Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 1806: Betrayal

Chapter 1806: Betrayal

Fang Yong’s mother was very displeased with Bai Yiqiao’s inability to understand their situation.

Sometimes, Chen Ermei would also get involved in all the drama. Whenever she had free time she would dress in flashy clothing and drive around in a luxurious, expensive carriage to places she knew Bai Yiqiao frequented. That caused Bai Yiqiao’s face to pale in sheer fury.

Every time Bai Yiqiao saw Chen Ermei, her heart bled. It felt like a scab was picked open every time her wounds were about to heal.

She really wanted to scratch Chen Ermei’s eyes out to wipe that smug expression off her face.

But Chen Ermei was not only surrounded by guards, she was also a general. Thus, Bai Yiqiao had no choice but to endure the pain in her chest as she watched Chen Ermei swagger off.

However, she still had dreams of dealing with Chen Ermei and so she secretly spread rumors. Rumours such as Chen Ermei being shameless, etc., but those who spread such rumours quickly found themselves in prison.

In the face of absolute strength, any crafty plots and clever tricks could be crushed by brute force.

It was so simple and brutal, that Bai Yiqiao spit blood. However, so what if Chen Ermei was making use of her power to crush people? After surviving mountains of corpses and blood to get that power, it was her right to use it as she pleased.

Bai Yiqiao encountered Wen Yu in the capital when she was lonely and depressed. The moment she saw him, she had a list of grievances prepared.

She was so used to having Wen Yu comfort her in times of need that she instinctively turned to him as her heart filled with bitterness.

But then she saw him choose a hairpin at a stall and slide it into another woman’s hair, a woman who smiled happily in response.

A wave of anger swept over Bai Yiqiao, followed by a feeling of betrayal. Wen Yu claimed to like her, to love her, and yet he was with someone else now.

Subconsciously, she had hoped that he would refuse to marry anyone else and that he would never move on from her in his lifetime. She never even considered another woman making Wen Yu happy.

Just loving her should be enough.

Bai Yiqiao was a Mary Sue, a green tea whore, through and through.

When Wen Yu turned around and saw her staring right at him, he was taken aback for a moment. The woman next to him asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Yu was shocked only for a moment. He soon turned his focus back to the woman and said, “It’s nothing.” He didn’t look back as he and the woman walked away.

How could he walk away so calmly!? Back then he had said that he would treat her as a stranger in the future, but he was actually doing it?

Wen Yu ignoring her like this was even harder to bear than him ridiculing her. Did this mean he truly didn’t care for her anymore?

The most heartbreaking thing in the world was when something one firmly believed was theirs forever slipped through their fingers. And Bai Yiqiao certainly thought Wen Yu’s love would forever belong to her.

She thought she made him love her so much that she was forever engraved in his heart.

Yet the current Wen Yu was so unconcerned that she began to doubt whether he’d ever really loved her.

But how could the three years that Wen Yu had been by her side be fake?

Bai Yiqiao wanted to rush up to him and ask him if he had truly loved her, but she was rooted in place when seeing how gentle and attentive he looked as he spoke to the woman beside him.

That tenderness belonged to her!

Bai Yiqiao felt abandoned by the world. Not a single thing that once belonged to her still did.

The heavens were really unfair! Bai Yiqiao’s face twisted as resentment filled her.

Ning Shu turned the screen off. In the end, Bai Yiqiao’s greed left her with nothing.

Nothing in life would patiently wait around to become her second choice while she wandered off in search of something better. She wanted to get all the benefits without any of the drawbacks. How would that even be possible?

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