Rise My Elementals!

Chapter 771 - Grand-finals Part 4

Chapter 771 Grand-finals part 4

Author: M_W Cancer

Proofreader: M_W Miss Fierce

Edgar Pierce became shocked as he saw Osborne slowly approaching him. He really thought that with how huge the latter's figure is, he won't try to reach him by getting in between the earth walls to catch him. Because by doing that, Osborne would be trapped once again. What he had thought Osborne would do was to go around, which is the long way. By then, he would go to the other side, and the latter won't be able to catch him once more.

Just when Edgar Pierce planned to retreat, earth walls suddenly rose in both of his sides, lengthening the passageway to the exit of this place. 

"Damn you, Guild Leader Loki!" Edgar Pierce swore as he swiftly turned around and started dashing forth towards the exit. But his face quickly turned ugly as he saw more and more earth walls rising in both of his sides. The more he runs, the longer the passageway becomes.

Meanwhile, Osborne doesn't know whether he should laugh or cry as the passageway continues getting longer. It was laughable seeing that Edgar Pierce can't escape from him. But simultaneously, the deeper he travels inside, the farther he got from the exit, which increasingly makes him feel worried like there is something bad that's about to happen.

"For goodness' sake, when would this end?!" Edgar Pierce exclaimed, feeling frustrated that he still wasn't able to escape from this place. Even though he can use the Earth Burst spell to easily destroy the earth walls, but with Osborne around, it would be next to impossible for him to wait until the earth wall is destroyed. It would probably be the latter who would benefit from it. By then, Osborne and Guild Leader Loki can cooperate with each other to trap him in this seemingly endless passage and he would be helpless to try and change anything.

Edgar Pierce no longer continued thinking of other methods to get out. Instead, he hastens his movement even more so that he can reach the exit before Guild Leader Loki could extend the length of the passage. As long as he reached the exit before the latter creates more earth walls, he would be able to escape. And then, he would cooperate with Guild Leader Loki to trap Osborne, maybe… After all, even if they block all the paths towards the exit, Osborne could probably easily climb up with how huge and tall he is. Albeit it would be a bit tricky due to how narrow the passageway was.

At this moment, Leo continued casting Earth Wall spells to prevent Edgar Pierce from escaping. But after a few more rounds, he finally decided to block the two exits, "This should be good enough,"

Whooooosh! Whoooosh!

In the next moment, both exits from the front and the back of Osborne and Edgar Pierce were suddenly blocked. The two immediately halted their cat and mouse chase to pay close attention to what Guild Leader Loki would do next.

"Temporary truce!" Edgar Pierce instantly shouted to Osborne, in fear that the latter would use this opportunity to attack him. Now that he's cornered, nothing is holding back Osborne from attacking him anymore.

"No need for you to tell me that, I have the same idea," Osborne's face turned solemn. As much as he hates teaming up, he has no other choice but to be in a team this time around. If he continues fighting with Edgar Pierce, there's no doubt that Guild Leader Loki would use that chance to eliminate the both of them, especially considering that they are in the same place.

All of a sudden, an arrow landed near Osborne's foot. It was quickly followed by a second and third arrow, before coming to a stop. But a few seconds later, another three arrows landed nearby them.

"Don't tell me he's planning to rain us with arrows," Edgar Pierce made a sudden realization. 

"Are you stupid? Don't you see the Magic circles for the Fireball spells on the arrows? He's planning to blow up this passageway into smithereens!" Osborne corrected Edgar Pierce's claim. 

"Fuck! Then let's quickly get out of here!" Edgar Pierce started panicking a bit.

"Wait a moment, I am trying to move my body around," Osborne muttered. 

"Why on Celestial World did you have such a huge body!" Edgar Pierce exclaimed in displeasure.

"Oh, I am sorry for being born an Orc! It's really unfortunate that I am unlike you Elves who looked like malnourish people with your really thin figure!" Osborne scoffed.

"You…" Edgar Pierce finally realized that he can never win any argument with Osborne. Any insults and roast that he threw at the latter, he seems to always be able to throw something even worst and offensive back at him. Well, he should have expected that, considering that Orcs are naturally born with the lack of good taste and are unrefined people. Totally unlike the Elf race, who has better taste in almost everything and are known to be creatures closest to perfection. How wonderful! He's really proud to be born as an Elf and not an Orc.

"What are you standing there for? Waiting to die? Quickly follow after me!" Osborne pulled Edgar Pierce from his narcissistic thoughts.

"Ah! Damn! Wait up!" Edgar Pierce quickly followed after Osborne.

Unbeknownst to Edgar Pierce, it would actually have been better for him if he had just stayed behind and not followed after Osborne. That's because Leo could easily see where Osborne is due to his head being taller by a few inches compared to the earth walls. 

Honestly speaking, Leo had actually done that deliberately so that he can always find Osborne. And coincidentally, this led him to not only be able to find the latter but Edgar Pierce as well.

"Oh, so they are sticking with each other," Leo muttered under his breath. Even though he is far from Osborne and Edgar Pierce, but with how the former had shouted the line 'Follow me' he was able to hear their plan.

"You two just made my plan much easier than how I expected it to turn out to be," Leo smiled mischievously.

In the next moment, Leo pointed his bow in the direction of Osborne's head. He was not intending to hit the latter, but rather he wants to hit Edgar Pierce, who was following after Osborne. To explain it more thoroughly, when he shots an arrow towards Osborne's head, there would be some slight delay before the arrow would land. As long as he could time that slight delay, he would be able to make the arrows land on Edgar Pierce's location.

Obviously, he doesn't know for certain just how far the gap is in between Osborne and Edgar Pierce. As such, there's no telling for sure yet whether he could accurately land a hit or not. But he could already expect that Edgar Pierce would shout if ever the arrows land close to him. By then, he could easily determine where Edgar Pierce is at and time the arrows perfectly well to land on him and cause an injury.

"Let's try this first the first volley of arrows," Leo nocked three arrows onto his bow. Since he doesn't know where exactly Edgar Pierce is currently at, he decided to guess it by basing it on how far he had heard the latter's response when Osborne told him to follow him. 

"There's probably a five to ten meters gap between them, so if I shoot it over there," Leo pointed his arrows slightly in front of Osborne's head, "I would land the arrows somewhere in between those two numbers,"

With that in mind, Leo didn't hesitate anymore to let go of the arrows.

Whooooosh! Whooooosh! Whooooosh!

Three arrows shot to the air close to the passage made of earth walls. Eventually, its speed started slowing down before it finally began falling to where Leo intended for it to land.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three muffled sounds of the arrows hitting on the floor sounded, allowing Leo to determine where it had landed.

"Too bad that all of them had landed on the floor," Leo said in regret.

However, it didn't take that long for a loud voice to be heard by everyone.

"What the fuck! That nearly got me! Tell me, are you intending to kill me, Guild Leader Loki?" Edgar Pierce exclaimed.

"Of course not, that was just an accident!" Leo replied while quickly taking out three arrows from his quiver, preparing to shoot another volley of arrows to Edgar Pierce.

"Accident-my-ass! Why did all of those arrows land near my location and none on Osborne's? Oh, wait… You both are teaming up!!!" Edgar Pierce proclaimed.

"Why does every time one of us gets attacked, we always say that you are teaming up?" Leo wondered, although he already knew the answer. With the previous case of him and Osborne teaming up, it's only natural for each of them to suspect the others of teaming up.. He was only pretending to wonder so that he can pinpoint Edgar Pierce's exact location before finally letting go of his arrow.

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