My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.

Chapter 553

Chapter 553: A new world has opened up for Scathach.

After these events, they started to discuss what to do next, and surprisingly, all the bases for building a faction were in place.


Putting together all the Fulger and Snow Clan staff, they had enough people to spare; Scarlett didn’t count because she had no subordinates other than Luna.

Not to mention that Victor had a personal alliance with the Youkais of Japan through Haruna.

Contacts? Pfft, they had an exceptionally social goddess, not to mention the supernatural informants of the Snow, Fulger, and Scarlett clans.

Yes, despite not having subordinates, the woman had a lot of contacts too.

Power?… Hmm, does that even need to be said?

Each of Victor’s acquaintances was a powerhouse on their own level.

Resources? They had a whole land of opportunities to explore far from ‘Nightingale’ territory.’

Victor and his group had everything to create a solid faction. They just needed a base, something that is to be discussed in the future.

After waking up the next day, a very jealous Scathach kidnapped the man and took him to where Victor regularly trained.

“Now that you’ve been blessed by all of a goddess’s divinities let me see if you’ve gotten stronger.”

“Use all your power!” She crossed her arms and stood there looking at him.

“…” Victor just smiled softly and released all his ‘power’.

His eyes glowed neon pink, and the surroundings started to change as pink pressure began to come out of his body and spread all over the place, covering the entire training area.

“…” Scathach narrowed her eyes and unconsciously twitched her legs a little.

“What is it?” She asked in a stern voice, almost cracking.

Victor just shrugged, “You told me to use all my power.”

? “Not that kind of power!”

“… Heh~, it’s your fault for not specifying what kind of power I should use~.” Then, like a snake stalking its prey, Victor approached her ‘gently’.

Scathach unconsciously took a step back, taking a big sniff, her nostrils absorbing the sinful smell that wafted from Victor’s body.

‘Why can’t I defend myself from him?’ Scathach couldn’t understand. Even if it was Aphrodite, she had absolute confidence that she could resist the goddess, it might be through painful means, but she wouldn’t get weak like now!

This man was dangerous!

But like a moth flying towards the fire, she couldn’t get away from him!

Rather awkwardly, she tripped over her own feet, and before she had time to arrange her center of gravity, or do anything, muscular arms wrapped around her body.

???? She turned her head quickly and saw Victor’s stupidly handsome face.

“… Let go of me.” She spoke in a stern voice, with overwhelming killing intent. If it was anyone, they would be frozen in fear right now.

But Victor? Hah! He’s used to it.

Instead of letting her go, he held her even tighter and gently touched her face.

His expression changed from a playful tone to a loving, obsessive tone that sent shivers down Scathach’s spine as he smiled with a flirtatious expression.

“Yes, indeed. We will fight… But on another battlefield.”

“Vic-… hmph?” Victor silenced Scathach with a deep kiss.

Scathach’s eyes opened wide as a passionate expression took over her face, and unconsciously, she wrapped both her arms around Victor’s neck, completely entrusting her body to the man in front of her.

In the blink of an eye, the scenery changed, and Victor was in one of the vacant double rooms.

Still kissing Scathach with skilled hands, Victor began to remove the woman’s clothes. He didn’t even need to see since he was too used to removing women’s clothing at this point.

Luckily, Scathach wasn’t wearing her usual armor but casual clothing, which made it even easier.

Victor stepped away from Scathach and removed her blouse, leaving her two glorious mounds on display for him to see. Long ago, her pants and panties had been thrown somewhere.

Victor looked up slightly as a black magic circle appeared in his hand.


Casting a silence spell across the room, Victor looked back at Scathach.

Looking into Victor’s obsessive eyes, Scathach’s smile grew, and her eyes took on a similar hue to his own.

Victor’s eyes began to glow a neon pink:

“Get ready, my love… This time, you won’t have a chance to react.”

“Humpf, borrowing power, do you feel proud to defeat me like this?”

Victor took hold of Scathach’s two mounds, stroked lightly, and slowly began to lower his hand towards Scathach’s six-pack abs:

“Don’t expect your enemy to play fair when you fight him…”

???? Scathach’s back arched as liquid began to squirt out of her, but she refused to moan.

‘Did I come that easy!?’ She did not believe what was happening now.

“You taught me that, Scathach.”

“Ugh…” Scathach gritted her teeth and refused to moan.

Victor brought his hand down even further as he touched the small red forest that, unlike humans who were thick, seemed to be silkier and softer.

“And this isn’t sex… It’s war.”

When she heard the word ‘War.’ Scathach’s eyes glowed blood red, and she pushed off Victor and straddled him.

She ripped his clothes, and with a stubborn, obsessive, and sadistic look, she smiled:

“I won’t lose again. I’m a fast learner.”

“… That’s what we’re going to see, my honey.”

“…” Scathach felt as if butterflies were dancing in her stomach when she heard the words ‘honey’, and unconsciously, her earlier jealousy over not having a deep connection with Victor began to fade away as if it had never existed.

“I will defeat you today!” She smiled even wider and attacked Victor’s mouth.


30 hours later, Ruby entered the room.

And came across the vision of her mother.

She collapsed against Victor’s chest, panting and sweating from head to toe. Her pussy just went through a whole new level of pleasure that changed her world completely, and she showed no signs of calming down. She was so sensitive down there that even the slightest breath of air could push her to the limit, and she became limp and completely boneless without a single grain of strength.

Her body spasmed as if she was having a stroke, and white seeds mixed with transparent liquids leaked from her hole while her expression was beyond ecstatic, as she was drooling with lost eyes.

“….” Ruby felt a slight sense of fear when she saw her mother in this catatonic state. The appearance of the strongest female vampire was nowhere to be seen!

Yes, Victor was weaker than Scathach.

But in bed? Probably only Aphrodite can defeat him now.

“… What was the score this time?”

“7 x 2,” Victor replied with a gentle smile as he gently stroked Scathach’s face.

Ruby looked at Victor in surprise, but the target of her surprise was her mother:

“…She still managed to win?”

“She wouldn’t be Scathach if she gave up so easily.”


“You and her have a lot in common.” Ruby continued.

“… Oh? What do you mean?”

“Stubborn, determined, and masochistic.”

“…” Ruby’s face turned slightly red.

“I am not a masochist! Wait… Is my mother a masochist?” She spoke in a shocked tone.

Victor laughed, “Yeah, but she won’t give in to that side now. She will only give in when she’s completely mine.”

“But for that, you have to defeat her…”


“Vic, are you ready to visit-…Ara.”

A woman with long pink hair wearing a Greek dress entered the room.

“… You used everything on her?”

“Yes, I used everything.”

She looked at Scathach with a look of pity:

“… Poor thing, she will never be able to forget that pleasure again.”

“Why do you say that?” Ruby asked.

“Currently, Darling is the closest thing to a male version of me, a mortal version, of course.”

“And even though Scathach’s pride is very high and she refuses to give in to Victor, she still loves him deeply, and when your loved one treats you with that much love… It makes this event unforgettable.” Aphrodite spoke in an amused tone.

Ruby looked back at her mother and saw her condition.

“…” Ruby broke out in a cold sweat, and a feeling of fear couldn’t help but appear in her heart… But just like fear, an endless curiosity welled up in her.

‘Is it that good?’ Ruby wondered; ‘Should I ask him to use the rope like last time?’ Her thoughts started to run wild.

As they say, curiosity killed the cat… And Ruby actually was that cat.

‘A rope and a bunny girl cosplay… He can play the part of a wild animal that has found his prey, and he’ll tie me up and-…’ Thoughts started to run wild, and she was already planning her next ‘act’.

“Anyway, get ready, Darling. Freya and Loki are waiting.”

“Okay~.” Victor gently placed Scathach on the bed and covered her with the blanket as he kissed Scathach on her cheek:

“Take care, My Love.”

“…” A small smile appeared on Scathach’s face.


A black magic circle appeared in Victor’s hand as darkness spread around it.

Soon everything liquid and the dirt that was on Victor’s body disappeared, and he looked like someone who just got out of a long shower.

‘Magic is so convenient. It’s becoming my favorite thing now… It’s too bad I can’t use it to its full potential.’

“Don’t mess with her now. Her body is very sensitive, and any stimulation will cause her to orgasm.”

“Let her recover naturally. As an older vampire, she’ll be fine with just a few hours of sleep.”

“Mm…” Ruby nodded slightly as she looked at her husband.

She felt silly now. How many times had she seen her husband naked? But why did she feel like this was the first time she’s seen him completely the way he came into the world? She never tired of that sight since he was indeed a delight to her eyes.

“….” Aphrodite was devouring Victor with her pink eyes as she licked her lips a little, that was her husband’s body, and she couldn’t wait for him to treat her the same as Scathach.

“Don’t take another goddess.” She warned him sternly.

Aphrodite woke up from her stupor and laughed:

“Fufufu, don’t worry, he won’t. I am the only goddess he will ever have.”

“I will make sure to keep the other whores away from him.”

Aphrodite’s lifeless eyes gave Ruby boundless confidence. She could count on the woman to keep the ‘thots’ away from her husband.

Just like her, Sasha, Violet, Agnes, Natashia, and recently Scathach do.

“Umu, counting on you.” Ruby raised her hand.

And Aphrodite just held her hand like she was doing some shady business.

“….” Victor just looked at this vision in amusement. However, he still insisted that he never went after other women… Okay, he went after his Maids, but this and that are different things.

The current women he is married to came of their own accord! So it’s not his fault!

“Kaguya, come back to me. I will leave.”

A dark shadow entered the room and joined Victor’s body.

Soon all the walls of the room became pure darkness, and red eyes started to open all over the walls.

[Master… You overdid it.] Roxanne spoke.

[How envious…] Roberta and Maria spoke at the same time.

[….] Kaguya, Eve, and Bruna just remained silent.

“That is indeed a chilling sight.” Aphrodite commented softly.

Blood-red eyes stare at Aphrodite.

“If it’s a normal person, they’ll piss themselves in fear right now.”

“It looks like Kaguya is progressing very well in her Clan’s power.” Ruby spoke.

“Our husband’s blood helps a lot too,” Aphrodite said.


“Ruby, take care of everything, and let me know if anything happens.”

“Okay~, I’m getting ready to move too. Unfortunately, earth isn’t a safe place right now.”

“Mm, I’ll stick around for now, but as soon as I finish this matter, I’ll head back to Nightingale. I need to talk to Morgana.”

“I will prepare for the meeting with the other allies.”

“Mm.” Victor nodded and approached Ruby, then kissed her lips deeply.

Ruby returned his kiss.

A few seconds passed with tongues battling each other, and soon they separated, as a trail of saliva connecting the two mouths was visible. Finally, Victor smiled gently and said:

“If you want… I can do the same as Scathach next time.”

“….” Ruby’s eyes sparkled for a few seconds, she felt like she was being tempted by the devil, but as the supposed devil was her husband, she had no inhibitions.

She gave a small, almost imperceptible nod as her face faintly glowed red.

Victor laughed gently and said:

“Bring the rope we used last time.”

Her face turned even redder, but even so, she still nodded in an almost imperceptible way.

“See you later, my beloved wife.” He kissed her lips again and walked away with Aphrodite.


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