Reincarnated With A Summoning System

Chapter 17 - 17

Mythryll is more than happy to follow Cain's instructions to keep to the wall, close to Misha where he could block incoming ice attacks for them. Being even less geared and lower level than the Healer made them all extra cautious. Misha had taken heavy damage from some of the Ice attacks the first time they were here, and nobody wanted the kindly mage to get killed.

They've got the technique down now though, and Mythryll has not just 1 but 2 different cancel effects, an interrupt and a short silence. With the extra control, very little even comes their way except tail swipes that they mostly dodge.

[Mythryll Has Obtained Epic Item]

[Frost Mages Salvation] has dropped

[Misha Has Obtained Epic Item]

[Halloween Witch Costume] has dropped

Like Cain's bow, the staff has a chance to freeze on hit, but it also casts an Ice Armor around the mage wielding it, refreshed with every spell cast. It's not a large amount of damage absorbed, but a self refreshing shield for a Mage is nothing to scoff at.

"Alright ladies, let's go turn in this quest." Cain makes a grand onwards type gesture with his bow and the girls laugh.

Finding the hidden tailor to turn in the quest takes them until nearly nightfall, but in the end they manage to get the reward, and Misha becomes a level 20 Tailor with a legendary recipe in her repertoire.

"Guys, I reached level 30 from that quest reward. What kind of crazy growth rate is this? I made 4 levels in a day!" Mythryll gushes.

"Hey, my guardian tree can teach level 2 now, I've got the points and it just unlocked when I leveled up."

"I'm in a bit of a hurry to craft this, see you both later!" Misha calls, running off towards the apartment.

"Forget the level up, can I watch?" Mythryll laughs "I really want to see what a legendary robe looks like."

"I don't see any good reason why not." Cain laughs. "Follow me, we rented right near the entrance to the dungeon. Congratulations on your levels by the way. Grinding with us is faster than usual, secret technique, don't tell anyone."

Mythryll laughs softly while they run at his talk of secret techniques, but stops in shock at the apartment when they walk in.

"This is beautiful, how long have you been here to decorate?" she asks and Misha giggles. Looking over the recipe in her interface.

"It's the honeymoon suite. You'll have to join us in the hot springs later, nothing gets the cold out of your bones better after a long day in the dungeon." Misha informs her in a serious voice.

"But first..."

[Legendary Item Created: Ice Dragon Robes] Cleric, Mage only. Binds to player on use. Additional Cold Resistance. Additional armor. Reduces Casting Cost by 15 percent.

"That is, insane. I mean, yeah. Insane. So much casting cost reduction." Mythryll sighs.

"What did it take to make?"

Misha links the materials and Mythryll's eyes light up. She lays a pile of stuff on the ground and kneels with her best pleading look.

"Please, oh please, Mighty tailor, might you make me a robe so glorious?"

And it is glorious. It appears on Misha like a long, form fitting coat. White dragon scales with white fur trimming, the bottom hem is split up the back for easy movement. The scales shine and sway as she moves, giving a feeling of elegance. It's got a wide mantle at the shoulders, lined underneath with white fur, giving a unique look beyond its dragon scales, and matching well with the cleric robes in this world.

Misha smiles and makes another for the Elven Mage. When worn by Mythryll, the item becomes a ball gown in a very fairy like style. It's slinky like a sequined dress, cut low, with a figure hugging waist and a slit up the side clear to the hip. It's got long silk sleeves, split from the elbow down, with ties that can be undone to allow the arms free movement and a white lace back and trim instead of fur.

"You look, stunning." Misha sighs. "Cleric gear is all very stuffy, but this seems to hold the perfect temperature. That, on the other hand, looks like you belong in a fantasy movie, or at a high society ball."

"I was expecting wizards robes, not this. This is possibly the most beautiful thing I will ever own. And it's armor, the sort of armor you want to be wearing all the time." Mythryll sounds dreamy, like she's been waiting on this moment for a long time.

"Wait, I have the perfect accessory for that. Maybe. We'll see how it looks on you." Cain says.

[Yeti Fur Cloak] has been traded

It's a pure white, fur trimmed silk cloak. At least when Misha wears it. On Mythryll it becomes a fur trimmed white lace collar with a golden lock and a sheer white silk cloak that attaches at the front and back leaving her shoulders bare other than the sleeves of the dress.

Mythryll pushes it back over her upper arms and giggles. "It's warm like a fur cloak or a good winter coat, but it looks like this." she twirls, then flips the cloak up over her shoulders to make it hang more like a cape.

"I know they call Elves the magical forest fairies, but this is just unfair" Misha pouts.

"Thank you so much for making it for me though." Mythryll hugs the downtrodden Healer around the waist.

"It's hot springs time. Are you joining us?" Misha asks the excited Elf.

"I mean, this is a honeymoon suite, and you guys are, well you know." she stammers flustered.

"We're not actually. More like party members with benefits. Since your party broke up, do you even have a place to stay? Might as well stay here since you're with us now. And that means hot springs. There's plenty of places to sleep. " Misha nods her head, certain of her logic.

Cain heads out to get evening snacks while the girls bathe first, Misha laughing and pinching Mythryll's rosy cheeks, having fully enjoyed teasing the mage.. They're out by the time he returns, chatting about their experiences and getting to know each other for over an hour before Cain falls asleep on the couch, exhausted from the day.

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