Rise My Elementals!

Chapter 20 - Reward System's Actual Purpose 

Chapter 20 The Reward System's actual purpose

Author: M_W Cancer

Grammar Checker: M_W Nomral

The moment Teacher Marvin's face turned serious, everyone in the classroom immediately focused all their attention.

"I thought nobody in this class would notice this problem, but since someone special like Leo is present, hence I had expected a bit that he will probably ask this question later on..." Teacher Marvin let out a short laugh before he grabbed chalk at the side of the blackboard.

Slowly, teacher Marvin began writing the eighteen Class ranking from the top 1S+ to the very bottom 1E- Class.

"As you can see, the Silver Mage Academy has eighteen different class sections, and each student is put randomly. The Mage Academy doesn't care whether a powerful student was put into the bottom nor the weakest put into the very top." Teacher Marvin paused as he turned to look at everyone.

"Why? Simple... Every end of the month, a competition battling the eighteen different class section will commence, and this competition would then, later on, give the final Class Ranking to which class should be put in the top or the bottom."

"In other words, your present class section now would be constantly changing places depending on your performance every end of the month competition. Of course, there are different competitions, such as alchemy, crafting or blacksmithing, taming, combat support, defense, team competition, and many more, to cater every specialty of each of every mage in the Silver Mage Academy."

"All the scores earned by each student in the same class section would then be gathered together and divided by a base on the number of students within that specific classroom. The final score would be your class section's total score, which would decide which Class Ranking your class section would be placed on, and henceforth how much resources you will then be receiving."

Teacher Marvin said as he put his chalk at the side. He then faced the students and said, "Do you now understand?"

"This is the real purpose behind the Reward System that was discussed in the stadium. Different ranks equal different resources. You asked right, how would the Academy fix the problem of unfair allocation of students with great potential? Through a competition!"

"No matter what rank your class section is in the Class Ranking at this moment, but before the competition, everything will not matter. It will change! It may rise or it may fall, it all depends on how all of you perform as a whole class."

Everyone inside the classroom immediately felt the direness of the situation after listening to teacher Marvin's revelation. They felt panic as they suddenly started observing each of their classmates soon after, judging them base on their looks whether they are capable or not.

Randomly put means not everyone in the room would be strong no matter what Class Ranking it was, hence no one can guess how many points could a class section earn every month. So, everyone was observing each other to know their capabilities.

However, what they were actually doing was really useless because even if some students were capable and strong, the mere existence of an incapable and weak student would surely cause a drastic change in the total points earned every month.

Simply put, the result of the points earned by the capable and strong would surely be affected if ever the incapable and weak had contributed a small amount of points. The total points would surely be pulled down in such kind of situation.

"No need to panic!" Teacher Marvin said as he stood in front of everyone while holding a book. With a wave of his hand, a similar book on his hand suddenly appeared above everyone's table.

"There are other ways of earning points aside from the competition. Even if you are incapable, there is still another way for you to earn points and hence not become a disappointment in your class."

"That book in front of you is a list of miscellaneous jobs, important missions, and many more, in order for each one of you to easily earn points. By completing one of the missions in that list, you will be able to earn the corresponding points as its reward."

Everyone immediately opened the book.

Remove the weeds around the east side of the Academy. Reward (5 points)

Become a librarian of the library. Reward (10 points)

Clean the Tomb of Heroes. Reward (20 points)

Deliver a Silver Fur Wolf to the Tailoring Club. Reward (50 points)

Clean the Second Prince's Dog palace. Reward (150 points)

Leo also opened the book. He became astonished as he sees with his own eyes the uncountable number of different missions listed in the book. As he keeps on flipping the pages, the points rewarded in each mission just keep getting higher and higher, but the difficulty also increases at the same time. There were numerous of them, catering towards the different paths of Mages.

Blacksmithing, Crafting, Tailoring, Brewing, Taming, and many more...

"Teacher Marvin, every day a mission would surely be finished by a student, right? So, how could we then see whether the task listed is still available or not?" The voluptuous woman from before immediately stood up to ask a question.

"That book is a Magic Tool, specifically a Magic Book called Book of Missions. The Book of Missions is capable of constantly updating itself, so you don't have to worry whether the mission was available or not. That book itself is connected to the Silver Kingdom's Job and Request board. Hence, you also need to take into consideration that it's not just our Academy that uses this kind of Book of Missions, but also all the different Mage Academy from Ordinary rank to Royal rank throughout the entire Silver Kingdom." Teacher Marvin answered.

"Also, the points you actually earned could also be used to buy resources for your personal use, weapons, magical food, magic tools, magic equipment, spell books, you can also open a mission yourself and use your points as the reward, and etc... etc... anything within the Silver Mage Academy could be bought with points. Even I could be bought by your points, hehehe..." Teacher Marvin said in a joking manner.

"So, you don't have to worry whether you are capable or not, as long as you can keep on completing those missions inside, you will surely be able to earn points easily, hence not becoming someone that will pull down the entire section..."

Teacher Marvin walked to the window and opened it. A Mail Bird hurriedly came inside as it landed on his shoulder. He grabbed the letter on its feet and read its content soon after.

"That's all, class dismiss!" Teacher Marvin suddenly wore a grim expression after reading the content. He looked at Leo warily as he immediately disappeared out of the room.

Everyone was confused, but they didn't take it to heart since teacher Marvin had already said that he will dismiss the class after twenty questions. It has already been more than 20 questions, so they should have long been dismissed.

Leo really wanted to stop teacher Marvin when he started casting a spell, as he wanted to ask more. There were still a lot of questions that he wanted to ask, but teacher Marvin suddenly disappeared hurriedly, so he can only feel helpless.

"Ahhh, forget it!" Leo said as he shook his head, feeling really helpless. Anyway, since he would be staying in this school until graduation, he would surely get answers to all his questions.

"I'll go look for Cassandra." Leo said as he stood up from his seat.

Alfred approached him suddenly as he put his arm on Leo's right shoulder, "Brother, let's explore the Silver Mage Academy!"

Leo really wanted to laugh at Alfred when the latter suddenly called him brother. He is really sure that it was because the latter had heard that he was recommended by Sword and Magic. He didn't really mind it though, but he just can't help but let out a short laugh.

"I'm also planning to do that, but I'll be looking for someone else first!" Leo replied as he walked towards the exit.

"Don't worry, I don't mind it. Let's go find this person, then!" Alfred said as he got out of the room first.

Leo already had a good impression of Alfred just by their small interaction awhile ago. Though they just interacted for a bit, he could already feel that the latter was a genuine type of guy, unlike those scheming, full of disputable lies bastards he had met before in his life.

So, Leo just allowed Alfred to follow along with him to look for Cassandra.

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