New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 604 - Whose child is this?

Chapter 604: Whose child is this?

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At this moment, on the stage of the five states conference.

Wang yang saw that everyone had made their choice and said loudly, ”

thank you for your support. Now, let’s see who has more supporters, Flower Fairy or Pearl fairy! &Quot;

the winner will be the final winner of this adorable kid! &Quot;

Upon hearing this, Nangong po and Duan Chun, who were below the stage, both revealed excited and expectant expressions.

As long as his own daughter could defeat the opponent’s daughter, he would be the final Victor in the confrontation between the two sides.

To these two old enemies, this was simply too meaningful!

The flower Fairy, Nangong yingyue, and the Pearl fairy, Duan Muyan, couldn’t help but look at each other with unconvinced expressions.

Wang yang channeled his spiritual energy and two balls of golden light appeared in his hands, shooting towards the red and blue lights in the sky.

However, before he could raise his hand, he heard a young and tender voice behind him.

“Uncle, we also want to perform!”

Wang yang and the rest of the crowd looked over.

When they saw it, they couldn’t help but open their mouths and exclaim.


Everyone was petrified!

It was as if they were seeing four little angels descending into the venue.

In an instant, everyone lost consciousness, as if they were immersed in a boundless Fairyland.

The four children ran up the stage hand in hand.

After Lin Xuan dressed up.

At this time, they all had their hair combed into cute and lively balls, and their long bangs fell just right to their eyebrows, making their small palm-sized faces even more delicate.

The four babies were all dressed in snow-white Princess dresses, with snow-white stockings and a pair of white jade glass shoes.

They looked exactly the same, and they were dressed exactly the same.

However, it imperceptibly revealed a different personality and temperament, which really made everyone’s eyes blur.

After a short moment of daze, the audience’s cheers were like thunder, each wave higher than the last.

Oh my God, these four little girls are so pretty and cute! &Quot;

“My God! When they appeared, I thought I was looking at a real fairy!”

the four babies look exactly the same, but they all have different temperaments. If they weren’t from top-notch families, they would never be able to raise such excellent children! &Quot;

they’re so cute! My heart melted the moment I saw them! &Quot;


There were intense exclamations.

Everyone had forgotten to investigate the origins of Yan Zhu and the others. Instead, they were looking forward to their next performance.

Wang yang and the ten judges immediately looked at each other. Their instinct told them that Zhi Zhu and the others must have an extraordinary background.

According to the rules of the adorable children’s party, anyone who wanted to show off could go on stage at any time.

Therefore, wang yang quickly stepped aside and said, ”

“Then let’s invite the little babies to start their own performance!”

After he said this, even Nangong yingyue and Duan Muyan widened their eyes in anticipation.

Manzhu and the rest bowed to wang yang politely, ” “Thank you, uncle!”

Then, the four babies looked at everyone in a natural and unrestrained manner.

“We would also like to perform a sword dance poem for everyone!”

The crowd immediately responded,”alright!” Hurry up and perform!”

The four babies looked at each other, their eyes full of love and encouragement.

Then, they each took out a long sword. After they dispersed, Chi Zhu was the first to recite a poem and raise her sword.

“Goose, goose, goose!”


After the little girl recited this poem, the whole audience was silent and surprised.

Was this even a poem?

There were only three words, and they were all the same. There had never been such a strange poem in the world!

Everyone was stunned.

They did not expect Yan Zhu to say such an incredible poem.

This made them deeply feel that the following poem would be very stunning and beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

the four little babies are so amazing. Their poems must be very different. &Quot;

the first sentence of this poem only has three words. It sounds ordinary, but as the saying goes, accumulation leads to sudden development. There must be some amazing sentences coming out next! &Quot;

Everyone thought of this point at the same time.

As expected!

When si Xi raised his sword and recited the second line, the audience all showed their admiration.

“Song Xiang to the sky!”

“What a good line!” Someone couldn’t help but praise.

At this moment, si Xi opened his mouth as well. Along with the poem, he cast a hundred sword moves within a moment.

“White fur floating on green water!”

The audience couldn’t help but applaud,”good!” The third line was very artistic!”

Without waiting for the venue to quieten down, mouyou displayed a Swift and powerful sword move and recited the fourth line.

“Red palm, clear the waves!”


As soon as this sentence came out, the atmosphere of the venue was instantly pushed to the peak.

“As expected, this poem is really amazing!”

the first sentence was plain and ordinary, but the second sentence took a turn. The third and fourth sentences were perfectly symmetrical, and the temperament was harmonious. It could simply be called a work of heaven! &Quot;

not only are the poems amazing, but the little babies ‘swordsmanship is also clever but clumsy. There’s a sense of relaxation, and they have the style of Masters. There must be a peerless Master Teaching them behind the scenes! &Quot;

I bet that the title of the world’s cute babies will belong to them! &Quot;


With just a dance poem, Zhi Zhu and the others had completely won over the audience.

Even the proud Flower Fairy, Nangong yingyue, and the unruly Pearl fairy, Duan Muyan, couldn’t help but applaud and cheer for them.


“Seeing how cute they are, I feel that they should be given the title of ‘the world’s most adorable’!”

Hearing their daughter’s words, Nangong po and Duan Chun both looked helpless.

This time’s cute little meet was an opportunity for them to fight in secret.

In a situation where the strength of both sides was similar on the surface, competing with each other became a means to suppress the other party.

Who would have thought that just as Nangong yingyue and Duan Muyan were about to determine the winner, a cute little baby who had given birth to the four treasures would appear and win the praise of the audience?

From the looks of it, there was no longer any suspense as to who the final winner of this conference would be.

Nangong po and Duan Chun couldn’t help but ask, ”

whose child is this? how can he be so extraordinary? ”

They could vaguely sense that Yan Zhu and the others were of unparalleled status, but they could not make a conclusion.

Wang yang waited for the atmosphere to calm down a little before he said loudly, ”

the little babies ‘performance has ended. Let’s see what kind of evaluation they get! &Quot;

As soon as he finished speaking, the ten judges all raised their signs indicating ten points.

“It’s also a perfect score!”

Wang yang conjured another Golden ray of light and tried to shoot it into the sky.

“According to the rules, we’re going to count the number of viewers who support the little babies!”

Before he could raise his hand, the audience all raised their hands and said loudly, ”

“Is there even a need to count? We’ll all support these four cuties!”

“That’s right! Who wouldn’t like these four cute little babies?”

there’s no need to count. Just the number of people who raised their hands is far more than the two fairies in front of us. There’s no need to bother! &Quot;


In view of how agitated the crowd was, and how everyone had raised their hands …

“That’s great!” Wang yang announced loudly,”the title of ‘the world’s most adorable babies’ will be given to these four cute little girls!”

Seeing everyone supporting her, Yan Zhu and the others all smiled happily.

They stood in a row, graceful and polite, and bowed to everyone to thank them.

thank you, uncles, aunties, brothers, and sisters, for your support! &Quot;

Wang yang looked at them with adoration. &Quot;

“Little babies, where are your parents?”

please invite them to the stage and enjoy this honor with you! &Quot;

As soon as he said this, everyone revealed an expression of anticipation.

The parents of these four adorable and extraordinary children must be exceptional.

Everyone was eager to see who could raise such lovely and excellent quadruplets.

At this moment, a deep and hearty voice rang out from the observation Pavilion, ”

stop guessing. The four little princesses are the daughters of the North Mystic heavenly Emperor’s husband and the Xuan Bing Empress! &Quot;


Upon hearing this, the entire place was in an uproar.

Everyone looked toward the source of the voice.

On the tall observation Pavilion.

Lin Xuan was dressed in white, and his sleeves fluttered in the wind. He was handsome and exuded a celestial light, as if a banished immortal had descended to the world.

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