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Chapter 651 - A Special Kind of War, In the Flesh! Part 2  

Chapter 651: A Special Kind of War, In the Flesh! Part 2

“Miss, the scan is at 80% now. There’s still a small part of the terrain and garrison that is being analyzed. Within an estimated five minutes, the scan would be complete, and it would construct an architectural model of the terrain.”

“Miss, they have 80 to 100 people, and more than 100 powerful automatic rifles. We guess that there are also a few weapons that are capable of launching explosives with a powerful impact.”

“Miss, we don’t have many bullets left. The machine guns with larger caliber have about 2000 left, while the handguns with a small caliber have about 6000. Should we still use them on the thugs above?”


There were more than 100 people. The messages were passed orally and quickly gathered at the heart of the camp.

After listening to the subordinates’ anxious reports, the masked woman referred to as Miss nodded her head and provided suggestions from time to time. Sometimes, she pressed the air in front of her, palms down, telling them to calm down as it was not the best opportunity yet.

Influenced by how calm she was, the messengers who were starting to panic due to the fast-paced battle were able to calm down quickly, taking up new orders outside again.

There were still a few that even the woman could not ignore.

“Miss, they must have someone truly impressive with them. Not only are their bullets endless, but their willpower during battle is stronger than ours as well. It’s been quite some time, but even under a sneak attack, they are still able to maintain their formations. There’s nowhere for us to go.”

Battle willpower.

It seemed like a novel concept, but it was actually a benchmark to take the measure of a unit from a long time ago.

It was not the same as those who viewed war as a drama series or a movie.

On a battlefield where many things could change, the challenges came one after another right from the start.


The human body was a miracle. At once, it would secrete a substance that consisted of courage and enhanced combat power and attention span.


With the assistance of this hormone, even a newbie on the battlefield would be able to calm down and focus on bringing out 120% of the training, even 150%.

As for the veterans, they were even scarier.

According to rumors, epinephrine played a large part in forming the legendary group “Not Only Did the Enemy Not Surrender, but They Dared to Attack Me”.

However, there were pros and cons to everything. No matter how good it was, it became a double-edged sword in an overdose.

Once the battle went into a stalemate or it got too fierce, the secretion of epinephrine would no longer be a helpful tool, but a poison instead!

There would be dizziness, nausea, parasympathetic nerve activation, limb tremors, lack of strength, chest tightness…

The many side effects would present a huge challenge to the fighters indeed.

As for battle willpower, the other benchmark, it was about how long one could persevere during such moments.

“Let’s try a rotation system. Let those who can’t keep up take a break. I don’t think the other party would attack us immediately.”

“Get the Thunderbolt Crossbow ready to fire anytime. I need to be able to shoot when they come charging at us!”

“Bring out our horn, and persuade them to surrender.”

“Assign a unit to pass a message to my sister, telling her to set up our defenses properly. If the enemy has reinforcements, we might be the ones surrounded instead.”


Firing off several responses at once, the woman sounded calm, but her clenched fists gave her true feelings away.

It was a stalemate.

If any party got extra help or reinforcements, it would get uglier.

Su Mo knew this, and so did the woman.

However, as the ones launching the attack, they did not have a choice, and they did not have the ultimate strength Su Mo had either.

They could only use what they had and prepare for the worst.

“Alright, I’ll be in position then.”

After receiving her orders, the woman’s subordinate heaved a sigh of relief, quickly walking out and leaving the woman alone. As she watched the other person disappear from her sight, she too, sighed in relief, sipping from a canteen attached to her waist.


The canteen did not contain water, but a liquor of high alcohol volume.

The instant the liquid touched her throat, it burned, setting her throat and stomach ablaze, chasing away the sadness and sorrow of the night.

“D*mn it, not only do these people have excellent equipment, their training and quality are strong as well!”

“My sister has underestimated them!”

“As easily as they have conquered Bayonet Territory, they must have a huge amount of weapons and a reliable source of news. Before we attacked, we should have anticipated this!”

As though she had considered the base camp on top of the mountain a different group of people, the woman spoke angrily and anxiously.

Obviously, the current situation was pushing her to her wit’s end.

If it dragged on and things took a turn for the worse, she would only be left with two choices.

Escape, or launch a full-on attack.

“F*ck! We just don’t have enough equipment. If I had ten Thunderbolt Crossbows with me, they wouldn’t be able to hold their ground at all!”

“With a series of explosions, I’d be able to wipe them out in no time!”

Slamming the canteen onto the table, the woman’s eyes turned red as she lamented.

As she finished her sentence, a faint voice rang out.

“You’re a small girl, but you’re so vicious!”


At first, thinking that there were outsiders, the woman was going to put on a mask of calm, in case it affected her troops.

However, in the next instant, she heard the words. Then, she saw a wooden stake on the ground.

“You… You…”


It was a person.

When faced with the unknown, the fear reaction was still fear, no matter your rank or status.

She fell back, toppling the stool. The woman reached for her waist, thinking of using the handgun to attack.

It was a shame that her response was an expected one.

Just as the woman’s hand touched her waist, a branch wormed its way out of the ground, binding her hands and feet together.

“Sorry to put you through this. Once I’ve taken over, I’ll come back and discuss this misunderstanding with you.”

The wooden stake could speak and launch such a unique attack.

The woman’s first response was to scream and warn the others of this intruder.

However, before she could do that, she saw that the wooden stake was rising from the ground, slowly becoming human again. He had red lips and white teeth, and an incredibly handsome face.

The lady was stunned!


A familiar face and a familiar voice, coupled with mysterious tactics.

The person in front of her matched up with the one in her memory.

Regardless, the woman was still having trouble coming to terms that this was happening, that this was real.

It was happening.

He who was known as “Almighty Su of the humans” dug out some darts, squatting at a dead end and throwing them out relentlessly.

If the targets were men, they lasted for about another ten seconds before they fainted.

If the targets were women, it only took them five seconds before they became groggy and keeled over in the snow.

At the same time, a small unit who were oddly shaped rushed out as well.

Thanks to their unbelievable speed and sudden attack, the area turned into a mass of panic, a far cry from their seamless panic.

In the dark, it was their own people who were running about. Shouts echoed everywhere.

They did not even know how many people were attacking before they collapsed. This was not what the lady could have thought of in her wildest imagination.

“What do you think? My unit’s not bad, right?”

Three minutes later, as Feng Long dashed over to take control of the Thunderbolt Crossbow, Su Mo finally relaxed, rolling his shoulders as he stood up.

As he lurked around and heard what the lady had to say earlier, Su Mo knew that this was another misunderstanding.

It was likely that the women had thought that they were the mysterious people who invaded Murderer Territory.

That was why they were here in the dead of the night, in the cold, launching a sudden attack to take down the murderer.

Of course, if he knew earlier, Su Mo was confident that he could have explained the misunderstanding.

However, the ways of battle were sometimes mysterious.

Once the fight began, either both parties sustained heavy losses, or one party would triumph. There were no other outcomes.

Like now, as everyone had been defeated, the woman was just beginning to let her guard down.

“Are you… Su Mo?”

Looking at how stunned she was, Su Mo grinned.

“In the flesh!”

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