One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3344 - Sudden Changes (85)

Chapter 3344: Sudden Changes (85)

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Inside the cockpit, Yun Shishi was drenched in perspiration. Her palm, which was tightly gripping the pistol, was covered in sticky cold sweat.

Fully alert, she watched the captain’s every move.

The captain pretended to be calm as he steered the ship, but he kept looking at her out of the corner of his eye. He reached out tentatively and randomly pressed a few buttons. The lights on the console immediately lit up.

Yun Shishi did not know much about the controls on the panel, but she remembered that one of those levers activated an alarm.

Little Yichen had said that things were fine as long as he didn’t push that lever.

Hence, Yun Shishi watched his every move guardedly. What she did not know was that there was more than just that manual way to activate the lever. There was also a way to move that lever by pressing a few buttons.

There was only a squeaking sound. No one knew what button he had pressed, but the push bar slowly slid down!

In an instant, an alarm sounded in the cabin. Yun Shishi heard the alarm outside the cabin door. When she looked at the lever, she realized it had moved!

Mu Yichen was on his way back to the cockpit when he heard the alarm and frowned.

Yun Shishi was even more exasperated as she questioned the captain, “What did you do?!”

However, the captain continued to act as if nothing had happened. She gritted her teeth and tried to push the lever back, but it was locked and she could not move it at all.

No matter how hard she tried, the push stick remained in place!

Yun Shishi suddenly raised her gun and aimed it between his eyebrows. She ordered, “Stop the alarm!”

But the captain was unmoved. He still looked calm and collected, as if he was sure that she would not fire the shot.

It wasn’t hard to figure that she did not know how to steer the ship. He was the only captain on the entire cruise and only he could keep the ship sailing. If he died, everyone on the cruise ship was finished.

Seeing that he was not threatened by her at all, Yun Shishi snorted, “Do you think I don’t dare to shoot?!”

She loaded the pistol and pulled the trigger. The captain glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. With a violent wave of his hand, he knocked her pistol to the ground. He raised his leg and kicked her, catching her off guard and sending her to the ground.

She felt a sharp pain in her chest and the gun slipped and slid a short distance away. She immediately got up to retrieve it.

The captain stepped hard on the back of her hand. She cried out in pain as her face turned red!

One of his hands was handcuffed, but his other hand was free. He immediately reached out to snatch the pistol!

In the current situation, if he got his hand on that gun, their situation would be reversed!

And she would definitely be killed by him!


She must not let him have his way!

Mu Yichen had entrusted this place to her. How could she let him down?!

Suddenly, a bout of strength welled up from within her. She suddenly clung on to the captain’s leg and bit down hard with all the strength she could muster.

The captain kicked her reflexively, sending her tumbling to the ground. Her shoulder was dislocated from the kick, but she ignored the pain and sat up with a face full of sweat. She lunged for the pistol and closed her hand tightly around it.

Got it!

She was secretly surprised and immediately rolled to the side to put the pistol at a safe distance. Then she stood up, raised the dagger in her hand fiercely, and brought it down, plunging it into the captain’s thigh!

It took all her strength.

“Arggghhh!!” The captain screamed in pain!

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