Rebound: A 2nd Chance

Chapter 322 - End Of The Dance

With the song finished Jason and Karla walked through the doors as they entered the dance room. Jason had finished drinking his but Karla was still holding on to her bottle.

She smiled as she looked at him "Thanks Jaya. I can't say that this is exactly how I saw my night going. But it was fun."

Jason nodded his head "Glad to hear that I didn't ruin the dance for you. I'll have to get back on stage but hopefully you'll stick around and enjoy the dance some more."

Karla was about to go in for a hug but she stopped herself. Instead, she gave Jason a pat on the arm before heading toward some of her friends from the soccer team.

Just as Jason had turned around to make his way back on to the stage he was startled to see Samantha standing right there.


"Oh shit, what the hell Sammy. You trynna give a dude a heart attack or something?" Samantha grinned as she looked at Jason.

"I just came over cause things were looking a little off for a bit." Jason looked at her with a questioning look.

"Off how?" Samantha shook her head "It's nothing. Anyways, you want to dance for a bit? Kyle finished his dance with his girl and he's ready to get on stage.

I'm sure him and Cody can handle things with just the two of them, at least for one song." Jason took a look on stage and both Kyle and Cody gave him a thumbs up.

Jason shrugged his shoulders "Sure." As the two of them began to move to the center of the dance floor Kyle and Cody began to ready themselves.

"Alright guys, up next we got a song request from the most popular girl at Jefferson. I won't say any names but if you know you know."

A gentle melody came out as Kyle began to play his keyboard. Then, a moment later Cody began to add some energy with his drums. Kyle began to sing.

"Paper bags and plastic hearts

All our belongings in shopping carts

It's goodbye, but we got one more night

Let's get drunk and ride around

And make peace with an empty town

We can make it right"

Hearing Kyle sing The Great Escape Jason couldn't help but raise his brow as he looked at Samantha "Interesting song choice Ms. Popular."

Samantha gave Jason a clueless look as tilted her head slightly "I have no idea what you're talking about. Kyle didn't say who requested the song."

Jason cracked a small smile as the two of them danced with a good amount of distance between them "As soon as he said most popular girl at Jefferson I already knew it was you. No name required Sammy."

Samantha started off with a bright smile "I don't confirm or deny anything." But her expression dampened a bit as she gazed off into the distance.

"I thought it would be pretty good, seeing as how this is really our great escape. I'm glad that we're moving on to the next stage of life with high school and all that but... I still can't help but feel a little down."

Jason looked at her confused "What got you feeling down Sammy? You should be excited. We're moving on step closer to being adults and being able to do whatever we want.

No more having to ask our parents if it's cool for us to hang with our friends, no more curfews, being able to drive. Being able to go wherever without having to worry about getting a ride is what I'm most hyped for."

Samantha sighed before shifting her gaze back to Jason "Don't get me wrong Jaya. I'm psyched for all those things.

But I also know that as you get older it gets harder to keep your connections... For some reason, people just drift apart."

Jason didn't know how to respond to that. Samantha was the one to break the awkward silence "Especially seeing how you guys are.

You and Kyle will probably be going off somewhere to amazing schools with Basketball scholarships.

And seeing how hard you guys push yourselves it made me think that I should have a goal too. A goal that I want to work towards just like you guys.

So I've been thinking of accepting this scholarship to a music high school over in LA. It's the same one that sent you and Kyle a scholarship. 

Honestly it's all thanks to you Jaya. Not only did you inspire me but all the attention around you trickled down.

If it wasn't for you I don't think me or Cody would have gotten those scholarship offers." Jason smiled while shaking his head.

"You can't think of it that way Sammy. Sure the attention might around me might have given you guys the exposure but if you and Cody didn't have the skills then you wouldn't have gotten those offers."

She chuckled before punching him playfully on the shoulder "Do you always have to be so humble and saying some wise-sounding shit?"

Jason laughed, but as he was shaking his head smiling he noticed the way that Samantha was gazing at him.

'Damn, I tried to ignore it hoping that shit would change but it looks like Sammy really in the same boat as Karla.'

Jason stopped dancing for a moment as he stared at Samantha straight in the eyes "Hey Sammy I been meaning to talk to you about this but...You like me huh?"

Samantha smiled while rolling her eyes "So you finally realized it? I'm kind of surprised, this is pretty fast for your standards Jaya.

I was sure that we would be going to high school without you even knowing." Jason let out an awkward chuckle.

"I've kinda had my suspicions for a bit. I was just really hoping that I was wrong." Samantha pouted while looking at Jason.

"Oh come on, I'm not that bad am I? We always have fun when we hang out together don't we?" Despite her confident voice Jason could see the nervousness in her eyes.

Jason shook his head "Of course we have fun, that's why we're friends. But this is different. I'll be honest Sammy. I just don't see you that way. I like you but as a friend."

After he was done speaking he looked worriedly at Samantha. The worst-case scenario that he was afraid of was hurting her and making her cry.

Samantha's expression saddened for a moment but then she slapped both of her cheeks with her hands. Afterwards she was nothing but smiles.

Seeing the worried look on Jaya's face, something that only his close friends would be able to recognize, Samantha chuckled before slapping him on the side of his arm.

"Come on Jaya. Get rid of that face, I already had a feeling that I would be getting shot down tonight. Although to be honest I did think that I would be the one to bring it up."

Jason was clearly surprised as he looked at her "Wow... Not gon lie Sammy, you taking this a lot better than I thought you would."

Samantha looked at him "I kind of knew, just from seeing how many other girls you ignore on the daily. You're not interested in dating yet right?"

Jason nodded his head 'She's not wrong. More specifically I'm not interested in dating anyone in my current age group because I still have the mental age from when I died.

Not only would it be weird and creepy but the difference in perspectives and mentalities would make things difficult.'

Jason decided to simply nod his head. Samantha shrugged her shoulders "If the person I like doesn't feel like dating then there's not really anything I can do about it.

I get it, you're super into basketball and want to give it everything you have. With that taking up all your time it's understandable if you don't want to date yet."

The muscles on his face relaxed as he let out a small sigh of relief "That's real mature of you Sammy. Thanks for understanding.

I'm sure you'll find someone that can return your feelings. Just make sure you introduce me, cause I gotta check the dude out to make sure that he'll take good care of my friend."

Samantha chuckled as she shook her head 'Oh, you'll definitely be the first one to know when I find someone that I like.

Because I'm not giving up. I'll just wait until you're ready Jaya.' "Can we get back to dancing now Jaya? We spent this whole time talking and-"

Just as she was about to finish talking the music in the background came to an end as Cody and Kyle had finished the song.

Jason busted out laughing "Looks like it's time for us to get back on stage Sammy."

- - -

A few weeks later.

Inside of the Pauley Pavilion. A lot of the seats were filled with fans as a sense of excitement hung in the air.

In front of some cameras sat a young man with a darker complexion dressed in a dark blue navy suit "The excitement in the arena today is something else.

Going into the state tournament everyone knew that Jefferson Middle School would be serious contenders.

But no one expected them to be as dominant as they were. Not only do they have the biggest point differential than any other team in this tournament.

They have managed to reach the third round of the state tournament with their star player Jaya not having played a single minute in the second half.

A complete turnaround from the Jefferson squad that we saw last year. Is this a message from Coach Swendel and his team?

I don't know. But what I do know is that today's game is going to be one hell of a show. We have High Bridge vs Jefferson.

Last year Rudy managed to lead his team all the way to the finals of the state tournament. But Jefferson also had to deal with multiple injuries as well as a short roster.

Will today's rematch bring about a different result? Stay tuned and we'll find out."

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