Reincarnated With A Summoning System

Chapter 47 - 47

No decision was made about sleeping arrangements in the end, and they all woke up at first light in the huge bed. Even Elmira moved her bed from the corner table to the thick headboard.

"Just 5 more minutes." Misha mumbles as Cain tries to extract himself from the tangle of pajama clad limbs. He turns to Char for assistance, only to find she's in a similar position, Mythryll is sleeping sideways in the bed, hugging her midsection like a pillow. The two share a silent laugh at the deep sleepers and relax to wait for everyone to get up.

"So, what's for breakfast?" Elmira asks once everyone is finally up "Because I'm going to need a lot of energy if I'm going to face demons all day long."

The hotel here actually has a pixie specific breakfast. Today it is tiny crepes with mixed fruit and whipped cream. These city Elves don't seem as strictly vegan as the ones in the ruins. Unless the whipped cream isn't real cream, but Cain can't tell the difference.

The city walls seem quiet, so they head straight for the dungeon, following the directions given by the hotel staff. There's only a few groups in line, looking at their party with a mix of envy and confusion. They're all well geared, and they have a good variety of classes, but some of the other parties have realized they don't have an obvious Tank in the group.

"Maybe the big guy is an avoidance type tank?" The groups in line wonder. Except for the few so consumed with jealousy at the number of beauties in the group that they can't focus on anything else. This is how it always ends for them. Some groups and guilds are almost all women, and guys like them can't get a girlfriend for their second life in a row.

"Hey, doesn't that spire look familiar?" Mythryll says, pointing at the horizon. It does. That spire, or one just like it, was in the middle of the previous Demon Dungeon they entered. Is this just a higher level area of the same zone?

On their second pull, when they face a very familiar looking group of scantily clad Succubus, they're sure. They're in the same place. [Strappy Demonic One Piece] has dropped again. But this time at legendary quality with 8 percent reduced casting cost and a 15 percent spell damage increase.

Char checks it out and then compares it to what she's currently wearing with a frown. She's got a lower level Legendary under garment layer on already, that looks like a fur trimmed bikini top. But it gives mana recovery and 10 percent spell damage, so she would have to tweak her gear to get it just right again.

"We can decide later," Misha laughs and links an item in the text based party chat they rarely use. "I got the recipe."

For some reason, this news doesn't brighten the look on Mythryll's face. Cain guesses she's not over the embarrassing moment from the first time she tried it on like a bathing suit.

Cain has been adding everything he can to his available Summon lists. He's gained 49 total demonic forms now, and they're about to face a Shadow Skipper demon pack. He has a good feeling about hitting 50 types of demons, like he will get something great.

Using Elmira's [Successful Abduction] skill they sneak forward in stealth and Cain gathers the fiftieth demon form for his collection.

[Achievement Unlocked: Demon Collector] defeat current target to obtain reward.

When the achievement comes up, the pack goes from being normal Shadow Skippers to elite and immediately attacks.

"Crap, I got an achievement for 50 types of demons and this happened." Cain calls out the emergency attack.

Shadow Skippers, like their name suggests can blink between shadows, attacking from many angles unexpectedly. An elite pack of them is bad news.

Misha responds by casting Consecrated Ground under the main group's feet, the light from the spell stopping sneak attacks by the Shadow Skippers. Elmira flickers from his pocket to Mythryll's shoulder to get away from incoming attacks, but Cain is blocked off from the others, being hard pressed to defend himself while his summons try to fight their way through.

A troll manages to stagger back one of the elite Shadow Skippers and Cain takes his opportunity to retreat. Firing poison arrows up into the demons while he rolls between the Trolls feet towards the circle of light. They're fast though, one demon striking out with a spear and pinning him to the ground. A multi shot makes it drop the weapon and Cain struggles to his feet.

These demons are unusually focused on Cain himself, chasing him all over the ruined building they were in, so he can avoid making them swarm his companions. First one, then a second drops to a furious Blizzard, Mythryll is in her Demon Transformation, trying to get every last bit of damage output she can. Char finally gets one stunned with her channeled lightning, its resistance failing it.

Once the demon is on the ground it is quickly bludgeoned and clawed to death by the summons, unable to parry or evade strikes as it had been.

With the final demon of the pack dead, the notification returns.

[Please Spin or Select Quest Reward]

Gatcha again? Well it did give him this amazing class. But Cain thinks he should look over the rewards first. If he picks, it's a single piece of Legendary Demon themed gear.

The visible spots on the spin wheel show a unique Lesser Golem form, a hood that increases Summon Damage, a Shield that reduces damage taken by 30 percent and one marked "???" in the Purple of an epic item.

"Do I trust my luck and go for the random selection spin for the reward?" Cain asks the group for a second opinion. There is a good demonic bow in there that increases construct damage by 90. So it wouldn't be a total waste to just take the guaranteed prize.

"You're a lucky broken character. I say spin." Misha tells him after a moments consideration.

"Full Send!" Elmira shouts from Mythryll's shoulder, which he takes as a vote for spinning.

Mythryll looks to Char, who pokes her cheeks with a smile. "Might as well spin it. Mythryll doesn't want to risk giving the wrong advice, so she's staying neutral."

Cain firmly selects the spin option, and the wheel in front of him starts rotating at incredible speed. At first nothing can be seen, but as it slows he can make out a few things. Construct forms and related gear seem to be the majority of the slots. Some Lesser, some Greater, and a few marked "Decorative Skin".. Which could be almost anything as Cain isn't sure how they work.

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