Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Wooden Figurine

Gong Jue continued to remain quiet. Gong Yi Mo spoke to him with a voice as harsh as an iron rod, “You still believe her words? Don’t you know that she seeks your life and yet you believe her?”

Gong Jue continued to close his eyes, his lips tightly sealed.

Gong Yi Mo’s face turned redder and she glared at him even more fiercely. There was a trace of sadness in her trembling voice. “What did she say? How did she distance you from me to this extent!”

Her tone gradually became more aggrieved. “I thought our bond was unbreakable, but I didn’t expect you to easily be moved by our relative’s schemes…You’re breaking my heart!”

She turned away and fell to her quilt, with a look of genuine grievance. As she wailed pitifully, Gong Jue began to panic. While he worried that she would despise him if she discovered the truth, he also hoped on the other hand that she wouldn’t care about the past. For once he wanted to believe in her. After all, they have been together for so many years!

He finally sighed. “Sister Gong, please don’t cry. I’ll tell you.”

After he made his promise, Gong Yi Mo sat up on the bed and wiped away her tears. Gong Jue finally relaxed after seeing her calm down. He then proceeded to reveal Liu Xian Fei’s words that day.

After he finished speaking, the boy didn’t feel relieved. Instead, his heart seemed to weigh more and more heavy. Gong Yi Mo’s long silence was unbearable.

“So because Liu Xian Fei told you that your mother, Li Ching Hua had killed my mother in the past, you began to worry. And then you deliberately avoided me from then onwards?”

Gong Jue did not speak, sensing the deep anger in Gong Yi Mo’s voice.


Gong Yi Mo’s voice resounded loudly through the palace. The palace maid quickly rushed into the room and glanced warily at the scowling princess, before whispering, “Yes Princess.”

“Bring me my sword. Quickly!”

Xin’er shook in surprise and quickly knelt on the ground. “Princess you can’t! If anything displeases you…please just say it!”

“What else do I have to say! I told you to bring it! Hurry up!” Gong Yi Mo’s heightened pitch bore pressure onto Xin’er. The maidservant quickly went to retrieve the sword and shakily brought it over.

Gong Yi Mo grasped the hilt and walk in front of Gong Jue.

“Look up!” she demanded.

Gong Jue who continued to kneel, looked up at her trembling figure. His pair of ink eyes were filled with deep pain. Will Sister Gong kill me because of this?

At this thought, Gong Jue’s heart was racked with despair, and yet he did not show the slightest sign of resistance. Even though his martial arts was now stronger than Gong Yi Mo’s, he did not even lift his hands.

Gong Yi Mo lifted her sword as she stared at the boy’s hopeless figure. Knowing his thoughts, her face reddened deeper from indignation! This bastard actually didn’t trust her!

Gong Jue expected her to immediately cut him down with the sword, but instead, he heard her command.

“Raise your hands up high! Come on, lift it up!” She ordered harshly.

The boy looked up in surprise and raised his hands up without a thought. Suddenly, the flat side of the blade struck down swiftly.


The sound was very loud but his hands seemed numb to the pain. As Gong Yi Mo saw his stunned expression, she furrowed her brows. She was right, he really did doubt her.

Once again she slapped his hand with the flat part of the sword, this time with a heavier blow. His palm began to turn red but Gong Jue remained silent. Finally, Gong Yi Mo burst into tears.

“S-sister Gong!”

Gong Jue panicked and quickly rushed to her side, but he was pushed away by Gong Yi Mo. She pointed the sword at him accusingly as she cried, “Go away you bastard! I have been with you for so long and yet you still don’t trust me? You easily distance yourself just because of someone else’s words! I’ll kill you, you bastard!”

She then swung her sword at Gong Jue and attacked several times, but none of the blows were heavy or life-threatening. She was venting her anger on him.

Suddenly, Gong Jue was struck with a realization.

“Sister Gong…you-you don’t mind at all?”

“What are you saying, you mean about your mother killing my mother? How old was I when my mother passed away! For all these years, you were the one by my side! And you’re certainly not her! Are you stupid?”

Using her palm, Mo Qian Xue angrily struck a blow against Gong Jue’s chest but he retreated swiftly.

Gong Yi Mo had never felt this upset in her life. “According to that logic, your mother Li Ching Hua still died because of my mother! In that case, should I also distance myself from you?!”

Hearing her sister’s conclusion, Gong Jue’s heart tightened in worry. “No! I would never want that!”

Seeing his distress, Gong Yi Mo stopped for a moment and stared at the handsome young man. For a moment, her heart softened for him. She tiptoed and touched Gong Jue’s head, her eyes filled with sadness.

“Gong Jue, there are many people in the royal palace who scheme every day. Aside from the two of us, who else can we rely on? I’m the closest person you can trust in this world right now. You should believe in me!”

Gong Yi Mo continued, “There is nothing more difficult than choosing to trust someone, but I chose to trust you wholeheartedly. So it doesn’t matter if my mother’s death was caused by your own mother. Even if you gave me poison, I will drink it because I believe that you won’t harm me in the end. These troubles are from the last generation-why should they matter to you or me?”

The young princess looked into the distance, her eyes filled with melancholy. “Some people burden heavily themselves with the past. They can’t let go of former mistakes and hatred, and thus inflict suffering on themselves by wasting an entire lifetime paying for their sins.”

Gong Yi Mo’s words helped to heal Gong Jue’s broken heart. When she said that she wouldn’t refuse even if he gave her poison, he couldn’t help but think that if one day Sister Gong really wanted him to end his life, it would be his honor.

The trouble that possessed his heart like a devil was finally solved, and so simple at that. He was no longer burdened by that heavy stone that weighed him down. Gong Jue gazed at his sister’s beautiful face and felt great joy. He was fortunate to have met her.

How can she be so wise? Sometimes, he felt that the pride he had concerning his own intelligence was not worth mentioning beside her wisdom.

Although she spent her days in leisure and laughter, she had quite a deep insight of the world. Her eyes were clear and her principles always brought people back to the basic foundations. It was no wonder that, although she was not as diligent in martial arts, her internal strength as a cultivator was still profound.

Gong Jue felt that he didn’t need a mother…the fact that he had a special sister like Gong Yi Mo was enough.

The prince could not help but think of her words before…

Sister Gong said that in the cold palace she could only rely on him, so he had no choice but to uphold many roles around her.

But he felt proud to be responsible for her. If he had lived the life of an ordinary prince without suffering those bitter experiences…if he was blessed with other countless loyal people by his side, Gong Jue still believed that none of them could measure up to Gong Yi Mo. They would never be as vibrant and as fascinating as her.

Thus, the fact that he can play many roles around her brought him joy. He truly felt honored.

After Gong Yi Mo reprimanded the prince, she sighed to herself. Not only was the child still too insecure about himself, he was also too worried about her. Was her scolding too harsh just now?

Actually, what did Gong Jue think of her? Gong Yi Mo turned to her brother and asked cautiously “Tell me, what was the matter with that wooden sculpture you made?” Usually, she wasn’t as quick to judge as the ancients were. However, she did not want to misunderstand his actual feelings for her, just because she was close to him all the time.

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