Monster Integration

Chapter 2844 Not Killed Me Yet

"It is time for you to die, little wingy!" said the Krah and brought down its hammer toward Simon.

The Grimm had already broken nearly all his shields, and the one had remained nearly broken; all it would need was a slight push, and it would break into pieces.

I could see the horror on Simon's face as he tried to flap his wings fast at the same time, tried to reinforce the shield, but he was drained and could do nothing against the horrifying attack that was coming toward him.

First Burst + Second Burst

Seeing it was time, I activated two of the bursts, and at the same time, a lance appeared in my hand, which threw it toward the Grimm as I stepped out of the wall.

The moment the lance left my hand, the Grimm had sensed it and could see its eyes turning serious as it had changed the course of its hammer swiftly to deal against the lance coming toward it fast.


The hammer clashed against the lance, creating a shockwave strong enough that it sent drained Simon flying away like a broken kite; that he crashed against the glass wall not long after.

"A rescue, interesting," said Krah with a toothed smile before its eyes became serious again. "And you looked quite strong, at least stronger than this little birdy," it said, casting a glance at Simon.


"I am," I said confidently as I walked toward it with a simple steel spear in my hand. "Hehe; I like confident enemies like you the most.

You guys cry the loudest!" it said, and the next moment, I found it in front of me, crossing hundreds of meters in less than a second before attacking me with its frosted war hammer.

I moved my spear toward it, and it moved like a blur, appearing in front of the huge hammer instantly.


My spear clashed against it, and I felt the sheer physical power that shook me and nearly forced me to take a step back, but what was even more dangerous is the front energy that came after. It is cold; the second most cold I have ever felt after the lunar frost of Grand Commander.

"Who are you?" asked Krah as it pressed its huge hammer against the needle-like tip of my spear. "The one who is going to kill you," I replied while using every ounce of power I had to keep the spear in my hand from shaking.

"Oh, the confidence!" it said, and a terrifying aura burst out of its body. It had frozen everything in a thousand-meter radius in an instant.

Simon, who had just begun to retreat, froze on his spot as the aura swept by it and looked at the Grimm with horror before pushing his wings harder, trying to get away from the rage of the battle as soon as possible.

Third Burst!

"Good power!" I said with a laugh, and I activated the third boost, which felt a little lacking compared to encompassing power of Grimm, and it is, but there was no fear in my eyes.

"You are really blind if you are thinking of defeating me with such power," it said and brought down its hammer toward me.

The attack is not simple; there is a storm of energies covering it. They are so powerful that they will tear even peak Grandmaster to shreds.

It was not the only one with an attack; my inheritance energy had also changed a little as my spear moved toward it.


Its hammer clashed against my spear, and to the shock of Krah, the storm-like energy covering its hammerhead destroyed in an instant, but I wish I could enjoy it as it currently; I was busy taking a step back, barely stopping myself from flying away and crashing into the wall.

"Strange energy you have, human!" it said, but this time, all the mirth had disappeared from its eyes, and now, all there was killing intent, so intense that I felt my killing rule advancing by it.

I wish I could take a look more carefully, but no, I don't have time.


It shouted as it brought down its hammer at me; the storm energy was far more denser than before; that is not worried me about this attack; what had worried me most was the sheer physical force of the attack that seemed to be pressing me even before clashing against me.

Seeing the attack, I did not hold back and harnessed every bit of the strength I had. It is not the attack I could contend against by holding back.


My spear clashed against its hammer, and this time, too, my energy had destroyed its despite being much weaker, but I was able to do nothing against a physical force, which hit me like a storm and sent me flying.

Puh Puh Puh

I begin to vomit as I fly away; in a second, I cross hundreds of meters and still fly hard toward the wall.

The wall is far away, but if I kept flying toward it at such speed, then I would crash against it, and it would not be a pretty scene.

The runes activated the moment I flew back, and now, I removed the cap on their power, and immediately they blazed, and I found myself slowing down, and I wished I could relax, but I could not; the huge Grimm was coming and this time, with a more powerful attack.


I had just stopped myself when its attack clashed with me, and as I had expected, it was more powerful. It had injured me further and sent me back flying faster, but this time, I was prepared, and with my runes working at full power, I could slow myself much faster.


I landed by the wall; there were barely five meters of distance between us, the same distance as the Grimm that had appeared in front of me.

"I am disappointed, human; I thought you would be some challenge, but clearly, I had overestimated you," it said. To that, I laughed as I wiped away the blood from my lips.

"Don't be so sure, Grimm; you have not killed me yet!" I said as I looked at it with a challenge.


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