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Chapter 775: Too empty, so arrogant

Chapter 775: Too empty, so arrogant

The people at the top were strong, and the people at the bottom will not be weak. Lin Chujiu's attitude was there. As long as the Jinwuwei soldiers were not stupid, he knows what to do.

As soon as the attitude of the Jinwuwei soldiers was put out, the wise Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince understood their situation. Even though no one would restrict their actions, the two didn't dare to make small moves in the military camp. At best, they just trained with the Jinwuwei Army from time to time.

The Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince showed their attitude, and the officials who came with them had no guts to make the trouble even if they wanted to. They could only hold their breath in their bellies and stay in the tent quietly, thinking it was not too late for a gentleman to take his revenge within ten years

"People are cheap. If you don't give them any color, you can take politeness as bullying." Lin Chujiu couldn't help laughing when she learned about the actions of the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince.

General Yuan Shao lowered his head, only thinking he didn't hear anything.

The princess can say that the two princes are cheap, but he can't.

Of course, Lin Chujiu just expressed her own opinion and didn't mean to ask others to agree.

"When will wangye come back?" Compared with the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince, she cares more about Xiao Tianyao's whereabouts.

She didn't know how to face Jinwuwei Army, let alone Xiao Tianyao.

For the Jinwuwei Army, she felt guilty and blamed herself, while Xiao Tianyao, she felt guilty and shameless.

Whether she was timid or cowardly, her first reaction after the incident was not to face bravely and admit mistakes but to escape and pretend that nothing has happened.

"Wangye didn't send a message back. According to their schedule, they will come back in five days." If their prince wrote a letter back, General Yuan Shao will present it to Lin Chujiu at the first hand, but… …

Their prince didn't write back this time and even didn't take a message.

"Five days? I know. Tell the news to the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince." In the last five days, the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince will either make a move or simply wait for Xiao Tianyao to come back. But no matter what kind of plan they have, Lin Chujiu was afraid of it.

When Xiao Tianyao came back. Even if the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince have plans in their heart, they were not Xiao Tianyao's opponents.

"Yes." General Yuan Shao clasped his hands and took the order to leave.


At the same time, Xiao Tianyao, who had closed all the shops of the Zhang Family outside the capital, was now heading for the capital with his troops, ready to join the army.

During the break, the shadow guard handed a letter, "Wangye, a letter from Young Master Su Cha."

Xiao Tianyao took the letter but didn't read it. Instead, he frowned and said, "Is there any news about the wangfei?" That woman came back last month but didn't even write a letter to him. Could it be that woman was waiting for him to write to her on his initiative?

Dream on. This time, he won't write to that woman on his own accord.

"No!" The shadow guard replied without thinking.

Xiao Tianyao's face darkened and the atmosphere around him turned cold. The shadow guard trembled in cold. And when Xiao Tianyao's cold eyes swept over him, he almost kneel on the ground.

"Go!" Xiao Tianyao tightly frowned his eyebrows. The shadow guard had a cold sweat in fright. He dared not breathe for a moment, he simply hurried back. As soon as he returned to his companion, he hadn't had time to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead, his companion came over and patted him on the shoulder, sighed: "Young man, take it easy!"

"What do you mean?" The shadow guard wiped his cold sweat and asked puzzled.

"Too empty!" The companion patted him heavily on the shoulder. The shadow guard was unprepared and staggered a step, causing the companion to shake his head repeatedly. "Look, how empty you are!"

After that, he shook his head and left.

"I didn't…" The shadow guard wanted to explain, but it was too late.

With a sad face, the shadow guard said weakly: "I'm not empty!" But no one heard him!

Su Cha wrote a letter to Xiao Tianyao to report his progress with Liu Bai in the Northern Country.

Shi Yihan, who was seriously injured by Demon Lord, was unable to get to the North early. The people of Tiancang Pavillion didn't show up, so the smugglers could not twist into a rope. Their strength was limited. Under the intentional help of the Emperor of the North, they were both safe now.

As an excellent businessman, Su Cha would not miss this opportunity when he got on the line of Northern Emperor. In the name of Bihai Pavilion, he privately talked with the Northern Emperor about the supply of food. The number was small, but it can control the lifeline of the Northern Country =at a critical moment, and control the victory of the war.

This was good news for Xiao Tianyao. After reading the letter, Xiao Tianyao felt a little better. Seeing that it was still early, he decided to go back a little earlier before dark.

"Let's go!" Xiao Tianyao got up and took the lead.

The accompanying bodyguard packed up their things immediately, turned over, and mounted his horse, then followed Xiao Tianyao with a solemn face.

Xiao Tianyao didn't show it on his face, but he was in a hurry to go back. He was very fast all the way, which exhausted the shadow guards behind him.

To keep up with Xiao Tianyao, they didn't even have time to breathe and ran with their breath. The accompanying bodyguards were not much better. They have been riding horses for days. Their legs were already sore and their hands pulling the rein were bleeding, but… …

They dare not stop!

The horse under Xiao Tianyao's crotch was a top-grade BMW. They must work hard to keep up with Xiao Tianyao. Once they relax, they will be left behind by Xiao Tianyao.

"Drive, drive…" To avoid being left behind by Xiao Tianyao, the bodyguard kept raising his whip to the horse under his crotch and didn't get down the horse until they were allowed to do so. The bodyguard then hardened his head and said to Xiao Tianyao: "Wangye, the horse can't run." They actually can't run!

They started to run before dawn in the morning, and the moon has now come out.

Running all day and night, even those who were as strong as iron can't stand it.

"Rest." Although Xiao Tianyao wanted to meet Lin Chujiu earlier, he ordered him to rest after seeing that the guards' horses were tired.

If they continue to run, these horses will be useless in time, which will affect the journey.

"Yes…" The bodyguard didn't show it on his face, but he was relieved.

They were better than ordinary people, but they have been running outside with their prince for a month, and they have no energy to keep going day and night.

The accompanying bodyguards dragged their tired bodies and camped in the original place to prepare food and feed the horses.

When they finished these things, it was passed midnight, but they can't all lie down and rest. Half of them should watch the vigil, and can only rest in batches.

However, if Xiao Tianyao continues the journey like today and travels at dawn, each of them will not sleep for an hour.

Sleeping for one hour a day and driving for more than ten hours, the journey was hard to think about. But they dare not complain, because even their prince only sleep for one or two hours a day, and also has to drive as usual.

What else can they say under such circumstances?

They could only follow their iron master, even if they cough out of blood, they should hold on… …

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