One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4628 - 4628 Never Too Late to Love (35)

Chapter 4628 - 4628 Never Too Late to Love (35)

4628 Never Too Late to Love (35)

“Even if you don’t hold a wedding ceremony, he should at least buy you a ring!”

A few female colleagues came over, looking confused. “Bai Sheng, did you meet someone who cheated you into marriage? What does your husband do?”

Bai Sheng replied, “He is just an ordinary white-collar worker.”

Ordinary white-collar worker!?


One of the male colleagues who had good knowledge of cars objected, “That’s impossible. Can an ordinary white-collar worker afford to drive a Phaeton?”


Many female colleagues in the office had never even heard of this model of car. However, the male colleagues were different. They had interest in cars, but the women’s understanding of cars was limited.

It was just like how men only knew about Chanel and Gucci, but they rarely knew about Lutens and Louboutin. Women only knew about Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, but they were unfamiliar with Phaeton.

Bai Sheng was also at a loss, “Phaeton?”

“Yeah, Phaeton is a high-end model under the Volkswagen brand.”

There was a saying “Be unafraid of Mercedes-Benz or Land Rovers, but be afraid of the Phaeton!”. The exclusivity of this high-end car was well-known.

Tsk! Many female colleagues secretly pouted. They had thought that it was some sort of awesome car, but turned out that it was only a Volkswagen? To them, Volkswagen’s cars were used as taxis, so they had the impression that Volkswagen was a cheap brand.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know much about cars, so she felt compelled to ask, “Aren’t Volkswagen’s cars all very low-end? Even if Phaeton is a high-end Volkswagen, it can’t compare to BMW and Mercedes-Benz!”

The male colleagues immediately said confidently, “Ha! Phaeton, it’s really something that an ordinary BMW or Mercedes-Benz can’t compare to!”

The female colleague immediately jeered in disbelief. “A Mercedes-Benz! How can a Volkswagen compare to a Mercedes-Benz?”

“You women dare to say that we men don’t understand lipsticks. You have just the same lack of understanding for cars. The top-quality model of Phaeton costs more than 2.5 million yuan. It costs 2.78 million yuan upwards! The W12’s engine is 6.0T! If I were to drive this car for a month, I wouldn’t even be able to afford it on my monthly salary!”

“When I went to a class reunion previously, one of my seniors said that he had once driven a car and dissed Phaeton as a Passat. In the end, he lost hundreds of thousands of yuan for a bumper!”

A 2.78 million dollar Volkswagen! This was simply an eye-opener for many people, including some of the men, who were very surprised to hear this! They only knew that Phaeton was a high-end model of a popular brand, but they did not know that it was so expensive.

Bai Sheng was stunned too, when she heard that. In her impression, Gu Chengze was just an ordinary office worker. When he drove a Volkswagen, she also thought that it was a car that cost at most a few hundred thousand yuan. She did not expect his car to be so expensive. Speaking of which, the interior of the car was also very luxurious. Thinking about it this way, it made sense. Still…

Gu Chengze had indeed not mentioned his family background to her, and she had not paid much attention to it.

“Bai Sheng, is it true? Does your Hubby really drive a Volkswagen Phaeton?”

When all of this sank in and Bai Sheng finally reacted, she was a little confused. “I don’t know much about cars. I only know that his car is a Volkswagen. I don’t know much about Phaetons, neither do I have a special interest. I don’t know if it’s worth more than two million yuan per car. I’m not interested either. Anyway, I married him, not his car.”

“Come on, you should at least know the background of the man you’ve married!”

“If the man you marry is a pauper, you’ll have much to cry about in the future!”

“It’s not unreasonable to think that a poor couple would indeed lament about everything!”

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