Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 563 - 563 A Real Shame

563 A Real Shame

She wanted to explain, but Ye Chenglin could not wait any longer. She interrupted Shui Liu hurriedly and shouted toward the tent.

“Brother, wait a moment! Let Shui Liu take care of you here first. I’ll go look for Master. I’ll send the antidote pill to you later! I’ll be back soon.”

With that, she approached An Jiuyue’s tent impatiently. She knew the little vixen must be up to no good in her tent.

That little vixen is incredible! She made Master disregard my brother—a captain—and only care about their romance. How can I allow a woman like her to stay?

If An Jiuyue stays, how can I have a good life in the future?

“Ye Chenglin…”

Shui Liu raised her hand, wanting to beckon for Ye Chenglin to come back, but she was still slower than her footsteps.

“This… Yan Jin, what happened?”

When she saw Yan Jin return, she asked him about it with a strange expression.

Why did she see the obvious excitement on Ye Chenglin’s face just now? Was she seeing things?

“That’s how selfish people are.”

Yan Jin told Shui Liu about his conversation with Ye Chenglin at the Spirit Severing Cliff, concluding with a sneer.

“Oh my god!” Shui Liu exclaimed.

She could not believe there was a person like Ye Chenglin.

“It’s a real shame Ye Chengzong has a younger sister like her!”

As his younger sister, she did not hope her brother would be well. Instead, she was secretly glad that he had been bitten by a demonic beast and poisoned.

Moreover, she did not take the antidote pill immediately and even wanted to look for Master. Why would she find him? Was she trying to use the antidote pill to coerce him into doing something?

“Do you really believe she doesn’t know where the antidote pill is?” she asked Yan Jin.

In any case, she did not believe it. As a medicine refiner, if she had a medicinal pill of a higher level than what she could refine, she would definitely store it properly. How could she forget where it was?

Was Ye Chenglin joking with them?

How could she tell such a blatant lie? It was ridiculous.

Yan Jin faked a smile. Would he really believe her? That pill could save lives. Which medicine refiner would leave it lying around carelessly?

“Go look in the tent. I’ll go over there to take a look,” he told Shui Liu and chased after Ye Chenglin.

Shui Liu raised her eyebrows. The women slept in the same tent. It was inappropriate for her to rummage through Ye Chenglin’s belongings, but Yan Jin had instructed her to.

To them, Yan Jin’s words represented their master’s.

Since Master has agreed, it’s not a big deal for me to rummage through Ye Chenglin’s belongings, right?

With that, she walked toward her tent. She had to find the antidote pill quickly. The pill she fed Zhao Wei’an would not keep him alive for long.

In reality, however, how could the antidote pill possibly be in the tent?

Meanwhile, Ye Chenglin arrived at An Jiuyue’s tent quickly. She did not hesitate and did not treat An Jiuyue as the mistress of the camp. She wanted to rush into the tent.

However, before she could touch the curtain, a powerful force pulled her back.


Yan Jin, who had hurried over, saw Ye Chenglin fall to the ground, gritting her teeth after letting out a scream.

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