Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 910 - Stop Spouting Nonsense, You Virgin!

Chapter 910 - Stop Spouting Nonsense, You Virgin!

William stared at the entrance of the amusement park with a serious expression on his face.

"Will, is there something wrong?" Belle asked in a worried tone. "Are you perhaps not feeling well?"

William broke out from his daze as he lightly squeezed Belle's hand to tell her that he was fine. He had already felt that the city was familiar to him, but after going to the theme park, the haze that clouded his mind finally disappeared.

The Half-Elf didn't know what to think about this discovery, because it still felt surreal. After regaining his composure, he smiled at Belle as he gave her an excuse in order to ease her worries.

"This is the first time I'm coming to an amusement park," William replied. "I'm just overcome with emotions."

"What are you, a country bumpkin?" Paula commented from the side. "You've never gone to the amusement park all your life?"

William could only smile bitterly at Paula's inquiry. He would be lying if he said that he hadn't been in an amusement park. The only problem was that the amusement park he visited was already in ruins and the rides were no longer working.

Paula frowned when William didn't give an answer to her question. She and Hana had decided that they would follow Belle inside the theme park. Although they didn't plan to get in the way of the two lovebirds' date, they also had no intention of leaving the two of them alone.

After William's performance at the gates of the University, Paula had flagged him as a dangerous individual that might take advantage of her best friend's innocence.

Hana was of the same opinion, so they decided to tag along with the two and not let them out of their sights.

"Let's go," Belle said as she lightly tugged on William's hand.

The four of them showed their tickets and were allowed entry through the gate.

William didn't want to ruin the mood, so he tossed away all his worries to the back of his mind for the time being.

He didn't lie when he said that this was his first time visiting an amusement park for enjoyment. The orphanage didn't have the funds to take the children out to visit this place to play.

It was at the moment when the Half-Elf decided that when he returned to the Smiles Orphanage, he would take all the kids out to the amusement park to play.

'Maybe I should rent out the entire theme park for a day?' William thought as he walked side by side with Belle, while looking at the various rides in his pamphlet. 'At most it will just cost me ten million or so.'

Belle had no idea what her lover was thinking, but looking at how serious his expression was, she just thought that William was deciding on which ride they would take first.

"Where do you want to ride first?" Belle asked after their group stopped in front of a billboard that showed the different rides of the theme park.

"Bumper Cars," William replied. "I've always wanted to ride them when I was young, but I never had the chance to do it."

Hana looked at William with a tender gaze because he reminded her of his little brother who had also asked her to ride the bumper car when she first took him to the amusement park.

Paula, on the other hand, didn't expect that William had this childish side to him. She had expected the red-headed teenager to choose the daring rides like the roller coaster or the theme park's signature attraction "Trip to Hell".

William noticed Paula's stare, so he glanced at her with a smile.

"Is there something wrong with my face?" William inquired.

"Yes," Paula replied. "Your fly is open."

The smile on William's stiffened before he looked down on his pants. Just like Paula had said, his fly was indeed open, which made the Half-Elf feel embarrassed.

Belle and Hana giggled after seeing William's cute reaction. Paula joined her besties and giggled as well.

This made the atmosphere between the four people more amiable, which made Belle quite happy. She had known her two besties all her life, so she was aware that they still hadn't fully accepted William as her fiance.

But, seeing their reactions, she could tell that they were willing to know more about him, and support her in their relationship.

A few minutes later, William drove his bump car like a carefree child with a big smile on his face.

Belle was seated beside him and enjoying the ride together with him.

Paula and Hana were also seated together. The one driving their car was Paula and a mischievous glint could be seen in her eyes.

Without any warning, their car bumped William's and Belle's, which made the Half-Elf look at the pretty girl with a challenging gaze.

Paula smirked as if telling William to "bring it on".

Half a minute later, the two bump cars started to clash against each other. Like they were having a duel.

Belle and Hana could only shake their heads at the two kids who were going at each other's car as if their lives were at stake.

Several minutes later, their battle ended with both sides unwilling to admit defeat.

"You're such a kid," Paula scoffed.

"Hmp! I'm already an adult, unlike you who still doesn't have a boyfriend," William replied with a smirk.

This comment of his made Paula and Hana look at Belle in disbelief. Naturally, Belle shook her head telling her two besties that the rice was still uncooked.

Both girls breathed a sigh of relief as Paula glared at William for lying to them.

"Stop spouting nonsense, you virgin!" Paula stated. "Next time you lie, make sure you come up with a better story."

The Half-Elf rolled his eyes at the pretty lady who thought that he was lying. If Paula only knew how many wives and lovers Wiliam had, her face would certainly turn as red as a tomato out of embarrassment.

In the end, William didn't correct her, which made Paula think that she had won the argument.

"Where do you want to ride next?" William asked Belle who had a smile on her face the whole time.

"Rollercoaster," Belle replied. "Let's go."

This time, Paula and Hana felt like backing out. They had never ridden a roller coaster before, so a part of them was hesitant to follow William and Belle on their next ride.

However, before the two could even voice their thoughts, William gave them a teasing gaze, which made both girls hold back the words that they were going to say next.

"It's fine if both of you are scared," William said in a teasing tone. "You don't have to force yourselves."

One of the things that Paula hated was losing. She felt that if she really didn't ride the rollercoaster with them, the red-headed teenager would keep on teasing her for the remainder of the day.

This was something that she couldn't take lying down, so she had accepted William's challenge.

"Who's afraid of who?" Paula replied. "Don't go crying to me later when you get motion sickness. Isn't that right, Hana?"

Hana, who really didn't want to ride the rollercoaster, wanted to back out, but seeing the pleading gaze of her bestie made her reluctantly nod her head.

A few minutes later, the two pretty ladies regretted their decisions. Both of them felt nauseous, but refused to give up.

However, when William said that the next ride would be the theme park's main attraction, "The Trip to Hell", both girls bid their goodbyes as they went to the bathroom to excuse themselves.

William smirked as he watched Belle's best friends make their escape.

"Now, it's just the two of us." William smirked. "Do you want to visit the Haunted House with me, My Lady?"

"Sure," Belle smiled as she firmly gripped William's hand. She wanted to spend the day alone with him, but didn't want to chase her best friends away.

Now that the two had left on their own volition, the black-haired beauty smiled because this was something that she had wanted to do for a long time. Her time with William was very precious, so she didn't want to miss even a second of it.

She had learned her lesson a year ago, and had regretted it ever since. Now that a second chance had been given to her, she would do her best to fulfill the wish she had long ago.

A wish to go to an amusement park with the person she loved, and have a fun-filled day together.

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