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Chapter 1437 - Chapter 1437 Copying Information!

Chapter 1437 - Chapter 1437 Copying Information!

Chapter 1437 Copying Information!


The giant python slid fast into the jungle, making the sound of crashing waves. It flattened all the plants along the way.

Up ahead…

Fang Qiu advanced unhurriedly.

After two days of observation, Fang Qiu was very familiar with the periphery of this military base.

Seen from above, the base in camouflage looked like a jungle. But when he watched it in the forest, it resembled a turtle shell, and the base’s entrance was right under the turtle shell.

Outside the entrance was the tight security circle made by Murica soldiers. This ring was composed of many buildings similar to watchtowers. Though built with modern materials, they were all covered with camouflage.

The isolation room was on the left side of the base entrance beneath the tortoise shell. It was a large room.

Fang Qiu and the others were arranged to rest in a room at the base’s entrance.

In the watch circle around the base entrance, many Murica soldiers were on guard. The entire Murica base’s guard ring surrounded the base entrance.

Most Murica soldiers were still living in the military base. They were under the command of General Will.

What Fang Qiu had to do now…

He must lure this python to the periphery of the base. Then, Murica soldiers would notice it. It would be best for him to lead the python into the base.

At that time…

Its arrival would create terrible confusion in the entire Murica military base.

Such a giant python with a horn on its head was obviously different from ordinary python!

In this case…

It would not be easy for the Murica troops to kill this python.

Besides, with their behavior styles, the Murica troops would never give up killing the python. After all, such a huge snake posed a great threat to them and made them feel stressed.

Ten kilometers…

Fang Qiu alone could quickly go such a long distance, but this python was excessively big. Although its speed was not slow, this trip cost the python a little less than 20 minutes.

Fang Qiu could only keep the same speed as it and attack it from time to time.

They came to the forest only about ten meters away from the base.

Fang Qiu immediately stopped and turned his head.


The python in hot pursuit of him opened its mouth wide and threw itself on him. It seemed to swallow him in one bite.

As its sizeable fierce-looking mouth suddenly came at Fang Qiu…

With a wave of his right hand…

Fang Qiu snapped a branch as thick as a little finger from the tree near him, waving it vigorously.


There came a crisp sound.

The python’s bloody mouth came near Fang Qiu. In no time, he whipped its head backward and shut its mouth.

On closer inspection…

Another bloody wound appeared on the python’s head. Even its scales were shattered.

The whip fell.

Fang Qiu threw the branch in his hand.

When he irritated the python, Fang Qiu lurched and whizzed toward the military base 10 meters away. No one could see him since he was as fast as a gust of wind.


The python could locate him.

Its tongue was equivalent to a chemical detector. As its prey moved, its scales could detect it. Moreover, its pair of eyes was a thermal sensor!

Therefore, no matter how fast Fang Qiu was, the python could still feel him.


When the python opened its mouth, an ear-piercing roar of rage came from its throat.


The tremendous python wound its way in the direction where Fang Qiu darted away with a flash of speed.

“Crack, crack, crack…”

Wherever it passed, all the plants were destroyed.

On the periphery of the military base…

In watchtowers within the warning circle…

The Murica soldiers had been relaxing for some time. Hearing the python’s blood-curdling scream, they shivered and abruptly jumped up.

In a hurry, they looked outside.

In the darkness…

A huge monster materialized out of thin air and slithered into the military base.

Under the base’s top that looked like a turtle shell…

There were lights at the base’s entrance.

The monstrous creature rushed to the base entrance. Soldiers on the watchtowers were utterly taken aback.


A gunshot rang out.

A Murica soldier fired.

Soon after…

“Clap, clap, clap…”

Gunshots rang out wildly. Countless bullets shot toward the python from all directions. Those bullets shattered its scales and shot into its muscles.

The gunshot wounds didn’t do the huge snake much harm. The python was in a towering rage. Attacked by numerous bullets, it became even more furious and turned around. It wagged its muscular tail violently, lashing one watchtower with it.


There came a crisp sound.

The python’s tail, covered with blood, crashed a watchtower with great force!

Then, it swung its tail.

It shattered the two watchtowers at the base entrance.

Two Murica soldiers fell from the towers. The python opened its mouth wide, swallowing the soldiers and their guns.

Such a terrifying scene…

People in the other watchtowers were shocked.

The gunshots stopped for a moment.

At the same time, many soldiers were hurriedly contacting and warning the people inside the base.


The python turned its head angrily and swam quickly into the base.


“Chirp, chirp, chirp…”

In the base, the ear-piercing siren filled the air.

Receiving the report, General Will didn’t dare to hesitate. He led a large group of subordinates and rushed out of the base, ready to besiege the python.

Right at this moment…

The chief offender the python had been pursuing was on the other side of the wall. However, the python didn’t know about it.

That was right.

Fang Qiu went straight back to the lounge in the first place.

The python hadn’t yet made a terrible scene outside. Before its invasion started a panic, Fang Qiu knocked out all five people sleeping soundly in the lounge.

Then, he stood at the door, spreading out his Divine Consciousness to carefully observe the movements outside.

The python swam past the corridor outside the door, heading fast for the base. At this sight, Fang Qiu couldn’t help laughing.

He knew it.

His plan had succeeded.


He just needed to wait for the python to escape. Then, he could take away all five doctors!

After a while…


The continuous sound of gunfire and bullets flooded in.


Outside the door, something moving fast penetrated the air.

Due to his Divine Consciousness’s careful detective work, Fang Qiu learned that the python was covered with wounds. It flashed past the base and swam toward the river 10 kilometers away, leaving a blood trail on the ground. It was on the run.

General Will, the head governing the entire military base, would not let it go. He quickly chased after it with several experts.

This military base…

It stood for General Will’s dignity.

A giant snake broke through his military base, which humiliated him.

He had to salvage some pride!

General Will left.

Most of the soldiers began to clean up the battlefield.

Fang Qiu quickly locked the door.

Then, with the sheets in the room, he tied up the five guys knocked unconscious by him. He found a chance and sneaked out of the military base.

He dashed in the opposite direction of the way the python and General Will left.

He had explored the area within 10 kilometers around.

In this direction…

Some caves there looked like the rooms the local primitives used to live in. There was a big stone at the door of each cave.

A few minutes later…

Fang Qiu came to a place 10 kilometers away.

He untied the five people in a coma, leaving one of them in the first cave he met. He also left him some food. After moving a big stone to block the cave, he continued to move forward.

Just like that, he left one person in each cave on the way.

In the end…

Fang Qiu placed the five people in different caves.

He left food for them.

They had considerable medical skills but moderate physical strength. Thus, they could not move the large rock blocking their doors. Even if they woke up, they would not attract the Murica troops’ attention in a short time.

The five of them settled down.

Fang Qiu shuttled through the forest, looking for some vines, leaves, and the like. Then, he made himself look like a native of the aboriginal tribes.


He quietly returned to the military base.

When he was in the military base…

The Murica soldiers were still cleaning up the battlefield. Many were rebuilding the watchtowers.

General Will and the others had gone to hunt the snake. Since none had returned, no one in the base noticed these doctors had disappeared.


With a swoosh, Fang Qiu rushed into the base at full speed like a gale.

It was late at night, and these Murica soldiers focused on cleaning the ruins. Therefore, no one noticed someone dashing into their base.

Fang Qiu was very familiar with this place.

Upon entering the base, he quickly got ready and sprinted for the four high-tech labs.

This time…

He didn’t wait any longer.

Before the first lab, he violently blasted the door open.


A loud bang sounded.

The experts in the lab were greatly startled.

Fang Qiu scanned around.

As expected, he found a person from a local tribe lying in the nutrition capsule. In addition, a dying tribesman was locked on the hospital bed.

“Damn it!”

With a curse, Fang Qiu knocked out all these specialists before they could react!

Fang Qiu didn’t expect that.

These people were indeed experimenting on members of the local tribes!

In a frenzy…

Fang Qiu knocked all the experts in the lab unconscious.

He immediately copied all the information on the computer before moving to the next room.

Before long, he beat all the experts senseless, copying all the information in the four labs.


When Fang Qiu copied the information and was about to leave…

“Chirp, chirp, chirp…”

An ear-piercing alarm suddenly sounded.

It seemed that…

Fang Qiu must have triggered an alarm when copying the information. At once, he checked the data he copied and found it remained intact. He was instantly relieved and put it away. Then, he destroyed all the computers in the four labs!

At this time…


Suddenly, three overwhelming auras inside the base sprang up.

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