Rebirth from the Ashes

Chapter 442 - A Familiar Feeling

Chapter 442: A Familiar Feeling

Having gotten a scare, Shen Xi glanced at the man opposite her and let out an embarrassed smile before picking up the call. It was an unidentified caller. However, her only thought was to hang up when she heard the voice on the other end of the line.

Fu Qingxuan.

What was with him? Had he not gotten enough sh*t from Fu Qingli already? Why was he still calling her?

“Meanie, don’t hang up.” Fu Qingxuan’s hoarse voice was without its usual commanding presence when he suddenly yelled.

Her thumb that was reaching for the end call froze. Afraid to bother Jin Yu, Shen Xi got up and headed to the courtyard before threatening, “I’ll tell your eldest brother.”

“My mom’s sick,” Fu Qingxuan said.

This was the first time Shen Xi detected profound helplessness and despair in Fu Qingxuan’s voice. He must have cried judging by his coarse and nasal-laden voice. With her heart sinking to her stomach, she asked, “Aren’t you a doctor?”

Fu Qingli was not lying about what he told Situ Zhangyou. However, she was curious about the illness which stumped even a globally recognized medical genius like Fu Qingxuan.

“The tests came back clean,” Fu Qingxuan said in a raspier voice. Amid sniffles, he inquired, “Do you know about that China’s miracle healer? The one who attended Ning Sinian.”

Shen Xi was well versed medically and even developed an antidote for neurotoxins. Although Fu Qingxuan had no idea if there was a clinical trial or of the outcome, his sixth sense gave him a hint that she might know something. Hence, he gave her a call.

He knew Qingli crossed the line. It was so bad that Shen Xi cut Fu Qingxuan out of her life, refusing any contact at all in fear Qingli may stir more trouble.

Shen Xi remained silent for a while before flat-out denying. “I don’t.”

Fu Qingxuan answered rather calmly, “I see. I guess I’ll hang up then.”

With the call terminated, Shen Xi stared blankly at the phone for a long time before snapping out of it. The thought of Mama Fu’s gentleness and kindness pulled at her heartstrings.

Jin Yu was concerned to see Shen Xi returning with a worried look on her face. He asked, “What happened?”

Shen Xi took a seat across from him and nodded. Jin Yu’s presence eased her to pour out her feelings. Thus, she fretfully sighed and uttered, “I have a friend whose mother is sick. He wants me to go and take a look at her, but my friend’s brother really hates me and forbids me from seeing his family.”

She wanted to check it out, yet at the same time, was worried Fu Qingli may find out. Nothing escaped that man’s eagle eyes despite her attempts of disguise.

He would think that she had some hidden agenda. His presence was just enough to irk her.

“Listen to your heart. Don’t be deterred by how others look at you.” Curious by the sudden bitter look on her face, Jin Yu asked, “Is his brother horrible to you?”

Shen Xi nodded. With the reminder of Fu Qingli setting her off, she threw her pen. “He’s really, really horrible. He thinks he’s all that. The man is a cocky and egocentric tyrant who thinks everyone should bow down to him!”

“What about his younger brother and mother?” Yu Jin had never seen Shen Xi hating on a person so much.

Yu Jin was unsure if it was genuine hatred for the girl to be hung up on it. However, he was interested to meet the tyrant who could somehow tick the girl off at a mere mention. Shen Xi even described him vividly.

Shen Xi blurted without hesitation, “His brother and mother are nice.”

She had no complaints about the Fu family, with the exception of Fu Qingli of course. So be it, even if they used and took her as a replacement.

Shen Xi simply could not develop any ill feelings for them, nor did she have the heart to.

“No need to be at war with yourself. You should go!” Jin Yu solemnly gazed at her. “You’re going to see his mother, not him.”

Shen Xi dwelled on it for a bit before giving a nod. It was unclear whether she was talking to him or convincing herself. “I should go for an assessment.”

The illness that even Fu Qingxuan could not detect must be very tricky.

It was uncertain whether Shen Xi could be of help. However, if she were to pass this up and something were to happen to Mama Fu, she may regret and be struck with guilt for the rest of her life.

With that gotten through her head, Shen Xi made up her mind to provide Mama Fu medical care regardless of what Fu Qingli thought. Why should she bother with him since she was not there to fight?

Moreover, she was going there as a doctor, and Fu Qingli sought her through Situ Zhangyou in the first place. Knowing his loath for her, Fu Qingli would never reveal her identity even if he saw through her disguise.

As for Qingye and Fu Qingxuan, she had to make sure her disguise was airtight to pull the wool over Qingye’s eyes while Fu Qingxuan was not smart enough to recognize her.

Not one to be nosy, Jin Yu left the question out about the grudge and conflict between her, her friend, and her friend’s brother. He looked at her with concern. “Is your friend’s home in the capital?”

“United M.” Shen Xi called Situ Zhangyou to let him know she had agreed to visit Madam Fu. She wanted Situ Zhangyou to inform Fu Qingli on her behalf. She then took out her phone to check the flight tickets while mumbling to herself, “I wonder if there’s any flight availability for today.”

The main door was pushed open. Li Yuan was back. Swiftly wheeling himself in, Li Yuan nodded at Jin Yu in greeting and turned to Shen Xi. “Do your homework after dinner.”

Shen Xi replied with a smile, “Brother. No dinner for me. I’ll be leaving after your treatment.”

She should head to the Fu’s residence on her own as she did not want to trouble him to keep her company.

Li Yuan grew confused. Picking up on the passing hesitation in her eyes, he tempted her with a smile. “It’s all your favorite dishes.”

Since Shen Xi was in a rush, she firmly shook her head. “I have something to attend to later.”

Jin Yu was in the know of her plans. Although he knew he should not meddle in their business, he could not help himself. “Xixi’s going to United M to see a friend’s mother.”

For a girl to fly abroad on an eleven o’clock flight tonight, Jin Yu did not feel comfortable unless someone was there with her.

Furrowing his brows, Li Yuan asserted, “The Fu family.”

Shen Xi cleared her throat and bobbed her head. “Fu Qingxuan said that Mama Fu was sick. He couldn’t make out what it is so I’m going to take a look.”

Li Yuan darted her a serious look before making it clear. “I’m going with you.”

He then turned to Kun Lun. “Prepare the plane. We leave at once.”

Shen Xi bit her lips as she fixed her gaze on the man who refused to give her a chance to refute. Fine, it was his word then. Otherwise, she would have to rack her brains while applying acupuncture and massage to him. Time was in a pinch.

After issuing the order, Li Yuan asked her, “Did you tell your mom yet?”

Shen Xi obediently nodded. “My mom isn’t at home, but I told her on the phone.”

Two hours later, Shen Xi, Li Yuan, Jin Yu, and Kun Lun boarded Li Yuan’s private plane and flew to United M once again.

They arrived at the airport at eight o’clock sharp the next morning.

To hide her identity from the Fu family, Shen Xi decided to disguise herself as a man just like when she saw Ning Sinian. Shen Xi also stopped Li Yuan from doing the drop-off since the Fu family could recognize Li Yuan.

Jin Yu was dropping her off at Fu’s residence instead. The girl sitting next to Jin Yu was a completely different person, embodying the part of the opposite gender. Her disguise brought a young stoic and refined aristocrat to life.

The girl was full of surprises, and it seemed as though there was nothing she could not do. No wonder Jin Yu was drawn to her!

It took an hour to drive from the airport to Fu’s residence.

Fu Qingxuan was waiting at the entrance. With the car rolling into the driveway, he looked over and saw a polished young man of similar age stepping out of the car. The handsome young man strode over.

Shen Xi walked up and greeted Fu Qingxuan with a detached but lovely young voice. “Hello, I’m Jiu Zhou.”

“Fu Qingxuan.” Fu Qingxuan politely looked at the young man while casting a fleeting glance at the car in front by the corner of his eye.

As the car was leaving, he vaguely caught a glimpse of a man inside that sparked a rather familiar feeling.

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