Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 139 - Choice

Chapter 139 Choice

As soon as Lin Feng searched, a multitude of Astral martial arts appeared, even more than ordinary martial arts.

This was because basically only some Metamorphic Realm martial artists could enter the Martial Domain’s online shop. The need for Astral martial arts was naturally huge. On the other hand, ordinary martial arts were only attractive to professional martial artists. For Metamorphic Realm martial artists who had broken the genetic lock, they were much less attractive.

There were very few martial artists like Lin Feng, who continued practicing ordinary martial arts after becoming a Metamorphic Realm martial artist. Metamorphic Realm martial artists mainly cultivated Astral Power, and had a huge need for Astral martial arts. Hence, there were also many types of Astral martial arts.

Lin Feng browsed casually. It was densely packed with basically only Astral martial arts.

However, after seeing the price of Astral martial arts, Lin Feng frowned slightly. These Astral martial arts were too expensive.

Ordinary Astral Power cultivation techniques only cost an average of about 50 merit value. As the “Astral Spin” that Lin Feng was currently cultivating condensed Astral Power slightly faster, it cost an additional ten merit value, which was only 60 merit value.

As for these Astral martial arts?

Lin Feng briefly scanned through them. The price of basically all Astral martial arts was above 150 merit value!

A hundred and fifty merit value! How expensive was this for an ordinary Metamorphic Realm martial artist? After all, even commanders like Long Duo could only obtain 10 merit value a year.

If he wanted to obtain more merit, he would have to kill those demons himself, or lead the base to make major contributions. Otherwise, with 10 merit value a year, it would take an indefinably long time before he could purchase a single Astral martial art.

Right now, the number of human martial artists were not that great. Humans were still at a disadvantage in the entirety of the world. When many powerful martial artists were needed officially, Astral martial arts should be cheaper to favor utilization by more people. How could they be so expensive?

Lin Feng was very puzzled. Hence, he checked the Astral martial arts carefully and realized that the signature of the creator was under all these Astral martial arts. Basically every Astral martial art was signed.

Lin Feng investigated these experts slightly and realized that they were all some Meta-divine Realm experts. Only a small portion of the creators of Astral martial arts were Divine Realm experts. This meant that Astral martial arts could basically only be created by a Meta-divine Realm expert, or could barely be created by some extremely powerful Divine Realm experts.

It was understandable that a Divine Realm expert or a Meta-divine Realm expert who spent a huge amount of effort to create an Astral martial art would charge a high merit value. However, there would always be some creators of Astral martial arts who passed for various reasons. Why did the Astral martial arts of these creators still cost high merit values?

This didn’t make sense.

In the end, Lin Feng decided to just ask on the Martial Domain Forum. Only then did he understand that this involved complex interests. The Martial Domain Network was jointly established by the five major factions. In reality, individual were basically not permitted to sell Astral martial arts here. They would first be sold to the various major factions, and then evaluated by the major factions to provide a massive amount of merit value, before being sold by the major factions.

The merit value profited in the future would naturally be obtained by the various major factions.

The major factions relied on this method to earn some merit value to reward some of the geniuses or martial artists with contributions in the factions.

Otherwise, how could Lin Feng receive the 1,000 merit value? It would be unfathomable.

This naturally had advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps it was a bit unfair to martial artists who created the martial arts, but in reality, if one could obtain a large amount of merit value at once, they could do many things, and did not need to rely on selling martial arts over a long time to accumulate merit value.

As for people selling martial arts in private, there were naturally strict rules.

In short, many rules and loopholes had been perfected by the five major factions in this segment. It was basically impossible to exploit any loopholes.

The reason why Astral martial arts were so expensive was that the major factions needed to earn a certain amount of profits. As for the promotion of Astral martial arts, it was actually not a problem at all.

As long as every martial artist served for a long time and guarded the frontline, they could receive “loans” from the various major factions and obtain a considerable sum of merit value without any interest. This was enough to purchase an Astral martial art. They only needed to pay it back slowly in the future. Even ordinary Metamorphic Realm martial artists could repay it in at most 20 years.

Twenty years might seem very long to Lin Feng. After all, he was only 20 years old now. It was actually also very long to ordinary people, who could only live for a few decades.

However, for those experts who had broken the genetic lock, a mere 20 years was nothing. Once they broke the genetic lock, they could live for at least 200 years.

Under normal circumstances, it was very normal for a martial artist with one life transition to live for two to three hundred years. If their life underwent a second transition, their lifespan would also increase by a large margin.

As for Sages, they could live for even longer.

These Astral Realm martial arts might seem expensive, but they were actually affordable to Metamorphic Realm martial artists.

After understanding the general knowledge of Astral martial arts, Lin Feng was reassured. He did not need to save for 20 years, nor did he need a “loan”. After purchasing the Astral Swirl and six levels of Nonuple Body Tempering the last time, he still had 472 merit value left from the 1,000 merit value. This was already enough for him to purchase an Astral martial art.

Although Lin Feng had merit value, he could not waste them. He knew very well that once these 1,000 merit value were used up, it would be difficult to obtain a large amount of merit value again. Important resources could only be allocated to crucial places.

Astral martial arts were also divided into levels. A hundred and fifty merit value was just the lowest price. It could only purchase some Metamorphic Realm Astral martial arts, Divine Realm martial arts, and Meta-divine martial arts.

As for whether Sages had Astral martial arts, Lin Feng guessed that they should have, but these were not sold on the Martial Domain Network. After all, there were only nine Sages in the entire world.

The biggest difference between Metamorphic Realm martial arts and Divine Realm martial arts was the eruption of Astral Power. The Astral Power unleashed every time with a Divine Realm martial art was unimaginable. It far exceeded the limit of Astral Power in a Third Level Metamorphic Realm martial artist.

Although 9,999 wisps of Astral Power seemed like a lot, to a Divine Realm expert, it might not be enough to maintain the even one eruption of a Divine Realm martial art.

Lin Feng had never thought of purchasing Divine Realm martial arts. In any case, the prices of some profound Divine Realm martial arts were not currently affordable to Lin Feng.

Hence, his gaze landed on the Metamorphic Realm’s Astral martial arts. At this stage, the number of Astral martial arts was the greatest, and they were also very comprehensive.

There were defensive martial arts, burst offensive martial arts, martial arts that covered both offense and defense, and so on. There was a dazzling array of them, and it was not that easy to find a martial art with Astral Power that was suitable for himself. He had to search carefully.

However, after searching for an hour or two, Lin Feng still could not find a martial art that satisfied him.


Suddenly, Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. This was because he had discovered a very special Astral martial art. Even he could not help but feel tempted.

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