Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System

228 Telling The Resistance Group About The Supreme Academy's Secrets

In the end, a system was either a divine blessing or a high-end alien technology. And in Allen’s version, his system was a high-end alien technology.

Allen dared to claim that with his skills, he could create a system and give it to another so that he could make them do his bidding. With that in mind, Allen didn’t find any reason not to tell his classmates about the secrets of the Supreme Academy and his findings regarding Hawser’s situation.

[Allen: I know all of you are curious about what happened to Hawser and why he isn’t here to attend class with us. And I can say that waiting for him is futile. After all, he is already dead.]

Dropping that information to his unsuspecting classmates, all of them were too shocked to chat in the Telepathy Chat Group. But after they recovered from their initial shock, some of them started chatting.

[Hugh: What do you mean by Hawser is already dead? How did you know?]

[Carrion: Don’t tell me that you received information from Buza’s espionage when he sent you a direct private message about it?]

When Buza, who was currently online, heard about Carrion’s statement, he couldn’t help but feel as if he was wronged. He didn’t know about it, okay? Why bring his name up?

[Buza: I haven’t told Allen about it. It is his own findings and I am ashamed to say that even I didn’t obtain any information about the Supreme Academy.]

[Selena: Even I also haven’t acquired any information about Hawser’s condition.]

Both of their information-gathering classmates didn’t even find any information which spoke of how Allen was just too powerful and versatile.

And as for taking credit for something they didn’t do, Buza and Selena weren’t shameless enough to do that. They didn’t even want to be credited for something they didn’t accomplish so that was why Buza immediately rejected what Carrion had said in the chat group.

Hearing about Buza and Selena not taking any credit regarding the information that Allen has obtained, they all came to an understanding that they were lucky that Allen was part of their group, their leader nonetheless. After all, if he was in a job, Allen would be labeled as someone who was underpaid since his skills were just that great.

They didn’t even know to what extent Allen’s skills could do since almost every time they spent with Allen, they all found out something he was capable of doing.

[Asty: I am also embarrassed to admit this but I also haven’t foretold this future yet. So I am also clueless about Hawser’s condition.]

Even Asty, the Supreme Clairvoyant, didn’t know about Hawser’s condition. All three of the chat group members that was well-versed in gathering information didn’t even know about it so the rest of the chat group members couldn’t help but revere how great Allen’s skills were.

[Derick: If even Asty didn’t know about it, then we can only ask Allen about it. And it seems that guy has started lurking again.]

[Charles: I agree with that. Allen keeps on lurking after he drops a bomb of information in the chat group.]

Even Charles who was at odds with Derick agreed with Derick’s words. After all, not only the two of them but the rest of the chat group members also knew that Allen was quite the lurker especially after he told them crucial information.

Well, they didn’t mind it as they all knew that Allen did that because he was observing their reaction.

[Carrion: Although I don’t care about what happens to Hawser, whether he is dead or alive, I am still curious as to how that tenacious and manipulative guy even died. I am sure that even if the Supreme Martial Artist tried to fight against him, Hawser would still be able to escape.]

Although the time that they spent with Hawser wasn’t that long, Carrion was well-versed in understanding his opponent’s capabilities. After all, if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be the Supreme General and Supreme Strategist.

In war, it was crucial for the General to know information about his opponents, or else he couldn’t find out a way to deal with them. That was why Carrion had already seen through all of Hawser’s facades.

[Derick: If we want to know more about it, we might as well ask that one guy who knows almost anything and is capable of doing almost everything. @Allen]

Of course, what Derick mentioned was none other than Allen since if all of them could agree on one thing, then it’s the fact that Allen was capable of almost anything and was capable of doing almost everything.

[Carrion: Yeah, Allen, why not tell us more about it? You are like an author who left his readers on a cliffhanger.]

[Charles: +1]

[Asty: +1]

[Buza: +1]

Even Buza was still online despite having the job to spy on the staff members of the Supreme Academy.

Seeing that all of them were waiting for his response, Allen decided to tell his chat group members about his findings about the Supreme Academy, especially regarding hawser’s death.

[Allen: Fine.]

[Allen: But before I tell you all about it, I must first inform you about the secrets of the Supreme Academy.]

When Allen mentioned the word secret regarding the Supreme Academy, all of their attention was focused on what Allen was going to say next.

[Allen: Have you all heard about the true purpose of the founding of the Supreme Academy? If you are all wondering, their purpose of nurturing the Supremes is nothing but bullshit.]

After saying that, Allen started explaining to his chat group members about the Supreme Academy’s secrets including the Supreme Chaos Project. Although, he didn’t tell them about him being the future Supreme Chaos since they didn’t need to know about that.

[Carrion: To think that the Supreme Academy was this frightening!]

[Asty: What if the Supreme Academy managed to have their Supreme Chaos Project success and someone became the Supreme Chaos? Wouldn’t that be an end-of-the-world scenario?]

[Charles: But wait, doesn’t that mean…]

[Allen: Yes, Hawser became a test subject for the Supreme Chaos Project. But fortunately, he died, or else all of us Supremes will be threatened about the existence of the Supreme Chaos.]

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