Shrewd wife of Lin brothers

Chapter 156 - Ohh My Man

Even the scrawny man turned silent and didn't dare to utter a peep , with his neck twisted so badly he didn't dare to even move an inch - threatened by his life the man soon turned obedient trying to save himself , however he clearly still showed animosity towards them "you -you better let go of me ! You don't know who I am ! If you don't then you will have to face the consequences of treating me like this , if you want to hit someone , hit your wife - she is the one who asked me to come and resolve her itch !Ah !"

The man cried when Lin Chen stomped on his back and dragged his head behind with his hair until his body was arched backward in an uncomfortable position . 

" You better not talk nonsense " sneered Lin Chen , he moved his face closer to the man and whispered " you clearly came here to find trouble with my wife ! What do you mean by that she called you to resolve her itch with this tiny body what itch you will resolve ? In fact if I were to rip your thing out and shove it up your ass you might even feel nothing ! Speak clearly who you are , and who sent you or else - don't think my words are just empty threats "

Then Lin Chen gave the scrawny man a cruel smile and said " you think this is the worst I can do ? You are wrong my brother is a hunter and I have grown up dealing with his game - do you know that I clearly know to kill someone with just a single swipe of my hunting dagger but I won't do that to you because that would be too easy - almost merciful death for touching my wife . ". He knotted the man's hair and pulled him back even more until the man's back was arched so badly that his spine might break at any point " instead I could slit you from your groin to your stomach , and all the while I would enjoy the agony that will flash in your eyes - or maybe I can drag you all the way to the back of the mountain and dump you in the area where wild wolves are found , I bet they didn't have a satisfactory meal for long , you will be just right . "

(Feng Zhai who was standing beside Lin Chen listening to his horrifying threats ".."

Mother Lin : that's my son 

Su Wan : Oooo my man )

The scrawny man could sense that Lin Chen wasn't joking when he was saying all this to him . It was clear that if he didn't come clean Lin Chen might really do something like this - even his family would never realise that something wrong happened to him for days .. After all they were used to him leaving home for weeks or months before he returned back home , if Lin Chen really killed him -then even if his family was to complain to the Yamen about him getting lost , they wouldn't find a thing because in a month nothing would be left of him , if Lin Chen really threw him to a pack of wolves ! 

A shiver danced down his neck all the way down to his spine and the man couldn't resist anymore . He broke down in cold sweat and spoke up with a rather trembling voice " Pleas-please don't kill me .. I - I will tell the truth "

Luo Chenxi who was standing beside the shed stiffened . She was starting to get nervous with how the situation was escalating that was happening in front of her . She wanted to say something but she couldn't say it because the moment she opened her mouth - she was  glared at by her father who was standing beside her with equanimity. 

Madam Liu forced a smile then spoke in a low voice " who knows whether or not that man will tell the truth, look how ruthless Lin Chen is being to him - that man looks like he is being scared to peeing . Will such a man speak the truth ? Its more likely he will just blabber some random nonsense to save his life "

Village Head Luo smiled and then spoke in a calm voice " I don't think so - when a person is faced with life or death situation , that person would definitely speak the truth . People are selfish and no one wants to die , if telling the truth might save his life , why won't the man say it ? I bet he would say the correct facts because he doesn't want to end it all here - and why are you worrying about whether he will lie or say the truth ? If you ask me , its better for us to stand silently and hear what the man had to confess "

Even though Village Head Luo was smiling , there were no humour in his eyes . In fact his eyes were throwing daggers at them , Village Head Luo was a fairly decent husband and a good father , he never tried to find trouble with his wife and never scolded his daughter . But today - haha , he just received a gift from his senior official because he did a good job at managing the village . But just a day later , his wife and daughter slapped him in the face by doing something so scandalous ! This time he would for sure not  forgive them ! 

Just as he finished thinking this , the man who was being threatened by Lin Chen in the courtyard began to cry and started to confess his crimes " its not me - it has nothing to do with me ! Its Madam Liu the wife of the Village head who sent me here . She wanted me to come here and r*pe your wife , she offered me a big deal and she even promised that she would forget about our old feud where her niece complained to her about me . Madam Liu 's natal family lives in my village , the one next to this Dong Tong Village - I - I usually tease women in my free time and one day I , unknowingly teased her niece and that bitch went ahead and complained to her aunt . I didn't know that her aunt was the wife of a village head and had a fair number of good connections , she threatened me and blackmailed me for years. " the man cried piteously until tears and snot was dripping down his face " she made me do a lot of dirty work for her and I was getting tried of working for free for her , so when she proposed this deal I accepted at once , its not my fault ! " 

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