My Children Are Fierce and Adorable!

Chapter 325 - Saved Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo

Chapter 325: Saved Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo

“Really?!” Ye Lulu was excited. She was really not afraid that her sons would be unique.

Because she herself had transmigrated, so what was strange about this world being special?

As for her three babies, they had special abilities. She was extremely excited! If anything happened in the future, they might have a greater ability to protect themselves.

Guan Chibei said, “Yes, the weather and environment were special that night.”

Ye Lulu was happy and revealed a look of joy. People couldn’t help but be surprised. This was her reaction when she knew that her babies were not normal.

“All this was said by the strange people you met when you were working in the city, right?” Ye Lulu looked at him curiously.

So she had misunderstood that he had found out when he was working outside.

It could not be any better.

She had thought about it carefully, but because she did not know Guan Chibei’s background, her guess was at its limit.

Guan Chibei admitted bluntly, “Yes.”

The news of Guan Chibei saving Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo in the heavy rain last night spread throughout the village the next morning.

After the villagers heard Tian Laoqi and the old auntie talk about this with tears in their eyes, they were in an uproar. They discussed among themselves in surprise, and most of them were shocked. After all, they were children and two lives were at stake.

Did Guan Chibei really save the lives of the two children from the Tian family and the Ren family?

The old auntie’s surname was Ren, so her grandson had the nickname Ren Shen Guo.

“Guan Chibei is so capable?”

“But it can’t be fake. Tian Laoqi has a grudge against the Guan family. Since Tian Laoqi came out to say it, it can’t be fake.”

“That’s true… Guan Chibei even saved Tian Laoqi’s Tie Wa? That’s a huge favor. There’s nothing to say about this…”

As the Guan family was doing business, they had the lowest reputation in the village. Therefore, after saving Tie Wa and Ren Shen Guo, the reactions of the villagers were a little subtle…

They weren’t exaggerating. It was a big deal. People couldn’t help but feel admirable when it concerned the children. Otherwise, what if there was a ‘what if’ to their children in the future? Guan Chibei could save lives.

However, everyone was scolding the Guan family and stepping on them… This sudden change in topic was too difficult for them to talk about.

Therefore, the entire village was feeling a little embarrassed.

Tian Laoqi and the Ren family were still talking. “After a night, the two children survived. We were afraid today and immediately carried the children down the mountain to the authorities to see the Kind Doctor.”

“That Kind Doctor saw our two children and said that they had an intense collision in their bodies. He said that they almost lost their lives. Their bodies are much weaker now and they have to recuperate for a year or so before they can recover. Otherwise, they’ll be sickly in the future.”

“We’re really grateful. Fortunately, there was Guan Chibei. The Kind Doctor also said that they were lucky to survive. He was also surprised that the children were fine…”

Old Auntie Ren wiped her tears and said, “I’ve already said that Guan Chibei has done our family a huge favor. In the future, our family will be grateful to the Guan family…”

When the villagers heard this, they looked at each other. They had all gone to the city to see the Kind Doctor? Then… then Guan Chibei had really saved their lives…

This time, some villagers who wanted to talk about the Guan family again and save some face for themselves were speechless.

Only Auntie Beizi was very unhappy. In the end, she forced herself to say, “Guan Chibei is not a doctor. At most, it’s just a blind cat running into a dead rat… Let me ask you. If there’s anything wrong with your family, would you be willing to go to the city to find the Kind Doctor or to Guan Chibei? Would you dare to go to Guan Chibei?”

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