Stand User in Marvel Universe

Chapter 635

Chapter 635

The Grandmaster looked at the scanned image that the guards took of Valkyrie’s body, and undoubtedly, he saw 2 hearts with one that had been stabbed by Dio’s sword. The Grandmaster was surprised, but still, he laughed! “This game sure is interesting!” The Grandmaster said excitedly.

Now, the Grandmaster had to assume his turn next, and the only thing left for Topaz was her head! The Grandmaster immediately picked the last sword and drove it into Topaz’s head. This time, the Grandmaster didn’t even call for a number as it was useless. “Goodbye, Topaz, I think I will miss you in the future!” The Grandmaster said solemnly.

He then stabbed Topaz’s temple, penetrating all the way into the other side of her head, splitting her brain in two! After the sword penetrated Topaz’s head, her eyes bulged, and after drawing her final breath, she finally died! Although she had three hearts, she only had one head! The game was over as Topaz drew her final breath.

The Grandmaster has lost the game, but he couldn’t help stop himself from participating in such an exciting gamble, even if he had to lose Topaz’s life for that! “Congratulation, my friend! You won! So, what do you want as your reward?” the Grandmaster asked curiously.

“It’s too much trouble for me to decide, so I’ll leave it to the referee!” Dio said casually. The Grandmaster was confused by what Dio meant by that, but he soon saw a greenish figure appear behind Dio, and that greenish figure immediately flew towards the Grandmaster and yanked his soul out of his body!

It was [Osiris]! This Stand wasn’t particularly strong. In fact, it was a rather weak Stand as its ability only activated after the user won a gamble. It had the power to pull the soul of the loser out of their body and turn it into poker chips! The Grandmaster took the gamble lightly, but not Dio, as he knew that the Grandmaster would make him do something nasty or even experiment on Dio if he lost the gamble!

From the moment the Grandmaster agreed to play the game, [Osiris] has become the referee that would judge the loser! Although the Grandmaster acted casual as he didn’t seem to gamble anything that Dio might want, resulting in him playing the game as if only Valkyrie and Topaz’s life were on the line, while in reality, he and Dio also gambled their lives!

Meanwhile, the Grandmaster was confident that he had a strong Mental Defence that wouldn’t easily be harmed. The proof to that was the experiment he had about Cristal’s affliction in the past, how easy it was for him to find out what happened to Cristal with a bare minimum of information that Dio had. But when [Osiris]’s power has been activated, it wouldn’t matter as it would pull the soul of the loser without fail! As his soul was half pulled, the Grandmaster finally lost control over his body and couldn’t even lift a finger!

Even so, the Grandmaster still tried hard to fight [Osiris] that was hell-bent on pulling the soul of his body. After seeing the Grandmaster grew so desperate, Dio couldn’t help but smirk as he had never seen the Grandmaster like this. Although he has deemed [Osiris] as a worthless Stand, it could be useful on certain conditions like what was happening right now!

Under normal circumstances, it was certainly difficult to deal with the Grandmaster, but now it has become so much simpler. [Osiris] didn’t have any offensive power, but as long as someone has admitted that he had lost to the user, [Osiris] would ignore all mental defence! But still, it was commendable that the Grandmaster could struggle against [Osiris]’s power this long!

Nevertheless, the Grandmaster’s struggle was futile as Dio himself still didn’t do anything to help [Osiris]. As he didn’t want to waste any more of his time, Dio summoned [The World] and ordered it to use his Soul Absorption ability! Even if the Grandmaster was immune to Physical Damage, what would happen if Dio attacked his soul directly?

Dio then ordered the [World] that was now in a Spiritual Form to attack the Grandmaster’s soul. The [World] immediately punched the Grandmaster’s soul as hard as it could without any hesitation. In turn, the Grandmaster immediately vomited blue blood and failed to maintain control over his soul, thus losing ground against [Osiris]’s force!

But before his soul completely left his body, The Grandmaster’s eyes flashed brightly. The Grandmaster was trying to use his last strength to split his soul in two!

Alas, [Osiris] pulled the Grandmaster’s soul, while in truth, a small part of it was still inside the Grandmaster’s body! Be that as it may, a white chip fell onto Dio’s hand, and that white chip was the Grandmaster’s soul! But the [World] was still attacking as it still detected a portion of Grandmaster’s soul in his body.

Despite the [World]’s attack, the Grandmaster didn’t receive any damage as he was immune to Physical Damage! Although it sounded like whole process took a long time due to the Grandmaster’s struggle, everything actually happened in a matter of seconds!

Even if Dio knew that the Grandmaster wasn’t completely gone, Dio at least got the White Chip on his hand. At first, he thought that he would end the Grandmaster’s life forever this time, but it turned out that the Old Sly Fox still had a fight left in him.

Still, Dio was happy by this situation as the Grandmaster would be severely weakened in this state for sure. Instead of trying to kill the Grandmaster repeatedly, Dio quickly approached Valkyrie. He already knew that Valkyrie couldn’t hold on for much longer, so he had to help her first. This was Valkyrie he was talking about, the goddess of Norse mythology, the light that blessed people in the past!

Dio quickly de-summoned [The World] and took the little snail out of his pocket before putting it on Valkyrie’s chest. The snail immediately used its life energy to replenish Valkyrie’s life energy so that she could hold out much longer.

Dio then pulled out all the swords that he used to stab Valkyrie earlier while at the same time summoning [The World – Over Heaven] to cast Reality Overwrite to make all the injuries on her body disappear. Immediately after, Dio also pulled out the extra heart that he created on a whim earlier.

Although Dio had to consume his accumulated soul to save Valkyrie’s life, it was worth it! Nevertheless, Dio smiled as he saw that the Life Energy from the Small Snail was enough to replenish Valkyrie’s vitality and heal her gradually. Valkyrie’s complexion itself was returning to normal slowly as his ashen pale face has turned rosy once more.

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