Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System

Chapter 40

All members of the chat group couldn’t help but think that someone must be trolling Axel Everheart. And that someone must be very powerful for that someone to manipulate the outcome of Axel’s random ability and artifact draw.

After all, even if Axel Everheart was unlucky, it was too much of a coincidence for him to receive an artifact and ability that was related to bananas.

The chat group members couldn’t help but speculate what kind of vendetta Axel had with bananas for him to receive two things that were related to bananas. They even thought that Axel could die because of bananas and they weren’t far from the truth.

Even Axel was having second thoughts on whether to use that artifact and ability. Since he somehow felt that it was wrong to use the thing that killed him. Though, Axel wasn’t dumb enough to not use something that would benefit him greatly considering the artifact and ability were somehow overpowered.

Although the members of the chat group knew that even if Axel had a vendetta against bananas, they couldn’t argue that the skill was weak. Also, the artifact greatly synergizes with the skill.

With the artifact and ability that Axel had received, his chances of defeating the demon lords back in his worlds would be higher. And since defeating a demon lord would grant him a single wish from a god, he would become a powerhouse of the chat group in the future.

After Axel Everheart had shown his artifact and abilities, it was Chaos’ turn.

Chaos, with his sword form, floated using his spiritual qi in front of the chat group members. Chaos seemed to like his sword form more than his sword spirit or human form since he had yet to present himself in the chat group in his human form.

Well, not like it mattered since it was Chaos’ choice whether he wanted to keep using his sword form or not.

Chaos took out a transparent orb with swirling golden wisps of light inside it. Since Chaos didn’t have any hands, he used his spiritual qi to keep the transparent orb floating beside him. Although, he didn’t need to as gravity didn’t work in Realius’ [Reality Domain].

“This transparent orb is known as Enlightenment Orb. Although its name isn’t that great and is quite mediocre, its effects are not. It can increase the comprehension speed of those that are near it by 100 times at maximum. The closer one is to the orb, the greater their comprehension speed will increase. It is mostly used to easily learn cultivation techniques and comprehend the Dao.”

When Chaos had said that, everyone except for Seref Zenchi was amazed by the effects of the artifacts. Well, it was understandable that Seref Zenchi wasn’t impressed with its abilities. After all, Seref Zenchi cultivated the Omni-Dao so he no longer needed to comprehend more Dao and his comprehension speed alone was already top-notch.

With that being said, Seref Zenchi was also capable of crafting such an artifact with an even better effect. But it doesn’t mean that the Enlightenment Orb isn’t a priceless artifact considering it could make those Supreme Gods from the God Domain fight for it to death.

Those that are below Universe Realm would most likely greed for such an artifact while those at the Universe Realm would likely ignore it. But for Chaos who was only at the Immortal Domain, its worth was a million times more than getting a powerful weapon or durable armor. Not like Chaos needed a weapon since he himself was a weapon and not just any weapon but one of the strongest weapons in the entire Katake Multiverse.

After showing off his artifact, the rest of the chat group members were interested in testing the Enlightenment Orb, and Chaos himself didn’t have that much objection to doing so.

Because not only did the Enlightenment Orb improve the comprehension speed by a hundred times, but it also doesn’t have a limit to those who can benefit from its effect. The limit is only the distance since those who are farther away from the Enlightenment Orb wouldn’t receive 100 times comprehension speed.

“Don’t worry since as long as we are in the MA Universe performing our Major Tasks, I would lend it to anyone who is interested in using it.”

With those words being said, the mood of the chat group members lightened up.

“The ability that I have obtained from the system isn’t that great but kind of useful. It is known as . Those who use this ability will die regardless of being alive. But the condition for this ability to activate is that my target must be at death’s door otherwise it wouldn’t work.”

When Chaos informed them about the effect of , they couldn’t help but think of it as a very convenient ability. After all, those enemies who are cockroaches and could live after near-death situations would die instantly from the effects of this skill.

After Chaos’ turn, it was now John Skier, aka Time Manipulator Of The Apocalypse’s turn to show off his ability and artifact.

Could an apocalyptic time manipulator’s luck allow him to get useful skills?

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