My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Chapter 562

Chapter 562

“What’s that over there?” The guards with good eyes pointed to the sky. There was something huge flying over from the West Gate.

“It’s flying!” The guards were astounded. Their eyes grew wide as they stared at the thing in the sky. In that era, the only they knew that flew were birds. However, this thing was so large it was impossible for it to be a bird.

“Look! There are people on it!” Another guard shouted.

“Those aren’t people! That’s a God!” Some of them became afraid. The ancient people dreamt of flying. As evidence, there were many myths of such things just like the Jade Emperor from a heavenly court. What kind of people can be found in this heavenly court? Gods and deities.

“A deity has descended!” Many of Liu Biao’s guards knelt down. The Xiangyang Guards on the other hand had less people that knelt down. Even if they were useless, they were still young masters from noble families. They had all studied a little. This was the benefits of education.

“Milord! I am over here!” A familiar face on the flying object shouted.

Liu Mang looked at Jia Xu who was riding the hot air balloon and wondered how Jia Xu ended up there.

This hot air balloon was something Liu Mang had made as a precaution for when Liu Biao goes against his words or if something else were to happen. It was a precaution like the Cai Family and the Kuai Family’s tunnel. When he came to Jingzhou, he had Liu Ye make this at the industrial zone. It was taken out when he helped Liu Biao attack Fancheng.

Liu Mang never thought of using it since he could just travel by land.  When Yangzhou defeats Liu Bei, Liu Biao would obediently return Liu Mang to Yangzhou for the sake of peace in Jingzhou. This is because Liu Biao knew about Lu Bu’s temper. Lu Bu would not give in to those weaker than him.

“Guan Hai! Take Zhou Cang up first!” Liu Mang quickly said to Zhou Cang. A rope had already been thrown down from the hot air balloon.

“Milord. What about you?” Guan Hai asked.

“I will cover you first!” Liu Mang replied.

“No! If that is the case, I will cover you! It is too dangerous for Milord!” Guan Hai shook his head. It was not appropriate for the guard to put his Lord in danger.

“Faster! It is hard to control this!” Jia Xu shouted. Even if he was intelligent, he never thought of flying before. How could he feel comfortable in the air?

“Stop talking nonsense! I am ordering you to go! Zhou Cang is so big sized, how am I to carry him?” Liu Mang shouted back. Liu Mang was strong but his hands were already unsteady. He would not be able to carry Zhou Cang and hold onto the rop at the same time. If he were to try, he would end up falling off along with Zhou Cang. On the other hand, Guan Hai was much stronger than him and would be able to do it.

“Alright! Milord, be careful!” Guan Hai looked up at the hot air balloon and then grabbed onto the rope with one hand and Zhou Cang with the other. At this point, Zhou Cang was already barely conscious due to losing too much blood.

“Zhou Cang. Hold on to me. I will bring you out of here.” Guan Hai shouted. His words prompted a slight response from Zhou Cang who held onto Guan Hai’s body.

Guan Hai then started to slowly climb the rope while carrying a man over a hundred kilograms heavy.

“Advance! That isn’t a deity! That is Jia Xu Jia Wenhe!” Huang She was the first to react. On the other hand, Liu Biao was still distracted, never expecting that people could fly.

Huang She was able to react first as he had seen this before at his cousin’s house. The only difference was the size. The one at his cousin’s house was just a toy while this one was a transportation.

Others started to regain themselves and wanted to advance but the majority of them were still distracted. They were all kneeling down and it was impossible for them to grab their sword to fight against Liu Mang again. These people also affect the minority. With so many people kneeling, the minority was barely able to run forward.

Had they all grouped up to fight against Liu Mang, they could have given Liu Mang some trouble. However, only several of them approached Liu Mang at a time which was like giving Liu Mang free kills.

Huang She was shouting desperately but he himself did not approach. Liu Mang felt disappointed. If only Huang She would approach, Liu Mang could have killed him.

“Milord! Hurry up! There are troops coming!” Jia Xu shouted. As he was high up, he could see further. A heavy cavalry was approaching.

Jia Xu stared blankly. Who are these people? They could not be allies as their own heavy cavalry is at Yuzhou. Only Jingzhou’s troops could be here and they carried the Liu banner. Yet their equipment seemed precise to the finest detail. It seems like Liu Biao was good at hiding his troops.

As the heavy cavalry approached, Liu Mang’s eyes widened in realization. This was the sound of a heavy cavalry. Did Liu Biao have a heavy cavalry? Did he underestimate Liu Biao?

“It’s him?” Another person feeling uneasy was Huang She. He knew this sound belongs to a heavy cavalry. The navy belonged to the Cai Family while the land troops belonged to the Huang Family. Yet, Huang She had never seen heavy cavalry amongst his father’s subordinates. On top of that, someone had returned. So what would happen to Huang She’s promotion?

“Why is he here?” Lady Cai could not help but feel panicked for Liu Mang.

“Haha! My son has returned! Liu Mang Liu Hanyang! You are definitely dead this time! I want to see how you are going to escape from this!” Liu Biao laughed.

A young man separated from the heavy cavalry. He took off his helmet and then cupped his fist at Liu Biao. “Uncle.”

“Uncle? Pan Er, are you still calling me uncle?” Liu Biao laughed.

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