Spending the Villain's Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 543 - She is going to bash his head in tonight. (1)

Chapter 543 – She is going to bash his head in tonight. (1)

Ink Painting Guru’s exhibition was a huge success.

The exhibition was still ongoing when the value of Ink Painting Guru’s work on the market had skyrocketed.

Even a small work on her would go for over a million yuan and that didn’t mean there would be any available either. Collectors had nowhere to turn to for one.

There were many paintings at the exhibition that the collectors would do anything to add them to their collections but there were either privately-owned or the artists private work that was not for sale.

Many of the collected sighed and felt very regretful.

The only thing they could do was to spend a few extra days submerging themselves at the exhibition.

After the hecticness had died down, Gu Shishi could now be considered as famed. She was blackmailed by her group of close girlfriends.

Of course, taking them out for a meal to celebrate was mandatory.

“Alright, let’s go then.”

Gu Shishi waved her hand and decided to be generous for once.

Not only was she taking them out to a meal, she was even treating them to a hot spring.

They climbed up a mountain and enjoyed their sake while soaking in a warm spring located in the middle of a bamboo forest surrounded by fog. The whole place looked like fantasyland.

This was a girl’s trip.

The kind that you could bring your family members along.

Gu Shishi rarely treated others but, when she was happy, she would, on rare occasion, splurge like she did today.

After all, she had been restrained by the system for too long. She was not able to be away from her man and must rely on recharging to stay alive. When she was finally freed from that, she had a new restraint – Huo Xiao Bao who needed to be fed on a schedule……

She had been wanted to go on a trip and experience the joy of travelling since he had been weaned!

“Seriously, sister-in-law, how are you so shapely? What did you eat growing up?”

Huo ChuChu was stuck onto her since they were showering nearby.

Now that everybody was inside of the hot spring, this pair of eyes filled with the desire to learn stared at her with anticipation, waiting for her answer.

This was not a public hot spring. This entire area belonged to the residents on this mountain.

Each house had its own yard.

Huo Sishen booked ten of them.

All of them taken up by their own group.

As such, Huo ChuChu knew that the location was very secured and she had no reason to be conservative when complementing her sister-in-law’s body.

“And your skin is such a light color. Wuwuwu. I am so envious……

“My Big Brother has good eyes. Did he know you are so shapely from the very beginning?

“Sure enough. Big Brother is leaps and bounds smarter than my second brother. I heard that Gu Wushuang is B cup.”

Huo ChuChu wasn’t closed to Gu Wushuang and didn’t know too much about her.

But she could still eyeball it.

“But from what I have seen, hers are much smaller than mine. What B cup? She is flat both front and back. My second brother definitely has issues!

“I heard that she is going to spend a lot of money going overseas for a plastic surgery recently, skin grafting even.”

“Mmhmm, just A cup.”

Big Sister Qin chimed in and patted her cheeks with the spring water.

“I’ve seen her record from her annual physicals.”

Gu Shishi looked down at her own chest and was stunned by her words.

What a…. doctor with such intact professionalism…….

Sure enough, Big Sister Qin looked around and smiled. “She’s not a patient of mine.”

Meaning, she has professionalism. They just didn’t apply when it came to Gu Wushuang.

Little Sister Qin shook her head next to her and quietly scooted a centimeter away from her, stating with her action that the two of them had nothing to do with each other.

Li Yiru, who had spent a long time working on it and was finally accepted by Gu Shishi’s “gang” weakly raised her hand from the corner, “She said she is B cup. She bought B cupped when we went shopping together in the past.”

Big Sister Qin chuckled. “Don’t be so na?ve. Have you never heard of large A and small B?”

Li Yiru was enlightened and she gritted her teeth.

“Luo Pingting praised her about her body at the time and she had a shy look on her……”

How shameless!

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