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Chapter 1150 - The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (28)

The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (28)

The body of a vampire could be called an impenetrable fortress1.

She nearly shattered all her teeth but couldn’t leave a mark on his body.

So Bai Weiwei bit and bit, until she fell asleep.

It was unavoidable; the consequence of losing too much blood was the body growing especially fatigued.

When she woke up, it was daytime.

This time, she wasn’t lying in a coffin, but in a bed.

Human maids immediately rushed over, respectfully and obediently combing her hair and changing her clothes.

Then, serving her human food.

Bai Weiwei was hungry, and the food smelled too delicious. She ate as she pretended to be preoccupied2.

This complicated look gave the appearance that eating was particularly painful.

The other people no longer dared to have any disrespectful thoughts about her.

This blood slave could survive being placed in Prince Arthur’s room and also make Countess Elizabeth kneel and lick her feet.

The status of this blood slave wasn’t one they could envy.

After Bai Weiwei finished eating, she calmly asked for a book.

She had to study in this plane; she was still a student of an aristocratic school.

She wouldn’t graduate until next year.

Bai Weiwei began to read books and write an essay.

The essay was 《A Discussion on Effective Methods to Deal with Cruel Vampires》.

She got a clear look at the personality of that fellow Arthur.

Middle School Syndrome was one thing. What he preferred was the kind of person who could continuously go against him.

Maybe it was that a vampire’s days were too boring, and so he developed this awful character of constantly pursuing stimulation.

Bai Weiwei was extremely calm and boldly continued to stimulate him.

Actually, she dared to do this because of her blood.

After all, a food-averse vampire bigshot suddenly caught a prey animal that could provide high-quality, delicious blood.

Put herself in his shoes as a food-averse human.

Hungry enough to die, but suddenly a food that can be eaten appears, and it also tastes delicious.

That kind of food would be the savior of mankind.

So Arthur woulidn’t want to kill her for the time being. She could freely offend him.

Bai Weiwei sighed. “Out of so many planes, this is the most abusive capture target.”

The system hesitated over whether or not to say something.

Bai Weiwei seemed to know what the system was thinking. “Shut up.”

System: “…”

The system that was shunned by its host suddenly felt the vicissitudes of life.

Deciding to stuff itself with food and drink to ease its melancholy, it pulled out the shopping card. System popcorn, system dried mango, rose cake…

Bai Weiwei had just finished reading and was starting on her essay.

During dinner, someone suddenly requested an audience.

It was a human being–moreover, someone the original soul knew.

Arthur was still asleep. The maid didn’t dare to give any opinion, but she also didn’t dare to offend the favored Bai Weiwei.

So she could only inform Bai Weiwei, saying it was a human reporting something had happened to her younger brother.

Bai Weiwei repeated in surprise, “My brother?”

She recalled the original soul’s information. She did indeed have a younger brother.

Addicted to gambling and a rotten personality.

The original soul could go to an aristocratic school not because her family was rich, but because she had excellent grades.

She ranked number one every year, completely disregarding all other students.

This allowed the aristocratic school to waive her tuition, as well as her accomodation and meals.

But both of her parents had passed away.

The family was poor, with only a debt-dodging little brother who drank alcohol and gambled every day.

Something happening to her brother and coming to look for his sister was definitely not a good thing.

Bai Weiwei sighed at this family background. Truly a must-have for a little white flower.

Then she thought for a moment, calculating the time Arthur would wake up. It was just enough for her to get a handful of work done.

Although butting heads could make Arthur, that sicko, feel stimulated and novel, life always needed adjustments.

1: 铜墙铁壁: copper wall, iron bastion; impenetrable defense.↩

2: 食不知味: to eat without tasting the food; worried or downhearted.

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