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Shinobi From Hell

Shinobi From Hell





Shinobi From Hell

Rating: 8.6/10 from 49 ratings

Klautz had lived his whole life as a ninja... as a tool.

Yet before dying he had killed all of ninjas of his clan. He had defied the ninja code and acted on his own discretion. A code he had followed his entire life.
Even in his dying moments he had chosen a harsh death.
Suddenly, Klautz opened his eyes. By some miracle, he was still alive. He then realized that he had actually gone back forty years in time.
"I will wipe out all of the ninjas from the face of HELL!"

Join him as he fulfill his desires and his goals, all of which he wasn't able to do before.

Note: The cover isn't mine. If the owner wishes for it, I can remove it.