Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System

33 The Die Is Cast

“This should do. I made enough stone huts and also set up a cave for cold storage.” I went above and beyond and created much more. Just in case we all had to be stuck here for a while. No sense in everyone staying outside in the elements when I can just use earth magic and create stone houses. I made just enough stone houses for each family. While small they will make due for now. I even went out of my way to make an outhouse as well for each house. 

It had already been almost a week since the Norian army had crossed the border. And their current direction was right for our village.  Old Man James has been working day and night. Although advanced in age, he was the best blacksmith in Wandermere before moving to Cyrilia village. He got sick of all the discrimination. His late wife seemed to have been a demi human as well.  My mother and even the ladies of the village have all been in working mode. Making armor and equipment for the men and boys who would be going to war. Each one knew what would happen if those soldiers got into the village, so even if they did not wish to see their husbands or children off, they had no choice. Women were prime targets for soldiers, sadly. 

What strikes me as strange is that those men and women of Wandermere have not even begun preparing. It is as if they are relying on my father to handle everything. Because I know this is exactly what is going on, every chance I get, I set the village chief’s house on fire now when I pass by. Even tonight, there is a nice blaze lighting up the night sky in his garden. No point in being discreet when the entire Norian army is heading our way. If anything, I am causing them to eye Wandermere than Cyrilia Village. I mean, what is more noticeable: a small village that is pitch dark at night or the huge blazing lightbulb that is lighting up the night sky? I think the answer is pretty much a given, and anyone who answers otherwise is plain dumb.

“Faith you’re back. Get ready to move out. You will be bringing everyone tonight to the safe zone.”  My father was the first person I saw as I walked through the door. His words were also something I had expected. He had told me earlier we would move during the night so not even the eyes of those in Wandermere could see where we had escaped to. I had already planned to destroy the entrance to the tunnel once everyone was through so that no one could ever use it.  -.

“I will gather everyone now.” I said before turning back around and going to leave but stopped when my father called after me.

“Faith, thank you for all the hard work.” I sighed, hearing my father’s words. I turned and looked at him with a forced smile. “I do not need thanks. I just need my father and brother to be safe.” I did not let him answer as I disappeared into the darkness. I would finish my final task and leave the villagers to my mother and Rachel. Then I will deal with the Norian army. Before the brave men of Cyrilia village set off to war, I will deal with those who wish to harm my family.  It will also keep the bastards who are against my father from stabbing him in the back as well. There is no telling what they will do in order to save their lives. They might try to kill my father and serve his head up on a silver platter to the general of the Norian army. But sadly for them, they will never get a chance to do such a thing.

It took a while, but we gathered all the elderly, women, and children and got them into the tunnel. After sealing the entrance, I led everyone to the safe area. “Faith dear, is this where we will be staying?”

“Yes, Auntie Finna, I hope you do not mind, but I set you up to stay with my family.” I smiled and held Auntie Finna’s hand. She seemed very worried. She had no one but our family to rely on anymore. 

“No, I don’t mind at all.” Auntie Finna squeezed my hand and lowered her head next to mine. “Thank you for thinking about me.”

I smiled, hugged her neck, and kissed her cheek. “Of course. You are my Auntie Finna. I would not let you go through this alone!”

“You are always such a dear!” Auntie Finna hugged me tightly. We talked as we walked. My mother was settling the others in while Rachel was helping keep an eye on the kids, my nephew wrapped in her arms.

After I settled Auntie Finna in, I went to find my mother. “Mother, I need to go back to the village. I will be back soon.”

“Okay, be careful. Oh, and Faith, tell your father if you see him. Tell him…. Never mind….” I almost teared up. I could see the panic and worry in my mother’s eyes. I pulled her into a hug, not wanting to let her go. “He will be fine. I promise.” 

I smiled and kissed her cheek before letting her go and running off, disappearing into the night. I caught a confused expression on her face, but I could only apologize internally for lying to her. I do not know when I will be back. I do not know how powerful the Norian army is, or if I am overestimating myself. I could be misjudging this world’s power balance and be only on the lower spectrum of things. I do not know since I have never left this plateau. But I do know my stats are absolutely insane and when in my dragon form, they are even crazier. I hope this is enough to overcome an entire army.

I did not plan to return to the village. I already knew my father was not planning to move to their defensive positions until the next day. Tonight was a prep meeting that would go over their plan to do what they can to protect the village. A suicide mission that all the men there knew they would most likely die in. And me? I was now standing at the edge of the cliff, looking down over the mighty Norian army below.

In front of me were billows of smoke and the light of campfires of the tens of thousands of soldiers below. It may seem crazy for me to even be here standing alone against so many. But for me, this was the only way. The only way to ensure the survival of those I love. My home, my family, and all those who have treated me so kindly over the years. I wish to protect them all, even if it means becoming a demon myself. 

Whether or not I will survive any of this, I do not know. But none of that matters. None of it…. I took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. For my family, I am willing to risk it all. For them, I am willing to give up this life of mine. I owe them much more than they can ever imagine. I raised my hand up towards the sky, magic circles forming in my eyes. Softly two words escape my lips: “Grand Fall….”

A loud rumble could be heard coming from the sky. The darkness of night instantly lit up. A massive ball of fiery rock could be seen piercing through the planet’s atmosphere. This was what grand Fall truly was, a spell that could wipe out an entire city. A spell that could easily defeat an army that was not prepared. But sadly…. I looked down at the layers upon layers of magic barriers being erected and frowned. “They sure move quickly….” 

Knowing grand fall would probably not wipe them out completely, I rose into the air. I turned and looked at the village behind me and waved my hand. A blue fog spread out in front of me. It stretched across the entire cliffside blocking off any path towards my position. This spell was called confusion mist. It would make those who enter it always return to where they started, no matter how hard they try. “Forgive me, Father…. But my wish is to protect you all….” 

I hoped the fog that rose high into the sky would keep my father at bay. I turned back and around and watched as the large meteor finally made contact with land. The ground shook violently as my spell and the Norian army barriers collided, causing waves of energy to spread out in all directions destroying the land below.

Who would win? I don’t know. The grand fall spell does not allow for any adjustments, so it was not like I could make it any more powerful. But it was not like I was going to sit around to wait and see who the winner or loser would be. I wrapped myself in a mana shield and flew out towards the army. With a wave of my hand, more and more magic circles began forming around me. Condensed fireballs began to form at each magic circle, over a thousand in total. This was an improved version of the normal fireball and would do hundreds of times the damage than the original. 

“Since you want war….” I raised my hand once more before slowly lowering it: “Then I will give you war.”

My white hair fluttered in the breeze. My orange eyes glowed as if they were on fire themselves. I felt no emotion. I felt nothing as I watched my attacks that were like a machine gun firing over and over towards the shields. I would bombard the enemy with so much magic they would think an army of millions was attacking them from the dark. My plan may seem horrible. All I was doing was a frontal assault, but what do you expect from someone who has no skill in military combat? Yes, I could spend points and become a genius in it, but what good would that do me now? I am not commanding any army. I came out here for a purpose. And that was the total annihilation of the invading army in front of me. I would not allow them to run or surrender. I will destroy them all, then and only then will none of them be able to come back to take revenge. For some reason, the thought of destroying them all brings a smile to my face….

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