New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 41 - Your Majesty, Greetings, North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!

Chapter 41 Your Majesty, Greetings, North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!

“I see.” Lin Xuan nodded.

He didn’t expect the Blue Cloud Nation to be in such a difficult situation.

Previously, when he was a slacker living in the Lin family’s courtyard, women would come to propose to him all day long. He thought that this country was very peaceful.

From the looks of it, he thought so because he was too lazy and didn’t know the situation of this country.

Wu Jingxian couldn’t help but feel emotional when he saw how calm Lin Xuan was. As expected of a big shot from North Mystic Heaven.

In his eyes, the entire Blue Cloud Nation was probably not even worth mentioning. The Blue Cloud Nation was probably as insignificant as a stone on the ground.

Wu Jingxian bowed and said, “The Blue Cloud Nation only has a population of five million people. To you, Consort, it’s insignificant.”

“However, I still have a trace of hope. I earnestly request the Consort to help save the Blue Cloud Nation!” Lin Xuan smiled. “You’re too serious. If I can help Blue Cloud Nation survive the crisis, I will do my best.”

Blue Cloud Nation was the country he lived in after he transmigrated.

How could he watch as his country fell into deep trouble and was trampled on by barbarians?

When Xuan Zhu and the others heard this, they immediately held Lin Xuan’s hand tightly.

“Father, let’s do good deeds together!” “Hurry up!” Seeing how enthusiastic and anxious his daughters were, Lin Xuan smiled helplessly. “Alright, alright, Daddy will bring you guys there now!”

Then, he led the four little girls onto the jade carriage. With a command, the four green-winged birds immediately flew into the air.

The luxurious and noble jade carriage was like a carriage from a fairyland as it flew towards the Blue Cloud Nation’s Imperial Palace with a dazzling light.

Below, Wu Jingxian was extremely excited.

He clenched his fists tightly and couldn’t help but shout, “The Blue Cloud Nation is saved!”

After saying that, he hurriedly turned around and rode his horse towards the palace.

Blue Cloud Nation, Imperial Palace.


Before the guards of the palace could completely open the palace door, they were knocked away by a huge force.

Baherin brought Brother Mu and the other thousand armored horses and barged in, as if they had entered an uninhabited place.

The guards who had been knocked away crawled up while wailing, then looked at Baherin and the others in anger and horror.

“These people from the Inferno Tribe are too unreasonable! The royal palace of the Blue Cloud Nation has actually been trampled on by them!”

“I’m afraid that after today, our country will become the backyard of the Inferno Tribe!”

The guards sighed and shook their heads.

The arrival of the Inferno Tribe today was definitely not the end of Blue Cloud Nation’s misfortune.

It was the beginning!

At this moment, the eunuch said,

“Your Majesty, the people from the Inferno Tribe have arrived!”

The eunuch’s nervous shout made Tang Yu’s eyelids jump. Before he could react, Baherin and the others had already arrived at the entrance of the hall on their demon beasts.

Under Baherin’s order, everyone except Brother Mu stood on both sides and guarded the door.

Then, Baherin and Brother Mu swaggered into the hall on their demon beasts.

Upon seeing this scene, Tang Yu was fuming with anger.

Ever since the Blue Cloud Nation was established, no one had dared to ride a demon beast into the hall.

Even in the history of the Cang Dragon Continent, there had never been a country’s palace that was trampled on like this.

Considering Blue Cloud Nation’s current predicament, Tang Yu could only grit his teeth and swallow his anger. He forced a smile. “You’re here.”

Baherin rode on his demon beast as he stood in the middle of the hall. He looked up and sneered. “That’s right. What gift did you prepare for us?”

Brother Mu echoed, “Think about it carefully. If you can’t satisfy us, you know the consequences!”

The two of them seemed very threatening.

“How dare you!”

At this moment, an angry shout sounded from outside the hall.

A man in a white battle robe walked to the entrance of the hall with a long saber in hand.

He was the General-in-Chief of the Blue Cloud Nation, Du Deshan.

Taking advantage of the fact that the people from the Inferno Tribe had yet to recover from their shock, he transformed into a shadow and charged into the hall.

The long saber in his hand turned into a shadow and slashed down powerfully.

Brother Mu sneered. “Your small trick isn’t worth mentioning.”

He pulled out the bone whip at his waist and flicked his wrist before sending out a terrifying black shadow.


The hall suddenly shook.

Du Deshan felt a huge force hit his chest. He groaned and fell to the ground.

He looked up at Brother Mu resentfully.

Du Deshan was shocked.

He was already a powerhouse at the mid-stage Spiritual Wheel Stage.

However, he still couldn’t block Brother Mu’s attack.

This meant that Brother Mu was at least at the peak of the Spiritual Wheel Stage.

If even he was so powerful, how terrifying would the two leaders of the Inferno Tribe be?

Baherin looked at Du Deshan disdainfully and turned to look at Tang Yu.

“The guardian general of the Blue Cloud Nation is only so-so. What else do you want to use to fight against us?”

Tang Yu sighed heavily.

He looked out the door helplessly. If only the big shot from North Mystic Heaven could appear right now.

However… would that person care about the Blue Cloud Nation?

“Tang Yu, listen up!”

Baherin shouted arrogantly, “The Inferno Tribe requests that you give us 1 million gold cars, 5,000 horses, 50,000 silk cars, and 3,000 beautiful women!” “In addition, Chun Yang, Yang City, and the Great Rock must all be given to us!”

Tang Yu’s expression changed drastically when he heard that. “Aren’t you guys asking for too much?”

“Do you dare to refuse?” Baherin sneered.

Brother Mu smiled sinisterly. “It’s fine if you don’t give it to us. The armored horses of the Inferno Tribe will charge into the Blue Cloud Nation tomorrow!” Tang Yu slumped onto the throne weakly. At this point, how could he reject their request?

He looked up at the door in despair.

Tang Yu sighed sorrowfully. That big shot probably didn’t care about the Blue Cloud Nation.

What should he do to get that big shot to help?

For a moment, the atmosphere in the hall was oppressive to the extreme.

Just as Tang Yu was about to agree to Baherin’s conditions.

The people of the Inferno Tribe and all the guards in the palace made a huge commotion.

“What a luxurious jade carriage!”

“Isn’t… isn’t this the jade carriage from North Mystic Heaven?”

“Gasp! North Mystic Heaven’s jade carriage? Doesn’t that mean that a big shot has arrived?”

The atmosphere in the hall changed abruptly.

Tang Yu hurriedly rushed down from the throne and ran towards the door.

After the initial shock, Baherin and Brother Mu hurriedly rode their demon beasts to the door.

They saw that a jade carriage, under the pull of four green-winged birds, surrounded by mystic light landing slowly and steadily.

When they saw it land, everyone’s breathing became heavy.

The big shot from North Mystic Heaven had already made everyone feel immense pressure even before he appeared.

Under everyone’s nervous watch, Lin Xuan walked out of the jade carriage with his four precious daughters.

Upon seeing his outstanding appearance and temperament, everyone couldn’t help but praise him.

In this world, probably only the reincarnation of an immortal would have such a shockingly handsome appearance!

Before everyone could react, Wu Jingxian rode his horse into the palace and shouted with all his might,

“Your Majesty, quick, greet North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

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