Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

564 Chapter 564 Hino

Back in Withokere University, Tom stepped out of his mansion and suddenly saw short cute woman waiting in front of his gate.

“Who are you?” Tom asked.

“My name is Hino, big brother Tom. I—I mean, master Tom.”

Tom smiled. “Big brother is fine. How old are you?”

“I—I am nine years old.”

Tom activated his godly eyes. “Nine years old and you are already mid Diamond Rank. That’s very impressive.”

Hino blushed and wiggled her waist in embarrassment. “Hehe.”

“So why are you here?”

“Big brother, Hino is told to bring big brother to sister Claudia.”

“Miss Claudia?”

She cutely and vigorously nodded her head with both of her little fist raised. “What does she want from me?”

“Hino doesn’t know…”

“Alright. Bring me to her.”

Hino nodded and led the way. As they walked towards their destination, Tom pulled out a chocolate bar and gave it to her.

“Have a taste.”

“What is this, big brother?”

“It’s our new product. Aldred’s Chocolate Bar.”

“Who is Aldred?”

“That’s my father’s name.”

“Is it good?” Hino asked.

“Why don’t you try it and tell me.”

Hino grabbed the chocolate bar with her tiny hands and unwrapped it. “It looks… tasty.”

She slightly bit the top part of the bar and the moment it touched her tongue, her eyes lit up. “This… this is so good!”

Smiling, Tom replied. “I am glad you like it. That means the product will sell well.”

“Are you planning to sell this?”

“Of course. My father is a great businessman. He loves to make money.”

“Is he as nice as you?” Hino asked.

The question surprised Tom a bit. People usually asked if someone else was as strong as you or as influential or wealthy as you. Never had he heard this type of question before. Perhaps it was because Hino was still a child so she had different priorities.

“I think he’s a lot nicer than me.” Tom glanced at Hino who bit onto the last part of the chocolate. “Do you want more?”

“Can I?” Hino stared at him with big sparkling eyes.

“Sure.” Tom grabbed into empty air and a chocolate bar appeared in his hand.

Hino eyes glittered and snatched the chocolate from his hand which made Tom chuckle in amusement.

She then tripped upon a hole and fell face first. The chocolate bar fell to the ground as well.

Hino looked at the chocolate bar and teared up. “Huwaa! Big brother, I am sorry! I wasted your chocolate.”

Tom immediately lifted her up and conjured a wind magic to clean the dirt off her clothes. He then patted her head. “It’s okay. I can give you more later.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Of course not.”

Hino wiped her tears and smiled.

Tom was quite speechless. Hino was a mid Diamond Rank. She was a top tier existence if compared to the entire population. Even though she was nine years old, he still could not believe that she act so childish. The path of magic was not for the weak willed and immature.

Or perhaps there was more to her than what he saw. His godly eyes could only tell the details about her history and power, but it did not explain about her personality.

“Come, big brother. We have to be fast or big sis is going to be mad.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him away.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the dorm’s gate and then head towards the jungle.

“We’re not going to the campus?”

“No, big brother. Sis Claudia is not there.”please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ

They ran through trees and bushes, the trail got worse and worse as they entered deeper into the jungle. Later on, there was no more trail.

“Are you sure we’re going to the right direction?”

“I am sure, big brother. Don’t worry.”

Tom saw two large tree standing between each other. A piece of magical cloth wrapped around these two trees like a ring. When the both of them ran in between these trees, the whole landscape suddenly changed.

Instead of a forest, they appeared atop the clouds. Tom looked around and saw blue sky, white clouds, and far below them was the continents: Ezo, Presbuton, and Tarford.

Aldred had first arrived at Ezo. To the south west of the continent which was where Withokere located. Ezo was dominated by two large nations: Divine Empire of Stotford and Kingdom of Presteria. The rest were smaller nations.

Continent of Presbuton was located to the east of Ezo. It was to the west of Tarford, so it was exactly in between Ezo and Tarford.

Aldred didn’t know much about these two continents yet, and he didn’t need two, since he didn’t plan to explore them yet. He planned to get as much territory as possible in Ezo, before he went somewhere else.

“Big brother, come with me,” Hino called out.

“Sorry, I spaced out,” Tom replied. “Where are we going? There’s nothing here.”

Suddenly, the clouds moved upward and then vanished, revealing a white tower.

The tower was far away at first, but then Tom’s sight seemed to zoom in and suddenly he was ten steps away from it.

“What a weird spell.”

“Let’s get in, big brother.”

Hino pulled him into the tower and he was greeted by ten beautiful maids with pale skin. They bowed at him slightly.

Standing a distance away, Claudia looked at him with a pair of cold eyes. Seemingly angry yet not.

She strode towards him. High heels clacking against the ground. When she was in front of him, she stood way taller than him.

Tom was a clone tasked to be Aldred’s child. So naturally, he picked his child form. That resulted in him being shorter than Claudia.

But Aldred’s didn’t pick a look too young. He picked a teen’s appearance. On paper he was thirteen, but he looked around seventeen or eighteen.

“You all can leave now,” Claudia said.

The maids turned around and left the three of them.

Right after that, Claudia pulled his collar and kissed Tom by the lips. He was quite shocked by the sudden kiss, but since it was actually nice, he let it be.

Hino watched this scene with shock and her cheeks turned red.

After a few seconds, Claudia released the kiss and then bit his left lip. Her teeth caused a small wound on his earlobe, and she licked the drop of blood before the wound healed immediately.

Her eyes turned crimson and she thirst for his blood. Not wasting any time, she immediately revealed her fangs and bit into Tom’s neck. Her whole body trembled in excitement as she pulled in Tom’s hand to fondle on her breast.

Hino’s cheeks turned even redder. “What is going on here…?”

Tom enjoyed the sensation of her plumb breast and her sweet lips on his neck, but it was quite upsetting to be dominated by her. He would make sure that he would become far stronger than her so he could dominate her.

His manhood was at risk here.

Tom slid his hand down to her waist, her thigh, and then it landed in between her legs. Claudia slapped his hand and moved it to her breast again.

She looked at him fiercely with her crimson eyes. “I didn’t tell you to go there yet.”

‘Fuck! Someday I will do whatever I want to you.’ Tom thought in his mind.

Although Claudia wasn’t an Adamantite Rank yet, her power was much greater than him. Even if Aldred and his five clones fight Claudia together, he might not be able to defeat her.

In terms of level, she was the same with Ehlem. The bowman that Aldred had killed. She was on the same level, but her strength was actually far beyond because of her unique skills and secret treasure.

The Spiritbound Tower was an extremely powerful treasure that only Adamantite Rank should own. There were even a tiny percentage of Adamantite Rankers that did not own a Spiritbound Tower.

Its unknown how a Spiritbound Tower is created or formed. It’s entire existence was still a mystery for Tom, because it barely exist in reality. When he scanned the tower with his godly eyes, it would give out nothing, because its physical form was somewhere else and yet it was able to project its form and effect without any problem.

It was like an illusions, but it affect reality. Kinda like pointing a finger at someone like a gun, and when Tom say bang, the person died with a hole in his head. The gun was never in his hand, but its effect was real.

That was an oversimplified explanation of the Spiritbound Tower. Tom did not know how it truly worked yet or what it could do. It might be possible for the tower to give unlimited energy to its owner.

Tom win most of his fight because he could use all the skills he had without worry. His enemies had to restrain themselves.

“What were you thinking?” Claudia asked.


Claudia released him and said: “Hino, bring him to the library and let him pick one book.”

Tom’s eyes lit up. ‘Another skill!’

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