Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 2252 - : Made a Phone Call

Chapter 2252: Made a Phone Call

“As to what happens after, I’m not going to care. I won’t force Qiao Nan to do according to what Zijin says. I’ve said before that I would lead a good life with you and try not to do anything to make you angry. Zijin is alone outside. I don’t believe that your inner thoughts are as ruthless as what you’ve said and you don’t care at all.”

“No, Zijin’s banking on this idea. If you’re really concerned about Qiao Zijin’s safety, I’d rather you go to the capital, find her yourself, and come back only after you see for yourself that she’s safe. I don’t allow you to call Nan Nan.” No means no. He obviously knew that this was Qiao Zijin’s trick. If they really did so, Qiao Zijin would have succeeded. What were his previous efforts and Old Ding’s insistence then? Wouldn’t they all go to waste?

“Old Qiao, can you not be so stubborn? You can’t possibly wait until the day that something really happened to Zijin in the capital that you feel regretful that you didn’t confirm her safety, right? She’s our biological daughter. How can we be so stubborn and ignore her completely?” In the past, it could be said that she had cared too much. However, she couldn’t completely let go now and not care at all.

Qiao Dongliang was extremely irritated. “You said that you wanted to lead a good life with me. You already know my thoughts. I can’t control what you want to do. However, if you do it, don’t regret it. It’s still the same thing. If we can’t live our lives together, it’s alright that we don’t!”

This time, Qiao Dongliang really gritted his teeth and wasn’t willing to care about Qiao Zijin anymore. Qiao Nan’s situation now was different from the past. In the past, Qiao Nan was alone. Now, she was a mother of three.

Even if Qiao Dongliang didn’t consider for Qiao Nan, he had to for his three grandchildren. No matter what it was, as long as Qiao Zijin was involved, things wouldn’t recover. For the sake of his three grandchildren, Nan Nan couldn’t be involved in this matter no matter what.

Qiao Dongliang could control himself. However, Ding Jiayi’s hands and mouth were on her body. If Ding Jiayi really wanted to do so, Qiao Dongliang couldn’t stop her. However, Qiao Dongliang had already said firmly that if Ding Jiayi were to do so, everything that they had discussed before would be in vain. From then on, they would lead their own lives.

Ding Jiayi felt helpless that Qiao Dongliang said such words. She didn’t understand. In this family, why were her daughter and husband so stubborn? There wasn’t any room for discussion at all.

However, a husband was a husband and a daughter was a daughter. Ding Jiayi naturally didn’t dare to make this call in front of Qiao Dongliang. However, what if she did so behind Qiao Dongliang’s back?

In the end, Ding Jiayi did make this call. She felt that Qiao Zijin was also Qiao Dongliang’s daughter. If something happened to Qiao Zijin, Qiao Dongliang would definitely feel miserable. By then, Qiao Dongliang might even blame himself. It seemed that no matter what was going to happen, she would be the scapegoat.

Since this was already the situation, what else was there for her to feel troubled over? She would make this call. She couldn’t possibly ignore Qiao Zijin.

It was a pity that Ding Jiayi didn’t have that bit of self-consciousness. She felt that Qiao Zijin was her daughter. Qiao Nan was also her daughter. She didn’t get Qiao Nan to do anything difficult. She only wanted to confirm Qiao Zijin’s safety. Qiao Nan shouldn’t refuse. After all, it was only a small matter.

It was just that when the Zhai family’s auntie received Ding Jiayi’s call, she didn’t transfer it to Qiao Nan for her to listen. “I’m sorry. It’s already so late. Qiao Nan and the children are already asleep. If there’s anything, please call again another time.”

After saying this, the auntie hung up Ding Jiayi’s call. After that, she snorted. “Since Qiao Nan got pregnant until she gave birth and completed her confinement, this mother didn’t even make a call to ask about her, let alone visit her.”

If Ding Jiayi only had a daughter in her heart, why was she calling Qiao Nan? It was good if everyone treated one another as strangers. After hanging up the call, the auntie didn’t mention this call to Qiao Nan. After all, when this call was made, Qiao Nan was indeed sleeping with the three children.

What was different was that after Qiao Nan coaxed the three children to sleep, she was still revising her homework. There was a small test of some sorts. However, why would the auntie share this with Ding Jiayi so clearly? She just told her that Qiao Nan was asleep. If a simple sentence could resolve the matter, why bother wasting her breath? There was no need to do so, especially toward Ding Jiayi.

The next day when Qiao Nan woke up, she got ready to go to school after taking care of the three children. Then, she received Qiao Dongliang’s call. “Hello? Dad? Why are you calling me at this hour?” The problem was that she was rushing to school now.

Thankfully, after being married to the Zhai family, Qiao Nan didn’t need to take public transport. She could go to school in her own car. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to pick up this call. “Dad, is something wrong?” Otherwise, her dad shouldn’t have picked this time to call her.

On the other end, Qiao Dongliang seemed hesitant. After hesitating for a long time, he said, “Did your mom call you?” Needless to ask, Qiao Dongliang also guessed that Ding Jiayi couldn’t hold back. With this call, Qiao Dongliang didn’t know if he wanted to be angry with Ding Jiayi or wanted to see Qiao Nan’s attitude and reaction.

“My mom?” Qiao Nan paused in her action of wearing shoes. She turned back and looked at the auntie. “Auntie, did you pick up any calls from my family?” Her dad had her phone number, but not Ding Jiayi. She believed that her dad wouldn’t dare to give her number to her. As such, Ding Jiayi could only call the landline at home.

The auntie didn’t feel guilty. “Yes, she called yesterday night. It was so late then. You and the triplets were already resting. She didn’t say what it was about, so I asked her to call again.” As for the timing, the auntie said it very vaguely, aiming at Ding Jiayi.

“Oh,” Qiao Nan replied indifferently. She didn’t have the intention to blame the auntie at all. As long as it was possible, she didn’t want to pick up Ding Jiayi’s call. “Dad, the auntie said that she did call me. Is anything else the matter?”

In front of the Qiao family, Qiao Nan had learned well. Qiao Dongliang only asked if Ding Jiayi had called her. As such, she only had to answer this question of his. As to why Ding Jiayi would call her in the middle of the night or why she was calling, Qiao Nan didn’t ask.

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