My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

Chapter 848

Chapter 848

When I left the tent, the mage and Siti joined me. I quickly found the girls. They still were holding up a Portal as the last few people escaped through, joining up with the forces in Deeksville. My eyes immediately found Terra. Terra wasn’t a Master Earth Magician. She was something far more terrifying. She could manipulate the earth using her will. Honestly, I didn’t understand it completely, but the difference between her ability and mages was that she didn’t actually use mana.

Celeste was a mana being. Her entire body was made out of mana and a soul. This wasn’t to say she didn’t have a body. She could receive physical damage, but any damage she received hit her mana reserves, and she could insta-heal most problems. On the other hand, running completely out of mana was deadly for her. She was extremely powerful, being able to cast unbelievable wind spells, but the more she cast, the weaker her constitution became. This was never much of an issue because she was so fast with her wind attribute, no one could hit her even if they wanted to.

Terra, on the other hand, was a soul in a body. She had no mana to speak of. She used her body and soul and manipulated the elements without mana. How she was able to do this, I didn’t know. Then again, I had no clue how mana worked either. It was just a force in this world. Terra probably had more in common with Miki as a Spiritualist that used soul power than Celeste and Shao, … who heavily relied on mana. Naturally, Lydia depended on her body the most.

Part of the reason we all worked so well together wasn’t just because our jobs complimented each other, but our very natures did as well. Lydia was body and mana, Terra was body and soul, Celeste was mana and soul, Miki was soul and body, and Shao was mana and body. It was a very powerful combination.

“Terra, there is a small dagger buried under this city. Can you find it?” I asked blankly while making sure my jobs were all supportive roles.

Terra looked at me and then smirked self-assuredly. “With ease, Master!’

“Ah!” Siti looked excited.

“Hmph…” The mage crossed his arms, looking only minimally impressed.

“Can you find it quickly?” I asked.

“Actually, if Master needs it quickly, then I believe I can do this best with Celeste.” She waved, and the fairy flew over, growing to her large size.

“Are we going to show Master?” She asked excitedly.

“Huh? What?”

“It’s an ability the pair of us have been practicing for a while now.” Terra explained.

Terra walked over to where a pike had previously been stuck in the ground. Celeste walked over to it as well. The pair of women both held it, and closed their eyes. After a minute or two, they lifted up the pike, and then slammed it on the ground. Since the ground was hard, it made a good thud.

“Are they wasting our time?” The mage asked, a look of distaste on his face.

“As a singer, Celeste has a sensitivity toward vibrations. She said she could almost see by using vibrations. I noticed that vibrations also travel through the ground. Together, we’ve been working on a technique. We send vibrations through the ground, and then use them to detect things.” Terra explained. “I can already use it to map out underground locations, but I can’t see specifically what things are. I can see a dozen things underground, but if I use Celeste’s sensitivity and…”

“The metal is ringing from over here.” Celeste turned small again and then floated over to a spot not too far away from us.

“This is the one?” Terra asked.”

Celeste closed her eyes one more time. “It’s a dagger, made of metal. That’s all I can say.”

Terra lifted her hand and then slapped her palm on the ground. There was a small rumbling sound, and then a knife popped out of the ground, popping up into the air. She caught it in her hand and then turned to me, presenting it smugly.

“Is this what Master wanted?”

Yup, my girls were a powerful combination.

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