Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System

425 Preparing To Visit The Beast Kingdom

My face sank. I was like a ship that just hit an iceberg, my hull cracked open, and I sank to the bottom of the ocean. I rubbed the spot between my brow and looked at the soldier who rushed into the room. “How has General Briggs reacted?”

“He has ordered our military to hold them off until Your Highness makes a decision.” The soldier answered respectfully.

“Good…. How are the levels of our people?” I had wanted everyone to level up as much as possible, and from what I understand, our generals had their men jump into the goblin den dungeon. I guess it was a good place to train as they were sentient beings and a lower level.

“We are mostly all at level one hundred, some even higher than that as some decided to spend a few weeks in the dungeon at a time. We only have about ten losses….” The soldier replied. I nodded my head and felt a bit better about this. But there was no telling if the beast kingdom had done the same thing.

“Last question, are the beastkin normal looking? Do they have any signs of being consumed by the Altorians?” This was the most important question. If they had been consumed, I would need to move myself and if not, our soldiers could probably handle it with all the training they have undergone, and I could move to invade the beastkin capital alone.

“They seem fine. Nothing too strange about them at all.” The soldier answered. With this, I nodded and said: “I will send one person of a higher level out to help. But be careful she might be grumpy.”

I planned to send Sei. I would keep Sally, Adel, and Sophie here to protect the capital. If things went wrong, at least a few level 2000 plus would be here to protect things.

“Faith, why not let me go?” I paused, hearing the voice next to me. I turned to see my father in law with a twinkle in his eyes. I really did not know if I should laugh at this man or not, but he did seem eager to use his spells. I thought for a moment before nodding my head. “I guess you can go out and stretch your legs. But you will be going to Sei as your guard, just in case. Adel can take my spot as leader with Sophie, Grace, and Sally here to protect the capital. I will go and have a chat with the best king.”

My father in law looked at me and let out a sigh. “You are going to make more work! But I guess it is for the best….”  I chuckled and disappeared and reappeared in my room. I walked over to the bed and crawled on top of it, and hovered over Adel, who was sleeping peacefully, before leaning down and kissing her lips.

“Mmmfff… Faith? Wha…. Mmmmm….” Adel fell into my kiss, causing me to smile. “Wake up, my queen, you need to take my place for a while. I will wake Sophie up as well.”

I know I said I would wake Sophie up with a kiss as well, but who knew Sophie was awake and would wrap herself around my body and shover her tongue down my throat!? Instead of making her get lost in my kiss, I got lost in hers until Adel finally pried us apart.

“Ahem…. Anyway… Sophie, you, Sally, Adel, and Grace will protect the capital.” I explained as I cleared my throat and rubbed my now-red lips. Sophie had a proud smile on her face while Adel was trying to hold back her laughter. I will need to punish these girls later!

“We will head to the throne room then. But wait, why all of this suddenly?” Adel finally realized something was off.

“It’s because the beast kingdom suddenly attacked us. I am sending Sei to the front line while father in law will be going as well. He said he wanted to test out his new skills.” I replied.

“Ah… Sounds like him. If he gets beaten up after all the levels he has gained, I will toss his ashes into the sea.” Adel seemed very indifferent about her father going to the front lines, but she did have a point. He was over level 2000 now after freeloading off us.

“Okay, I will go speak with Sie.” I left the girls to finish getting ready and walked down the hall to Sei’s room. I knocked once and got no answer, so I slowly opened the door and looked inside. I heard nothing, so I walked over to where the bed was to get an eye full. One rabbit and one Sei were in the buff hugging each other. I guess they must have connected in more ways than one.

I made a finger gun and pointed my index finger at Sei’s face, and squirted her with a stream of water. “What!? Ahh! Who is it!?” Sei suddenly jumped up and looked around. When her eyes finally met mine, her whole face turned red. “Faith!? Why didn’t you knock!?”

“What are you being so bashful for? I have seen you both naked in the bathers many times. But I do have to hand it to you. You finally caught your rabbit, huh?” I asked, giving a knowing grin.

Sei pouted and covered Sally up, making me burst out laughing, and asked me: “Why did you come?”

“I need you to follow my father in law to the front lines. The beast kingdom has attacked us, and he wants to go out and play. Just make sure he doesn’t get himself into any trouble.” I explained with a sigh. Sei frowned but still nodded her head. “Can you give me ten minutes?”

“Mmm… He won’t be leaving for an hour. I will send you both there. Let Sally, who is already awake, know that she is staying here. She is needed to help protect the capital.”

I saw a set of bunny ears twitch, which made me smile. It was nice to know the girls were together now. I just did not think it would be so quick. I guess Sei must have used her special skill to rope her in.

With things settled here, I went to find Grace to explain things and to allow her to take some blood from me. She had been drinking my blood from packs I filled for her, but it seemed it tasted stale. So I wanted to give her some fresh blood for her to drink. “Master, can I go with you?”

“Do you really want to go?” I asked, and Grace nodded her head. I guess maybe she had been feeling left out recently. Seeing her pleading look, I nodded my head. “Alright then, let’s go together.”

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