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Chapter 388 - The Strange Black River

Chapter 388: The Strange Black River

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That valley was indeed close to the Kingdom of Dawn, but it was still a distance no matter how close it was. It was about 600 to 700 kilometers away.

This time, Li Xiang only had Alice and the other heroes by his side. Neither the angels nor the army followed him.

Of course, this was only on the surface.

There were 100,000 human warriors, 5,000 newly recruited Rapid Blade Demons, and 5,000 Blazing Angels in the newly-opened world suitable for living in the Tower of Stars.

However, these soldiers were still very low-level, which was only around level 50. They needed more battles and EXP to improve.

The truly powerful soldiers were all staying in the Kingdom of Dawn in case of possible enemies.

Six to seven hundred kilometers was not far for Li Xiang and the others. If they could use the teleportation formation, they could arrive in an instant.

However, now was the time when the black tide was erupting, and the teleportation formation did not work sometimes. If they were to be affected by the black tide halfway, they would fall into space-time turbulence. At that time, they would die.

Therefore, even with the temptation of the treasures, those who coveted the treasures still needed some time to arrive.

As for Li Xiang and the others, even if they were only a few hundred kilometers away, they were still not within the borders of the Kingdom of Dawn. Moreover, there was the black tide raging nearby, so they naturally did not dare to use the cross-border teleportation array. They could only rely on the land.

The rumbling sound of horse hooves rang out on the ground as a group of more than a dozen people were heading toward the direction of the distant valley.

Suddenly, Li Xiang waved his hand, and the group immediately stopped.

Following Li Xiang’s gaze, everyone’s gaze instantly froze.

They saw a huge footprint on the ground not far away.

This footprint was at least seven to eight meters long, similar to a human’s foot shape. It could be judged that this was a giant that was at least forty to fifty meters tall.

One might not be able to imagine how tall was forty to fifty meters. If one compared it to a building that was more than ten stories, one could tell how tall the giant was.

“What kind of monster is this? It’s so tall!”

“Maybe it’s a giant or a similar creature. In this wilderness, there are all kinds of monsters appearing one after another. The type of monsters is simply uncountable. A single mutation can produce countless types of monsters.”

They had just entered the wilderness but they had already encountered such a terrifying monster. Every step it took left a huge pit in the ground. It was clear that its strength and weight were extremely terrifying.

More importantly, this thing had passed by not far from the Kingdom of Dawn, yet they had not noticed it at all. This was even more terrifying.

Li Xiang frowned slightly and thought to himself, ‘This giant’s body is big indeed. Moreover, the imprint it left behind is so deep, yet its movements are so small. It’s definitely not a common monster. I hope it’s not an enemy!’

If such a giant creature became an enemy, it would be quite difficult to deal with it.

Its defense and strength were definitely the strongest. If its speed was also on the same level, then it would be even harder to deal with.

Moreover, the bigger the body, the stronger the potential, and the stronger the aura. Even if they didn’t make a move, the enemy would be intimidated by their terrifying aura when they met face to face. It would be considered pretty good if the enemy could display 20-30% of their strength.

Therefore, the ancient martial artists had to train their courage once they had achieved some success in martial arts.

Without enough courage and courage, there was no point in training hard. If they were scared out of their wits, they would lose more than half of their strength.

He was secretly vigilant. After a short observation, he continued to move forward.

Perhaps it was because this terrifying giant had passed by, but they did not encounter any other demonic beasts along the way. Clearly, they had all been scared away.

Not long after, a desolate mountain range that looked like a giant snake appeared in the distance. Below the mountain range was a river with black water.

Standing on the shore, one could feel the poisonous and evil characteristics of the river water. Any normal creature that fell into the river would instantly turn into white bones. After a few breaths, even the white bones would be completely melted and become a part of the black water.

At this moment, even if they were just standing on the shore, they could still smell the rotten smell coming from the river. It made them dizzy and nauseous.

However, if they wanted to go to that valley, they had to cross the black river.

The river was about 30 meters wide. With their strength, they could easily cross it.

However, Li Xiang did not directly jump over.

As the Lord of Dawn, he felt something strange.

The river water contained such poisonous and evil elements, but now it was calm and flowing. Wasn’t it abnormal?

Shouldn’t the river be full of ghosts and evil creatures? Why was it so calm now?

It wasn’t that he was suspicious, but that was the truth.


Behind him, Alicia said, “You suspect that there is danger hidden in the river and will attack us when we cross it?”

Li Xiang nodded, then shook his head and said, “It is normal to attack us, but it is abnormal either. The land of treasures should be around here. There should be many powerful people and evil spirits who came here before us. But you look around. Are there any signs of battle?”

Alice asked in surprise, “Lord, are you saying that there are powerful enemies here?”

Li Xiang nodded. Then, he looked upstream and downstream and said, “There’s no time for us to delay.”

He raised his hand and gently tapped the surface of the river.

In an instant, a white light flew out and instantly fell into the pitch-black river.


A white gas suddenly spread out. Wherever it passed, the river water was frozen, turning into pieces of solid black ice. It spread upstream and downstream at the same time.

This was a derivative skill from the frost power that Li Xiang had mastered. It was derived from the medium of Frost Touch skill.

“Crack crack crack.”

The freezing power of the ice continued to spread, almost freezing the blackwater river that was hundreds of meters upstream and downstream.

At this point, Li Xiang rode on his horse and led everyone across the ice.

When Li Xiang and the others were more than a thousand meters away, dense black gas seeped out from the frozen blackwater river and finally turned into a strange black snake. It watched Li Xiang and the others leave quietly with a cold and ruthless gaze.

Li Xiang, who was in front, seemed to have sensed something. He suddenly turned around and coincidentally met the illusory black gaze. A chaotic will instantly burst into his mind through his eyes in a berserk manner.

Fortunately, just as this chaotic will entered his mind, the Starlight Shrine erupted with a burst of divine light, instantly turning this chaotic will into nothingness.


A painful hiss sounded in his mind before it disappeared in an instant.

“Good lord! If this thing were to attack us while we are crossing the river, even though we can still deal with it, who knows if it has some terrifying tricks up its sleeve? When that time comes, we might be entangled!”

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