My Mage System (BL)

535 Dream on sons!

Colin then added: “And Axel is right, if it’s the first Knight of Darkness, even the four of us might not be enough to deal with him.”

Mykael nodded and he said to him: “Okay, I got it, my love… Contact Miguel, I will warn Elias, they will decide what to do about it.”

He then removed the force shield he had put around them so Greg and his men couldn’t hear their conversation and he said to Greg: “Sorry about that, and I just got confirmation that there are no corrupted souls in your world, so you can all relax.”

Greg and his men all breathed a sigh of relief because Werewolves with corrupted souls were like time bombs, and he then asked Mykael and Colin: “What are we supposed to do when this man comes back?”

Mykael then told him: “Do not change anything and contact me as soon as he is here.”

Mykael gave him a transdimensional communication stone and he explained to him that it worked like normal communication stones but that it range of action was unlimited.

Then, Mykael told them, after receiving Elias orders: ” You do remember that I once told you about the Warrior Spirits who were the strongest Warriors of our Universe and that they were protecting us in the shadows, right?”

Greg and his trusted men then nodded and Mykael smiled before telling them: “The strongest among them who is the God of War and his husband who is the most powerful Mage of our Universe will come personally to your world to take care of him, so you can rest assure that everything will go well.”

Greg was a little petrified, they were going to meet these two true legends… How should he greet them…But before he could start to panic, Mykael then told him: “With Colin, we will be here to ensure your safety, the information you gave us had been very useful my friend, thank you.”

Greg then waved at him and he said a little bit disappointed: “I wish I could have done more to help you, but none of us are strong enough…”

Mykael then patted his shoulder and he said: “The Divine laws that were preventing the legendary creatures to evolve into Divine creatures don’t exist anymore, so if some of you can evolve into a Divine Wolf we will welcome you to fight alongside us.”

Greg nodded and Mykael then said to him: “We need to go check other worlds now, take care my friend and don’t try to do anything stupid, alright?”

Greg’s men then laughed and one of them told him: “Do not worry, we will make sure that our Alpha follow your orders.”

Axel didn’t wait for his father and Colin to joined them and he turned back into his human form telling Kevin and Willow: “The energy source that I feel is under this ocean.”

Axel then pointed to the ocean that they could see from afar, and Kevin then asked him, surprised: “You said under the ocean?”

Axel just nodded and he bent down to carry Kevin in his arms and then he said to the both of them: “I don’t feel any threat from this energy source, but your visions will warned us anyway, as for you my dear daughter, tell me if you feel something unusual, okay?”

Kevin then asked him curious: “What could be hidden under the ocean?”

Axel shrugged because he wasn’t sure and so he told him: “We will know soon enough.”

Then he started to fly carrying Kevin and Willow right above the energy source that he was feeling and just when he was about to dive in the ocean after putting a strong force shield around them, his father and Colin appeared right next to them, and Colin told them: “Did you really think that we would let you have all the fun part of our mission to youselves, dream on sons!”

Axel and Kevin smiled at him and Mykael then said: “I can also feel it, and it seems like something natural.”

Colin then said getting excited and impatient: “Okay, let the treasure hunt begin then!”

They all dove into the water and Kevin and Colin created a ball of light to light their way to the deepest part of this ocean.

Then, when they were about to reach the bottom of the ocean, a turquoise blue color could be seen and Mykael then exclaimed when he saw that particular color which was coming for the ground: “I knew this energy was familiar to me.”

He then conjured up his two favorite legendary grade swords, and he said to them: “This energy source is coming from the same ore that was used to craft these sword.”

Mykael couldn’t believe it, this ore was the equivalent of their high grade Verarium, it was of a brilliant turquoise blue and weapons crafted with this ore like his two legendary swords could withstand all sorts of magical and physical attacks… What an awesome discovery.

Axel who had used these swords several times already asked his father: “Didn’t you tell me that this ore was extremely rare to come by? How come there is so much of it in this world…”

Mykael then told them: “This world a long time ago was on the verge of being reset, I gave their leaders a choice and Greg was one of them, at that time they were using high technologies and destructive weapons with a very large range of action, they were going to be all annihilated because of their weapons and thanks to Greg’s great skill of negociation they accepted my offer and their world was saved from destruction and a peace treaty between the different packs was established.”

Kevin then asked him curious: “What did you do to save them and why is this story is related to this ore?”

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