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Chapter 650 - A Special Kind of War, In the Flesh! Part 1

Chapter 650: A Special Kind of War, In the Flesh! Part 1

The first meeting with the Cliff Territory under the command of the Liu brothers was unimpressive. Basically, they did not possess any combat powers whatsoever.

Not only did the two of them lack strength, but even the 20 or so men under their command were useless as well. They were only good as eye candy, and to bully the laborers.

Su Mo had crept into their home under the cover of night and dealt with everyone in no time.

It was only when they became generals without an army that Liu Jie and Liu Zhi realized that something was wrong, escaping via a secret passage in a panic.

Clearly, this territory had weak defenses.

The second time, they went up against the Murderer Territory, which was even worse at facing an unknown enemy.

They did not manage to set up effective defenses before they perished, with no one to pick up after them.

It was only due to Su Mo’s generosity that their corpses were not left behind in the wild.

Having encountered such lax defenses, Su Mo subconsciously let his guard down, thinking the same of the other base camps within the Great Mountain.’Search NewNovel~ 0rg on google’

However, nobody expected that…

‘The territory lord of Three Dollar Mountain is vicious indeed!’

Licking his lips which had turned into tree bark, Su Mo could not help but admire the female territory lord, even as she was the enemy.

What happened today was the result of a preparation well done in advance, playing to their advantage.


By being familiar with the terrain of the mountain, they were able to sneak up easily without the warriors on duty detecting them.

With a variety of weapons, they were able to employ the surrounding strategy.

Everything was done in order, and they had a high level of discipline. They fought and stopped with a simple command. It was obvious that they either trained relentlessly in the art of battle or that they constantly had skirmishes and were used to battle.

If Su Mo did not have this particular ultimate strength, no matter who was gathered here and how many weapons they had, they would still be holding a grudge!

‘No wonder the base camp of Origin Territory wanted to recruit this female territory lord. There’s nothing to do if she rejects.

‘Based on her tactics today, she definitely lives up to her reputation!’

Su Mo complimented her silently as he quickly determined the positions and weapons of the other party by walking around the perimeter of the battlefield.

Having battled each other earlier on, there were a few weapons that had been exposed.

There was the machine gun of an unknown model with a firing speed of about 800 shots per minute.

There were handguns of small caliber.

There were roughly made homemade hunting rifles that fired steel balls with terrible accuracy.

Besides that, after checking again, Su Mo noticed a few other strange items.

First of all, there was a large crossbow that had explosives attached to the tip of the arrow. By firing the arrow, it could launch the explosives further away to produce an explosion.

The explosion that occurred at the base camp earlier was caused by this.

Whether it was difficult to make or the materials were hard to source, luckily there was only a single arrow on the bowstring. Su Mo checked the entire camp’s equipment area to make sure.

By the looks of it, they were waiting for the right moment to strike so that the situation would be in their favor.

Second of all, there were several earthen pots lined up.

It was easy to figure out the theory behind it. At a glance, Su Mo could tell that they were no different from mini landmines.

If someone were to step on them by accident, it would trigger the explosives within and cause an explosion.

Thirdly, there was a rather large infrared scanner.

The machine was located at the back of the area, actively scanning the base camp above to transmit its exact location.

Based on the technological levels of these three items, it was no surprise that they remained as they were during the first and second human wars.

However, to find them in this wasteland, Su Mo was astonished!

‘No wonder these people aren’t in a rush to attack. With the infrared scanner, there’s no need to sacrifice any of their people. All they have to do is wait for the scanner to produce a sketch of the terrain and garrison formation, and they’ll get all the information. This is crazy!

‘Furthermore, with their methods of defense, advancement, and how structured they are at attacking and retreating, who could believe that they’re a bunch of refugees in the mountains?’

In terms of war strategy, this team of infiltrators was at its best.

All that was left depended on the entire team’s coordination, as well as how they handled emergencies.

Su Mo was sincerely in admiration.

Previously, Su Mo would try to conquer alien territories, or at the very least, make them allies if he failed to conquer them.

However, now that he was in this situation…

‘Everything’s falling into place. Since they attacked me, I have a reason to counterattack.’

‘By then, if I can defeat the territory’s lord, naturally I will be able to bring everyone back to my territory!’

Su Mo stopped hesitating and tried to locate the commander as quickly as he could.

Soon, a tall, masked woman appeared in his field of vision. Su Mo was ecstatic, and he snuck over quietly.

After all, ancient wisdom dictated that it was best to capture the leader first.

All the messages were going to this woman.

Whether or not she was the actual commander, to defeat her was to destroy 80% of their defense.

By then, all that was needed was a little chaos.

What seemed like an indestructible defense was actually as fragile as paper.

Furthermore, in a modern battle, special units had to have a unique attraction!

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