Reincarnated as a Dog with System

Chapter 45 - Bang Bang Boom Part1

Qin Hua curiously looked at the young man who possessed a stealth ability, not unlike herself. It would be a really good thing if he indeed wanted to help them.

That would mean that they could actually take care of this damned situation and clean the house easily.

Thanks to the dastardly deeds of her own family, she had a lot of trust issues but right at this second, it seemed like a good option to trust the guy.

At least they won't lose out in any way by doing so.

She carefully watched the lean young man who seemed to be in his twenties. He continued filling the leader with all of the details.

And after he was done, he bowed to the leader, and then as she watched, the man paused and bowed to the little kid as well.

[What?!] Qin Hua instantly connected the dots.

This small action might not have been noticed by others but she was quick to react as she had the nagging doubt all along.

The kid was the one with the powerful ability! She was sure of it. How could a small kid do such horrible things? Was he forced?

While she was thinking about this, the assassin once again entered stealth mode and disappeared and another lackey stepped forward and one by one started reporting things to the boss.

After filling him in on the border patrol details, they finally arrived at a topic that made the dog's ears perk up again.

"Boss we still can't find the two men who went upstairs."

[Oh shit.] Qin Hua gulped.

The lackey continued, "Someone else is there for sure. They seem to have cleared the zombies upstairs."

"Hmm… You ladies know anything about this?" Benan asked, turning towards Alex, and Xu Meilin. The two women didn't look up and simply nodded their heads.

"Huh? Why are you silent? Weren't you three in an apartment upstairs when we found you? Did you see anyone else?"

The two still shook their head and did not say anything else. Lu Chen clenched his fist, a thin almost invisible icy mist swirling around it.

Hmmm… Benan scratched his chin. "How about you, dude?" He asked, turning towards Nan Zhong. "Hmmm? How about it? I can even throw in a handsome reward for anyone with information. Safety of our base should be our top priority."

[Fuucck!] Qin Hua had a bad feeling. The tension was slowly building up and she could tell that things were about to break.

[Make the right decision buddy. Make the right decision.] She muttered under her breath, but as she watched Nan Zhong's chubby face, his ugly grin widened and he stepped forward.

[Nope. This is over!]

[Dark Shackles] Qin Hua muttered and immediately blocked the little kid first, while she simultaneously pounced on the leader.

There was no longer any other option. Things were going to get chaotic and it was better that she utilized the advantage she had, the element of surprise.

However, before she could reach him, her body hit a thick solid wall and she fell back. She looked at him confused as there was nothing around him. An invisible barrier?

"I see you there." Benan grinned as he quickly got onto his feet. The man was pretty confident and calm for someone who was just attacked by a big dog out of the blue.

He took out the small gun that he had placed on the side and started shooting at Qin Hua.

The other lackeys, at least the one who had guns also started shooting and the entire place turned into a riot in the span of a second.

No one had expected a beast to show up suddenly in the midst of them.

They all started panicking and shooting left and right. Of course, except for Benan who was calm and collected because of his barrier skill.

He now had a glowing light on his body and calmly observed Qin Hua as she dove back into a patch of darkness. One of the bullets grazed her body and a damage number floated up.

Alex, Xu Meilin, and the other people who had been 'rescued' by Benan screamed and ran to a corner to protect themselves from the rain of bullets.

Meanwhile, Lu Chen swiveled around and took care of two of the lackeys shooting at Qin Hua by materializing two big ice spears and piercing their throats with the ice spears.

He noticed how the boss had blocked Qin Hua's attacks and hence he decided to take care of the small fries first. Besides, everyone's attention was on the dog at the moment so he was easily able to take out a couple of lackeys shooting at her.

But Nan Zhong saw this as his eyes alone observed both Lu Chen and Qin Hua. He instantly paled after witnessing how much Lu Chen had grown stronger in this short time.

He started shaking his hands and pointing at him. "He is with the dog. Kill him. Kill him."


Qin Hua let out a huge growl, drowning his words with her bark, and directly pounced on the guy.

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