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Snake Evolution System

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Shivam was a kind guy but died by Truck Kun, and later reincarnated as a Snake [HeBi]

This is the story of a Shivam, who died in India while crossing the road, "Shit I become hebi{snake}, f.u.c.k I am about to lose my virginity today, and before I do that with my landlady, I died by Truck Kun".Later he reincarnated as A snake with a mythical Dragon bloodline and he has an op system with him to Guide him on the path of evolution and cultivation.

[You killed tier 1 Fish you gained a beast stone, 100 Tier 1 beast stones needed for advancing next level]

"What, who are you," Shivam asked surprisingly.his face becomes pale like a ghost after hearing that unknown voice.


"Raphael, what are you," Shivam asked Raphael in a serious voice.

[I am system and I am imprinted in your will to guide you on your journey and I will help you to become evolve ]

hearing Raphael's words, Shivam was surprised, Shivam laugh and shouted in his mind.

"Oh, god you didn't abandon me. I heard many isekai stories when I was on earth, but it becomes a reality"

"Hey Raphael, can I become strong with the help of yours, and what do you mean by evolution," He asked to her

[Yes you can become awakened as you reached the Tier 5 beast, and you can get the human form] As your will she replied.

"Raphael what do you mean by the awakened, "Shivam asked curiously.

"well, in this world seven realms existed for humans, but for the beast, You have to become Tier 5 beast first, then you will advance for the awakening extra realm is awakened. let me show you" said Raphael and suddenly a blue screen appeared in front of Shivam's eyes, and there was some info appears on the screen regarding the realm and cultivation levels in the world.

Cultivation Levels -

>Elementory spirit Realm

>Profound Spirit Realm

>True Body Soul Realm

>Earth Soul Realm

>Heavenly Soul Realm

>semi divine soul Realm

>Divine soul Realm


[Divine Stages]

>Divine lord Realm

>Divine monarch Realm

>Divine God Realm

The mc is smart and loves the beautiful women. He is op and merciless at the same time. he is not some kind of mindless killing machine who kills people for no reason.

Read few chapters you will like the novel. And Become part of this exciting roller coaster ride with Shivam, who is going to become a Legend.

Note: English is not my native language, if you find grammar errors in my novel, please don't mind, I will correct my Grammarly mistaken words or you can point out those mistakes.

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