Monster Integration

Chapter 2968 Mortality

Chapter 2968 Mortality


The cry rang out inside me; it was familiar. I heard it before when Elina had leveled up to Tyrant's class, and the bloodline phantom of death phoenix came out, roaring in a mighty cry that I had just heard in me.

The next moment, I saw multicolored mold turning purple-violet color, and through it, wings were flying.


The wings flowed through the mold before entering inside me, into my body and soul, and whenever they passed, they could release the energy which, to my greatest shock, began to heal my injuries.

It did not stop the fire as I had thought it would; no, it is still burning my body and soul, but these wings are helping me heal.

I am healing at a speed I have never healed before; it would take seconds for my body and soul to heal before it got burned by the abyssal fire and got healed by the feathers again.

It is like I am dying and getting reborn every second; there is not a part of me that hadn't been burned, before growing back again.

Even my brain had been burned before it healed; it should have killed me, but it did not for some unknown reason.

The feathers defy even magic, or maybe they are doing what they are supposed to.

The power of the phoenix lies in rebirth, and that is what it is helping me achieve, but even feathers cannot help, with the fire that is getting hotter by the second, even at the peak.

I shouldn't speak that way; they are the things that are keeping me alive.

If these feathers hadn't been constantly healing me, I would have turned to ashes long ago. Even if they had stopped, I wouldn't be able to last more than two seconds before burning to the ashes.

The abyssal fire is burning everything except for two things; my core and the moon orbiting it.

It is not like it did not try to burn it but was unable to do it; even with all its power, there was not the slightest change in them. They bear the abyssal fire without any problem, and like white fire, the moon is taking some of the abyssal fire too.

It is a big thing because this fire is one greatest treasures of the hawthorn sea; they rarely give it to anyone, and now, my moon is taking some of it.

That old women might even kill me, but I will be worried about that after surviving, as even with the wings, I don't know fully whether I would be able to survive.

As I could see the color of the wings fading as they used the energy, and if their power depleted before the method was finished, then nobody would be able to save me.

Seconds passed as the peak power of the method got higher and higher, making the wings spend more and more energy till there was barely color left in them.

I watched the whole process through the pain, watching how it burned me and how I came alive with the power of the wings.

It made me understand my own mortality.

The power of the Grand Lord makes one feel like a god, who could do anything, even wipe out the whole world in a matter of a day, but we are still mortal and could die at any moment.

I felt like I had understood something, and a moment later, it clicked, and at that exact moment, a thing happened that made my eyes go wide in shock.

I saw the ribbon of my killing rule and the leaf of my healing rule merging, and bright light appeared, which began to dim almost instantly, and now, in there is place was a humanoid, which seemed a child, an adult, and the old man at the same time.

As it revealed itself, the energies of killing and life disappeared through me, and a completely different energy that was a league above them had replaced it.


The rules of killing and healing have merged and become the rule of mortality.

Saying I am shocked would be an understatement; because my rules are already at the top level, and going above, that is crossing the limit.

There are three grades of rule-powers, in the lowest grade, which is also called third grade, are elemental rules like fire, earth, and water and their archetypes, such as stream or dust.

There are rules above that are second grade; it also contains elemental categories, which are the strongest archetype of basic elemental rules. They also contain weapon-type rules, like the rule of the sword, the rule of the saber, and others.

My original killing rule, which I have comprehended from Leonard's ax, was also a second-grade rule before advancing into the first grade.

Now the first-grade rules, which are considered the most powerful among all three categories. My advanced rule of killing and rule of healing are first-grade rules, so is my rule of swallowing and sun.

As for those above that, they are not even called rules fully; it is very hard to comprehend them, said to be near impossible level, as they contain the hint of fabric that made the whole universe.

My rule of killing came from death, while the rule of healing came from life, and the merging of both has created the rule of mortality, which is above all three grades of rules.

As it appeared, it began to spread its energy everywhere, my body, soul, and even my core, where some changes have begun to appear, but I am more interested in what it is doing against the abyssal fire.

It is resisting it, slowing down the damage the fire is causing me while aiding wings in my healing.


As such, half a minute passed, and now the wings had become transparent that it could disappear any moment when finally, the power of the method had reached absolute peak.

It stayed there for a moment, burning up nearly all the wings except for one, before it finally started to leave, returning to the goblet, which I was still holding in my hand.

When half of the fire left, the wing disappeared, but by then, the power of fire lessened enough that I could bear it on my own, even without help from the rule power.

Soon, less than 5% of the fire was left inside me, and when the mold began to seep out of my body, by the time all the fire had left, there was not even a speck of the mold that had remained.

The method had done what I had used; it had cleansed away all substances that had clung to me and the ones that had not properly merged.

It is now said that I have truly gone through the rebirth; I am pure as a newborn child, without any impurities.

I did not check my condition and instead restored my connection to the pyramid, and the moment I did, my expression couldn't help but change.

Nine humans have died, including two council members. The leader of Mistson and Windgod Temple died.


I had just restored the connection when the teleportation formation buzzed. Marina appeared, and she was not alone; with her was Lord Whitmore.

"Lord Za" he opened his, but before he could fully speak out, I cut him. "I am going now," I said as the formation appeared below my feet.

"Where are you going?" he asked, and to that, I smiled toothily. "Where there is a crowd," I said and disappeared through the formation.

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