Shrewd wife of Lin brothers

Chapter 742: There is no choice but to die

Chapter 742: There is no choice but to die

” What…two thousand? Wasn’t it just a thousand taels just now?” Madam Chu asked as she looked at Su Wan wildly who smiled like a scheming vixen and said, ” The longer you take the more thousand taels I will add to your debt, if you like then you can wait for the three days to get over.”          


For the three days to get over? Would it not mean that they will have to watch themselves getting deeper and deeper into debt from which they might never recover?     

” Or you can simply choose to hand your life over to me,” Su Wan tilted her head to the side with a gentle smile. ” Don’t worry as long as you don’t piss me off then I will not make you all do something that you don’t want to.”      

The Su family could see that they had no other choice but to agree with what Su Wan has told them.      

This was an extremely painful demand for them to accept but they did not dare to not accept the demand.      

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But the old woman Su did not want to agree, she turned to look at her son who was looking at Su Wan with disapproval as well. Not only will he has to hand over the entire properties that belonged to his ex-wife but now he even has to act like a puppet to his daughter. What kind of life was this? He did not want to do it!      

” Are you not worried that I will file a complaint to the magistrate saying that you are being unfilial to me? Don’t forget that even if I sold you off you are still my daughter!” Seeing that Su Wan was not getting scared of their soft and hard approach, Su Bai had no other choice but to threaten her with the magistrate.      

He heard that the current magistrate was a good man as long as a commoner was to ask for help by beating a Gong, the magistrate will help them. If worst comes to worst, he will simply go and beat that Gong!      

Su Wan did not look worried at all, instead, she smiled and looked at Su Bai like she was looking at a fool and said, ” That is fine as well, you can go if that is what you want but I will warn you that you shouldn’t make such rash decisions when you have enough skeletons buried in your own house.”      

” What do you mean?” Su Bai asked with a frown as he looked at Su Wan whose smile widened and she said, “It’s just as I said, my mother married you and then died in mysterious circumstances. She was a healthy woman who suddenly went to the afterworld if I was to spice the story up and make you an unfaithful man who killed his ex-wife for his mistress then I am sure that the magistrate will have something to listen to and you and I both know that having another woman other than your wife is considered a crime.”      

” Only officials who are third-ranked or above can be considered as worthy of having another woman by their sides, imagine what will the magistrate think if I was to dig all the buried skeletons that are hidden in your backyard one by one,” she cocked an eyebrow when she saw that Su Bai was trembling and said, ” You sure you want to try me?”      

She then picked up the peanuts that has been offered to her by Madam Chu and nibbled on them. ” I am not worried since I have the Shen family even if you somehow manage to convince the magistrate who do you think he will trust? A pitiful girl who was bullied by her family after losing her mother or will he trust a man who sold his daughter away? Don’t forget that my husbands still have the documents of the time you chose to sell me away.”      

“If you really think that you want to go with the law then you can continue on your fight, while you try to convince the magistrate I will release snakes, cats and dogs in your house. I don’t mind releasing scorpions too, wasn’t this how your kids played pranks with me when I was very young?”      

She turned to look at Su Lan and Su Yu Cheng whose expressions have turned ashen as they lowered their heads and did not dare to look at Su Wan.      

Su Wan then turned to look at the Su family with an expression that said that she was going to take special care of them and said, ” You can refuse if that is what you want but make sure that you will be able to take this refusal on.”      

The Su family members all sucked in a breath as they looked at Su Wan, they all felt a fishy taste bloom in their mouths as they patted their chests and coughed out loud.      

How much bad karma did they accumulate to get punished like this? What kind of sins have they committed to be sent such a hell-raising brat in their family?      

Old madam Su looked at Su Wan and said, ” Which married woman acts like this in front of her husbands?”      

Su Wan shrugged casually as she turned to look at Lin Chen and calmly said, ” This is how I am, since no one is willing to set an example I will wholeheartedly devote myself to doing so.” She paused and then added, ” What’s more my husbands do not mind me acting like this either. Do you?”     

” Of course not!” Lin Chen shook his head and then refused at once, he looked at Su Wan who was sitting next to him and sweetly smiled. ” I like you just the way you are wife.”      

Su Wan pointed to him and said, ” Heard that?”      

The Su family stared at Lin Chen who succumbed to her words just like this and pursed their lips as they all scolded him for being a henpecked husband. Clearly, he was strong enough to beat the living daylights out of Su Wan but he was acting like a dog!      


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