Its shadow lengthened, and its aura immediately increased.

Thick black smoke rushed into the sky like dark clouds!

The Korean team was dumbfounded.

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