Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife

Chapter 7439

Chapter 7439: Southern Cloud Academy

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Ah Mo’s eyelashes trembled as he lowered his head. Even Bai Yuexi could not see ah Mo’s eyes clearly in the mirror.

However, what ah Luo had just said made Bai yuechan stunned.

“Ah Zhen, let the maidservant do this.”

“Miss, did ah mo not comb it well?”

Bai Yuexi looked at herself in the mirror. Ah Zhen had combed her hair for her and it was indeed quite beautiful. She had to admit that ah Zhen’s hands were very deft and when he was combing her hair, she felt very comfortable and her hair was not pulled at all.

When a-Qing said this just now, her voice seemed to be a little low.

When Bai Yuexi heard his voice, her heart clenched,”no, no. Ah Cheng, don’t think too much. The hair you combed for me was really good. It looks good and I like it a lot.”

Upon hearing this, ah Zhen smiled.”It’s good that miss likes it.”

When Bai Yuexi turned her head, she happened to meet ah Qing’s bright and radiant eyes. It was the light of a smile, and she was instantly stunned.

That’s right, when ah Luo smiled, there was really a sense of brightness, and her beauty was soul-stirring.

Bai Yuexi’s heart began to race uncontrollably.

Seeing Bai yuechan’s dazed look, the smile in Ah-Choo’s eyes deepened.

He realized that miss seemed to like him smiling.

He was willing to smile more in front of miss.

He wanted to keep her eyes on him.

Being watched by miss so attentively, ah Zhen had an indescribable feeling in his heart, which made him feel comfortable.

Taking advantage of Bai Yuexi’s dazed state, ah Luo lowered her head slightly and whispered into her ear,”Miss, let ah Zhen help you comb your hair. I’ll help you comb your hair in the future.”

When a-Qing said this, her voice seemed to be bewitching.

Bai Yuexi was still in a daze. She nodded instinctively,”alright.”

“Miss has agreed to ah Zhen!”

When Bai Yuexi heard ah Luo’s words and saw the smile on her face, she finally returned to her senses.

She thought that she had really been bewitched by ah Luo just now.

This ah Luo really had magic.

To Bai Yuexi, it didn’t matter if ah Zhen combed her hair or not.

But she also wanted to make ah Zhen happy.

After some thought, Bai Yuexi said,”ah Luo, you actually have a lot of things to do. Combing your hair is a waste of time.”

“For ah Zhen, it’s not a waste of time. Miss’s matters are more important than other things.”

In ah Luo’s heart, Bai Yuexi occupied the most important position.

“It’s like this, ah Luo. I’m going to let you study in the Academy. This way, you can learn more knowledge and become more capable. In the future, you can do what you want to do.”

Bai Yuexi had been preparing for this matter while ah Luo was recuperating from his injuries.

He was prepared to send ah Zhen to the southern Cloud Academy.

In the southern state, there was the southern Cloud Academy. It was a very famous Academy in this country. The examinations were very strict, but the teachers there were very strong and were all people with real talent.

Bai Yuexi was prepared to recommend ah Zhen to study there. This way, ah Zhen could learn more and expand his social circle. In the future, when he became the king, those people would become his confidants and could become his loyal ministers, contributing to the country.

Of course, according to the contents of the book, ah Zhen could only go to the academy when she was 16 years old.

Now that ah Zhen was thirteen years old, Bai Yuexi was prepared to help her head to the Academy earlier.

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