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My Evil Genius Wife

My Evil Genius Wife







My Evil Genius Wife

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She barged into his office ignoring the secretary who was trying to stop her.

He looked up and frowned seeing the girl who just barged into his office.

“ What are you doing here?”

She smiled and flipped her hair back as she said, “ What do you think I am doing here? I am hungry, take me out for lunch.”

He knitted his brows and said coldly, “ Why would I? I have paid the compensation, and I have zero obligation to feed you. Go away.”

The corners of her lips turned in an evil smile as she responded, “ Do you think that you can get away from me so easily? Tsk, tsk. Mr. Han, you have really underestimated me.”

“ I will hunt you down even if you try to hide away from me in a faraway mountain,” she said while snickering evilly.


She is a member of the most popular girl group and has lived her life with fame and glory. But what happens when she dies because of an accident and wakes up in the body of the hidden heiress of the Gu family? Xu Nuan who is obedient, timid, and introvert suddenly becomes sharp-tongued, bold, and fearless after the accident. Can the people who have always looked down on her accept her strong and brazen attitude?

Han Zihao, who is leading the business world and was known for his cold and mysterious aura was forced to yield in front of the stubborn girl who jumped in front of his car. How will he able to react to Xu Nuan’s bold and brazen persuasion?

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