Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 37 - 2 Vs 30000 Part Two

Ceilie walked to the pile of dry grass that the tri horned rabbit was using as a bed and sat down. She used her finger and tapped a few times on the air in front of her before suddenly her whole body began to glow. Swirls of white mist began to form around her forming a ball-like shape. Slowly this white mist began to solidify, forming a large egg like shape. Kana watched the whole process in great interest.

Sensing kana's interest Lysairth began to explain. "All the species of this world are born as normal, but when one evolves, they are basically being reborn. The thing about evolution is that when someone is in this state, they are in a very delicate state. The eggshell is weak, and if it breaks, the evolution process will fail and will end up killing the person inside. Many monsters die in the wild due to this. The same goes for humans as well. This human is putting an undying trust in you. By evolving in your presence means she trusts you with her life. With a simple flick of your finger, you could kill this human."

"But I would never do that. Ceilie and I are friends. She may be human, but we both live by the same belief. As I am now protecting her while she evolves, she will do the same for me. " Kana said seriously.

For Kana to speak so seriously like this surprised Lysairth. This showed that Kana also had the same trust for Ceilie as Ceilie did for her. Lysairth was actually relieved that Ceilie came into Kana's life. She also held a great deal of trust for the human girl. There were many times when Ceilie could have easily killed Kana but Ceilie, not only did not try to harm Kana but has been showing more of a familial kind of care for Kana. She is acting like an older sister. But she felt this was a good thing as well. Since when Kana goes to evolve, Lysairth will be put into a slumber as well.

The risk of evolving alone was like walking a fine line between life and death. If you were lucky, you got through it without an issue. If you were not lucky you would end up dead. Lysairth could not even count the number of dragons who had died during evolution. They were either killed due to internal conflict or risked evolving outside without anyone to protect them. It saddened her every time she sensed one of her kin dying.

"Kana put 20 of your [Status Points] into [Vitality] and 15 into [Strength]. This should help you during the next battle ahead." Lysairth did not say it, but she was able to feel a vibration in the ground. This kind of vibration was not natural, and she knew it was an army of humans. The reason she knew was because she has felt it before. She could tell the army was a very large one at that.

Kana did as she was told, opened her status screen, and began distributing points.

Nagano Kana

[Race]: Dragon

[Evolved Type]: Dragon Baby

[Level]: 10/10

[HP]: 500->700

[MP]: 300

[Attack Power]: 400->550

[Magic Power]:350

[Status Points]: 35->0

[Strength]: 40->55

[Intelligence] 35

[Vitality]: 50->70

[Mind]: 30

[Agility]: 25

[Defense] 100

"Hmm? So am I strong or not?" Kana looked at her stats and could never tell just how strong she was compared to other monsters.

"No." Lysairth gave a flat answer causing Kana to instantly pout. "You have not even evolved yet. When you do, these stats can easily triple or quadruple based on the evolution path you choose. Just be patient and do not rush to evolve. You will be able to cast all your 'cool' spells when you finally reach the peak."

"Alright…." Kana still couldn't help pouting. She thought her stats were pretty good. But after thinking about how strong the tri horned rabbit was and the three eyed horned bear was, she knew her thought process was just wishful thinking.

"Now, Kana, in order to make sure you get the 'best' and 'strongest' evolution choices, you need to do one thing." Lysairth grinned slyly, making sure to emphasize the correct words.

"That is?" Kana's eyes widened in excitement, and was quickly hanging on to every one of Lysairths words.

"You need to say a special chant and perform a few body movements." Lysairth slowly began to explain.

Kana listened carefully to everything Lysairth had said and stood up on her hind legs. She then raised one foot behind her and spun around in a circle while making a ballerina type spinning motion. "Pretty, pretty me! I will jump like a bunny rabbit yiiii!" from her spinning form, she suddenly cupped her paws to her chest and began hopping around in a circle like a bunny three times before coming to a complete stop and yelling: "Damn it, you tricked me again!"

Lysairth was smiling widely as she watched the scene. "As always, Kana, you are truly too cute. Now let's do the next set!"

"No! I will not fall for this again!" Kana yelled and stamped her feet. She felt so embarrassed for once again falling for Lysairth's tricks. It had not happened in so long that she had completely forgotten that Lysairth would sometimes lie to her!

"Tch! Looks like I will need to wait a while again..." Lysairth mumbled. She was a little disappointed with how quickly Kana realized she was messing with her.

Still pouting, Kana walked over near the large egg that held Ceilie and laid down next to it.

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